Dear Santa …

I’ve  not compiled a  Christmas List since the early seventies , when I would quite literally sit and flick through Kay’s catalogue…for hours and hours on end. Fighting with my brother over whose turn it was to have a look. I’d scribble down item references, make lists (most wanted, stocking fillers etc.)  and eagerly pass them onto Mum and Dad Santa.

This year I’ve been asked for a list from both my mum and my boyfriend which got my little brain ticking. While I’d honestly be grateful to receive anything… here goes …

Firstly and just because I don’t trust Santa I ordered a couple of the items from my wish-list earlier today.

I’ve been keen to try some of Charlotte Tilbury’s makeup range for ages. It just looks so good and has amazing, amazing reviews.

So I’ve  ordered (it should be here before the end of the week!) and I’m very excited for the arrival of:


Charlotte Tilbury Dolce Vita Lip Kit – £49.00

Could this be the perfect lip colour I’ve been looking for all my life?

I’ll report back but dare I say it … I have high hopes.

pp-quad_the-dolce-vita_1 Luxury Eyeshadow Palette – Dolce Vita – £38.00


Because as Cheryl would say ‘I’m worth it…

I’ve spent the last 1/2 hour on their website totally engrossed in make-up tutorials given by the lady herself. It’s brilliant as you can see the exact colours and the transformations right before your eyes, with easy to follow instructions .

My favourite Look is The Dolce Vita (below)- Glossy skin, smoky eye and light glossy lips. I’m a major fan of playing up the eyes and as mum calls them ‘just been dug up lips’ … though the model below looks anything but that!!

Gorgeous and Glowing more like !

I can but dream…



I  have aleast another dozen  ‘I want’ items on my list including The Magic Cream and the Wonderglow.

magic-cream-large Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream – £70.00


pp-wonderglow Wonderglow  – £38.50

So that’s my makeup and face sorted.

I’ll also be stocking up on these .

I’ve been using Collagen Shots from Rejuvenated  on and off for the past 2 / 3 years and I swear by them. By on and off I mean when I remember to take them!

Both Liz and I have reviewed these in the past and raved about them.  While they don’t work miracles, they definitely make a difference to fine lines (especially around the eyes) and to the radiance of your skin. My boyfriend can tell when I’ve not been taking them, so they obviously do the job.

I sometimes add it to my breakfast smoothie and kill 2 birds with 1 stone.

collagen_shots_tumbler_1 Collagen Shots – £39.95


This year they have also started selling Gift Packs in the way of  the  ‘Look younger Pack‘ Contents include:

I want.


Look Younger Duo Pack – £120.00

 It promise’s to make you Look Younger in just two Weeks…

Right … I’m renaming this list My  Birthday and Christmas Wish List. I figure if I started using these on my Birthday by Christmas Day I’d be looking positively glowing and teenage like…

A fabulous present for the lady (or gent) who is conscious about delaying the signs of aging and wants to look the best they can, without that much hard work.

I love photography and I’ve been fancying a new camera. The Olympus PEN has some great reviews and I know a lot of bloggers favour it.

My current camera (Olympus E40) is on it’s last legs. The poor thing is held together with cello-tape in places! It’s getting a bit embarrassing.

234009096alt2 Olympus PEN E -PL7 – £495.95

 You can’t beat  a good jumper and I’ve mentioned this  one a couple of times. It feels like  I’ve been hankering after this jumper forever – Bella Freud 1970 jumper I love it for its simplicity and retro feel.

I just wish it wasn’t so blinking expensive.

I keep hinting at my mum to knit me one. She’s not picked up on it just yet…perhaps I’ll stick a couple of knitting needles in her Christmas pressie.

Is a couple of balls of red wool pushing it abit far?’


Bella Freud 1970 Jumper – £280.00

Temperley London design some amazing clothes, so while we are talking about jumpers (I can’t afford) this one has to get a mention. The Nell Knit

As jumpers go it’s gorgeous. It’s also £650.00 a price I could never envisage paying for my knitwear … it’s more than my mortgage!

It comes in Tumeric and Grey.

Let’s just sit back and admire it in all its glory *sighs*


Temperley Nell Knit – £650.00




The whole outfit (above) is just perfect. (Skirt by Joseph – £495.00)

I shall try and recreate this to my budget. Grey, berry and black the perfect colour combination. Just Gorgeous.

Back to reality and as spotted on Lynne from Styling Matters earlier this week.

I really like this Faux Fur Scarf, which Lynne featured on her Instagram.

It would make a lovely little stocking filler, is more within my price range and would sure add a pop of colour to any outfit.

I have a couple of brown stoles (which I blogged about recently) but this is fun and would make a nice addition to my wardrobe. It makes my current ones look positively boring in comparison.

image1xxl.jpg ASOS Faux Fur Scarf – £35.00



Other ideal stock fillings that I’d be very happy to receive (or give)


 Colouring Book was £9.99 now £6.99

Adult  Colouring Books  – I like the sound of this Colour yourself to Calmness and reduce stress from WH Smith.

My mum actually put this idea in to my head , as she’s asked for one on her Christmas List. It’s quirky, I love colouring AND I’m a big kid.

NUXE Huile Prodigieuse Multi Purpose Dry Oil Hammock Limited Edition.

Smells divine, reminds me of holidays (never a bad thing) and is the best dry oil around in my opinion.

NUXE_Huile_Prodigieuse_Hammock_100ml_Limited_Edition_1437661170_listing NUXE Multi-Purpose Dry Oil -£28.00

How about a gift that also raises money for charity ?

I’m loving these bobble hats from Matalan. They come in various colour-ways but the grey and yellow has to be my favourite (this would look great with the Tumeric jumper above) There are also beanie hats in the same colour-ways.

A 100% of the profits go directly to Alder Hey Hospital. Win win.

Are you a beanie or a bobble kinda girl?

official-alder-hey-grey-adult-bobble-hat.jpg Bobble Hat Matalan £8.00

 And in other news …

I’m still on the hunt for my infamous green sequin ‘number’ for Christmas. I’m slowly going off the idea to be honest.

I have however purchased the most amazing glittery shoes from Next. If nothing else, atleast my feet will shine! I figure these will look great with my pleather leggings (also from Next), my skinny jeans or a leather pencil skirt ( which I’ve now decided I want… I fear a green dress scenario coming on?!)

Everybody should have a Dorothy moment…*Looks down, admires, taps heels 3 times before giggling and skips off*.

I’m just having mine!

Until next Time, Tracey x

12234935_10206350637059435_4572739977877111286_n.jpg Next Gold Glittery Shoes – £30.00

5 thoughts on “Dear Santa …

  1. retrochicmama says:

    The grey Temperly knit is on my wish list now- thanks Tracey! I’m going to getthat amazing stole for my friends birthday next week – thanks again, been struggling for ideas there.
    The Olympus Pen is such a pretty looking camera I don’t even really care how good it is 😉 I just want it!
    I think the Nars Belle de Jour is THE best nude lippy at the moment, CT is too pink for my liking but I’m interested to hear how you get on with it xxx

    • lizandtracey says:

      Haha its gorgeous isn’t it, the jumper. I love jumpers. Yes I’m thinking of getting the stole for my mum, I think she’d love it. I’ve not received my CT order just yet but if the lippy isn’t up to scratch I’ll give The Nars a shot, thankyou for that little tip 💋 Christmas is coming around so quickly… It’s so exciting!

      • lizandtracey says:

        And I’m not really ready. (Pressed send too quickly.) I’m now after a leather skirt. I’ll let you know how I get in with the lipstick 💄 Tracey xxx

  2. Michelle says:

    I love seeing other bloggers wish lists Tracey….I am so nosey and it’s always great for ideas! Have you checked out Banana Republic’s knitwear….I noticed that they are doing a lovely High Street homage to the gorgeous Temperley sweater you have on your list! xx

    • lizandtracey says:

      Oh no I haven’t but I’ll go and have a look. Thankyou for the tip off! Me too, I’m abit nosey like that and it does inspire me for ideas, not just for me but for friends & family xx

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