Sunday Riley to the rescue…

As you all know (I bore you enough). I’m passionate about my skin-care; or rather I’m obsessed with my less than perfect skin and I am always on the look out for ways, be it treatments or products, to improve its condition. It will never be perfect but it will be the best it can be… (apply to all aspects of your life and you’ll not go far wrong.)

And low and behold I think I may have found the holy grail of skin care…


I’ve heard alot of bloggers ‘talk’ about Sunday Riley and praise how good their products are. It was not a brand I was overly familiar with but after studying their own website, which is very slick and informative. Checking out the fabulous Cult Beauty website and making sure it was on Caroline Hirons list of ok products ( this lady knows her stuff) I placed my first order (via Cult Beauty)… And waited patiently for it to arrive.

I plumped for the Ceramic Slip Clay Cleanser, which came with a free decent size sample of Good Genes and the Juno facial oil.

The cleanser is priced at £35 and the Juno at £70. As I mentioned previously Good Genes came free and was the ideal way to try before you buy. Retails at £85. It was actually the product I was most keen to try and it doesn’t disappoint.

I don’t claim to be a skin care expert. I go souly on how my skin behaves and it’s general appearance. In the same way as I dont weigh myself, I go by how tight my clothes are and how many chins I have!

I love Sunday Rileys philosphy that they want to achieve results and achieve them quickly. I was doing a little jig and high fiving the cats after reading this. So do I, so do I!

I can honestly say that within the first week of using the products morning and evening my skin was showing signs of improvement. Dare I say I was even glowing.

The Juno Hydroactive Cellular face oil is a joy to use. I love using it. It smells divine, sinks in wonderfully ( my skin literally drinks it) and it leaves you with a beautiful glow. Ingredients include blackberry, cranberry and chardonnay grape seed oil to name a few. 3 weeks on and my skin is more uniform, my pores don’t look as big. I feel cleaner and I’m less congested and spotty. As I type I don’t have a single spot… But you can guarantee that now I’ve tempted fate I’ll wake up tomorrow with the skin of a premenstrual teenager!

One of the most important factors to me, aside from looking better, is the effect on my confidence. Until you experience bad skin this may sound alien and even a little vain but believe me spots and scarring sucks. Especially at 44 ! I’ve been known to avoid going out on my bad days and to take the attention away from my complexion over compensate with far too much eye-makeup… Alice Copper you have nothing on me on spotty days!

Talking about eyes… I am very keen to try their eye cream ‘Start Over’ next which again has rave reviews. The products are not cheap, this is priced at £65. However the products speak for themselves, they work (for me) and what price beauty eh? I suppose my face and my continually improving skin are a living testimony to that.

I even posted an unfiltered photo!! (below) onto IG at the weekend…and when your dad gives you a compliment about how well your looking, then obviously something’s working. My dad didn’t even blink when I went from a brunette to a blonde. I don’t think he noticed!…

Have you used Sunday Riley before and if so what other products would you recommend?

Until next time, Tracey x

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