Ladies that Lunch | Coffee Shop Corners – Cawa comes to Broomhill, Sheffield

As far as I’m concerned there’s never NOT a good time to enjoy cake and a coffee … so when I was asked along to Cawa Coffee to the Bloggers event to sample their coffee and cakes I was on it like a car bonnet !

I actually couldn’t think of a better way to spend a Tuesday evening …well unless it involved Kit Atherington that is.

Thinking about coffee, cake & Kit just got me slightly giddy. 

So as I was saying before Kit kindly interrupted my thoughts … Cawa Coffee is situated amongst the hustle and bustle of Broomhill at 5,Crookes Road . It’s ideally located with a car-park literally a stones through away just alittle further up the hill.

Jo and I arrived and where greeted by Katie who had organised the event and the owner Galyna [below]

Cawa Coffee is decorated very basically; plain painted walls are adjourned with artwork supplied by local artists, all of which are for sale. Tables run down one side of the room with the food counter and serving area down the other.

There are some fabulous recycled feature lighting fittings and a large blackboard detailing all the coffee and food available.

It’s mainly just coffee and cake at the moment though they do serve a selection of toasties [from £3.50] and falafel wraps with homemade humous [from £4.50]

To the front of the shop you’ll find a selection of fresh artisan breads, cakes and preserves by ‘Just Preserves’  all available to purchase.

There’s also a recycled dresser full of organic skincare, all made and sourced locally and again available to buy.

There’s a beautiful range of handmade soaps exclusively made for Cawa Coffee by Cosy Cottages Soap. I was gifted with a bar of Lavender which smells absolutely delicious, and which will hopefully help me sleep.

Tables seat 4 comfortably and all had flowers and a candle in the centre. I do love candlelight.

It’s very subtle while being quite rough around the edges. It had a laid back yet intimate atmosphere .

Emma and Prue chatting away above …

Luke [above] – Supporting Manager preparing our coffees. He actually sources all the coffee beans himself , which cuts out the middle man. Beans are 80% Brazilian, 20% Colombian.

My eyes were all over [ cake does that too me , sends em bonkers!] wandering and mostly getting drawn to the pastries…. my gosh they looked awesome.

BUT first we were introduced to the canapés which had all been lovingly prepared by ‘Simon the chef from Denmark’. 

Simon R. Christoffersen [ his full title]  is actually in Sheffield to join his  girlfriend who is studying at University across here. It’s Sheffield’s gain I recon.

So back to the food.

We had a selection of mushroom mousse & eggplant mousse canapés .

Both were very tastey. Simon talked us through the ingredients before we tucked in.

I washed mine down with a large cappuccino.

We sat, chatted and ate trailing another coffee as we did so. I wasn’t so keen on this one as it was taken black and had a fairly strong flavour.

It had nothing to do with the quality of the coffee it was just down to my personal preference … I like milky and frothy.

If coffees not your bag they also serve a selection of speciality teas from Birdhouse Tea Company, another local business.

So let’s talk about my favourite part … the cake and  pastries! 

My gosh we were absolutely spoilt for choice.

Crufin [a hybrid of a croissant, and a muffin] and Cronut [ a croissant-doughnut pastry. The pastry resembles a doughnut and is made from croissant-like dough which is filled with flavored cream] galore!

To say I love my cakes … its actually the first I had heard of these pastries, never mind tasted one.

Where have I been all my life? I’m so uneducated at times.

They were absolutely beautiful and very moreish. A pastry lovers paradise.

I can thoroughly recommend Cawa Coffee. 

The interior might not be ‘all fancy’ like some coffee shops. You could dismiss it based souly on that and walk straight past …BUT please make sure you go in.

A coffee and cake will set you back about £6.00/£7.00 which is slightly above the average you’d expect to pay. They do however have regular offers on so keep an eye on their Facebook page.

To summarise :

It’s a no airs and graces, just great food and drink kinda place with very knowledgeable and worldly , friendly  staff . The fact it supports other  local business is a major plus.

It’s a great place to sit and watch the world go by… the only taxing thing you’ll have to do is decide whether to have a latte , cappuccino or matcha!

It is my kind of place.

Tracey x

* Thankyou to Katie for organising & Cawa Coffee for having me.The drinks and cakes were all complimentary but as usual all words and opinions are strictly my own. 

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