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O N E • of the best things about getting older [ I’m 51 if you are new around here ]  is not giving a flying feck. I’m definitely embracing that and my Bag Lady Chic. When the BF tells me I look like I’ve got a bottle of vodka snook away in my hand bag , I think great ; that’s the look I’m going for. 

Seriously , I do like to look a bit dishevelled these days; not too done. 

During the 80’s, my hair was short, quiffed and lacquered to death. I don’t think it moved  for about 10 years !! Now-a-days I don’t even brush it. 

A question I see a lot….

Do I feel invisible as a 50+ woman? 

With a gob like mine …are you joking ??  I would give fog horn leg horn a run for his money  ☺️  

Seriously, I’ve pondered this a lot recently and came to the conclusion that clothing brands have never really taken an interest in me , even 10 years ago. Is it my age or that my face doesn’t fit?? Who knows. What I do know is that the measure of someone shouldn’t come down to ‘who they’ve collaborated with’ [ but if Gucci came knocking I’d be there with brass knockers on, asking where Harry was ] but the impact your squares have on people.

I guess the only thing making me feel invisible is Instagram who show my posts to about 10 people!

For me the point of being on Instagram isn’t solely to work with brands [ though it’s nice to be asked, I’ll not lie ] it’s to show up and stick 2 fingers up at everyone who’s ever told you – “you are too old”, ” you are past it” , “women of a certain age shouldn’t …” etc etc. 
I’m here to share my stories, experiences, my outfits and makeup … AND to document the day I meet Bradley Cooper. [ I’ve never manifested anything so much – it’s going to happen !] To hopefully show the younger generation that growing old isn’t that scary, it’s a bloody privilege

To show them that one day they too can look like they stash vodka in their handbag  🙂

Dress @oasisfashion 😍
Ordered last night here this afternoon ! Love it.

Tracey x

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