T H I N G S • I’ve learnt this week

I should NOT mix my drinks – something I’ve been reminding myself ever since I started mixing my drinks and realised it gives ‘ good [ as in a bad way ] hangovers’

Hangovers are the work of the devil . . . but they are sure worth it! Especially after an 18 month breakup

Hangovers make me eat all the shit – I’d eaten 2 picnic bars and a Cornetto before 10am yesterday because my hangover said it would make it feel better.

It did.

I get more like my mum every day and have started dancing everywhere with no fecks given what people think. I’m seriously one step away from wearing a pair of delly poppers on my head.

Talking of which … Isn’t it very 2021 when a group of ‘ mature’ women having an absolute ball and dancing in a bar gets more ‘attention’ than 2 woman preening , pouting, flicking their hair and taking selfies at every god given opportunity as though the rest of us aren’t there and they are on a model shoot ? I’m not saying their stares were negative [always try and think glass half full] hopefully it was because it was nice to see people actually enjoying themselves not a camera in sight, rather than look at those old dears . I’m one of those people who when she’s ‘ had a few ‘ and gets an audience finds herself giving it big time …I was practically giving them my Saturday night fever rendition piece 🙂 *

*I’m laughing and half cringing at myself here *

I feel for the younger generation, I really, really do. I often question whether they are actually enjoying themselves or is it all for ‘the gram’ . Look at me having fun without a hair out of place ; when the reality in between ‘ takes’ is that they look bored shitless.Their pop up memories on FB will be numerous staged selfies of them looking even more ‘perfect’ after applying whatever filter holding an overpriced, but worth it for the photo cocktail with a boarded up Debenhams in the background 😃

2 thoughts on “T H I N G S • I’ve learnt this week

  1. Anonymous says:

    They don’t know what a good time is, WE DO! The boyfriends looked bored stiff , what a good day. Roll on the next!
    I didn’t have a hangover even after sampling the Kamikaze!!

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