M U S I N G S – GOOD BYE 2020

What a bloody year eh ?

I’m not going to mention what I think 2021 might bring. I read last years offering where I predicted that 2020 was going to be THE best year ever !? Less said the better.

The reality is I’ve not had a decent night out in months , I’m going bloody stir crazy . I lost my job, I never got to Lisbon … BUT we know how it goes because we have ALL lost something this year . Our marbles, freedom … some of us lost our lives  which is a very sobbering thought; something I try to remind myself when I’m feeling sorry for myself.

There have been some good times in-between the mundaneness of everyday life – not many but I guess it’s better than non. 

Our last ladies night out for example which seems absolutely ages ago, because it was. We ate delicious tapas, belly laughing & getting rat arsed on sangria that went down like fizzy pop [ I miss those nights desperately] . Park dates dressed like Na Nook of the North;  catching up with friends while sat on damp benches , freezing our tits off – quite literally . Whitby for a few days and a welcome change of scenery . Clapping for carers on our doorsteps with the rest of our neighbours and the great sense of community. My walks with Mollie, discovering new places and talking to ‘interesting‘ people I might not necessarily have had, had we not all been forced out into the fresh air . One of my best friends & my mum always used to say that if there was a weirdo in the room you could guarantee they’d come and talk to me. What can I say -one attracts the other!

I’m still pondering ” what is life? ” a question a random man asked me in the woods a few weeks ago . Oh and  incase you are wondering nobody got murdered in the village yesterday! Random ‘new welly lady’ got it wrong … or she knows something nobody else does !

Next year I hopefully get to swim with sharks courtesy of my fabulous friends . They don’t hate me , it’s something I’ve always wanted to do. Sharks scare the living-be-jesus out of me – facing my fear head on will be such an adrenaline rush. Had I done it this year chances are they’d probably have eaten me !

Hopefully my friends and I will get to visit Lisbon a city I have wanted to explore for years and I can celebrate my 50th properly. A few of my friends join me in the ‘ half century’ club in 2021 so there’s some partying to be done!

Hopefully we can start to live again and not just exist – ground hog day style. 

Like I stated I’m not making any predictions because 2020 … BUT what I do know is that the sun always rises and it always sets which is a beautiful thing in itself ; that the sky is never quite the same twice.

Whatever 2021 brings –  look up more than you look down. Keep believing;  keep looking for those rainbows  because better times are definitely coming

Here’s to a Happier New Year

Tracey x

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