N E W Y E A R – musings…

Happier New Year to you all.

I say happier as happy seems a little inappropriate under the current circumstances. The Majority of the country is in tier 4 and it looks as though a further national lockdown is beckoning later on tonight .

There have been no New Years resolutions made over here – I can feel guilty about ‘stuff‘ without the added pressure thank-you .

I know the new year is seen as the ideal time to make plans and reveal the ‘new you‘  but if I really wanted to change something I certainly wouldn’t feel inclined to wait until January 1st to do so and I kinda like the old me. I  guess my ‘mince pie baby‘ will gradually subside as I’m no longer eating 4 of the feckers a day !

There is the added fact that any resolutions I have made in the past that usually involved abstaining from chocolate or alcohol [ I’m so predictable]  have been broken by lunch time New Years Day ! Which reminds me of the quote ” I Can Resist Most Things Apart From Temptation” The more I tell myself I cannot have something, the more I crave it.

Anybody else ?

I liken it to my fascination with Bradley Cooper . The more people tell me I’ll never meet him, the more determined I am that I will [ I know, I know it’s pretty slim chances I ever will but … a girl can dream ]

One thing I have found myself doing and will continue to do into the new year is my daily face massage.

A massage in the morning to wake my face up followed by another one at night to wind down has been one of my favourite discoveries of the slower pace of life. It is  therapeutic and feels wonderful . An added bonus is that it is free. You don’t need any tools – just a face oil – as you use your hands. I incorporate my gua-sha occasionally but it’s as good without .

Regarding facial oil I’m currently using The Micro Oil by Neuro Skin Feeds. It’s a beautiful oil. You apply just enough to ensure that there is no pulling or dragging on the skin when performing the routine.

Checkout the following accounts on Instagram for some ‘killer moves@facegym @karina_na_more @noyskincare I can thoroughly recommend .

Lastly …apparently fringes are going to be big news this year?

Speaking as someone who has had a fringe ever since she’s had hair … haven’t they always been ?

Tracey x

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