LIFE – Letters from Mum

AD | gift only


“I trace the line of each letter with my finger…

Absorbing every single word

I Imagine your face as you wrote each one; no doubt giggling at your own jokes

I smile … but at the same time a wave of heavy, sadness engulfs me and I can’t stop the tears.

Happy tears, sad tears , innocent tears for a time when I naively thought you’d be around forever .

I smell the paper; I’m disappointed that it doesn’t smell of you … year’s stored safely away in a Cigarette box has put pay to that.

I hold the letters against my heart and imagine that you are holding me

A part of you is etched on those precious pieces of paper. Conversations that can’t be erased . Words forever embedded in my heart “

I wrote this poem after I was approached by the lovely Emma from Inscripture to see whether I would like to collaborate with them and choose a piece of their beautiful jewellery.

After looking into the company I couldn’t say no.

It’s no ordinary jewellery … they take special words from letters, cards etc and engrave them onto jewellery –  ‘You live the moments, we create the memories’

It is a beautiful concept and something that would make a special keepsake / gift.

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LIFE | Alcohol and I … the early years

Before we start can I just say it’s not big and it’s not clever to drink and get drunk … but let’s be fair it is bloody good fun!

I can remember my first experience with alcohol like it was yesterday …[ not including the Baby Cham mum used to let us have on special occasions and the glass of Sherry I had with my Grandad on Christmas Eve ] … it was actually 30-odd years ago!

Let me take you back. It was my first and only Jamboree [Brownie/ Guide/ Scout Camp] over in Luxemburg. I was only 13 ; I guess Mum and Dad thought I was in safe hands.

On our first night of freedom my friend Jackie [ lived next door but one, year older than me, pretty, big boobs, all the boys loved her] and I bought a bottle of Advocaat each . Luckily Jackie looked older than her years and like I said –  boobs. She got served.

Advocaat was thick and creamy like custard and I remember I didn’t really enjoy the taste. We hid in a bush just off camp and necked it all. Let’s just say half an hour later I had literally turned green and began throwing up. I was sent to bed … the Camp Leaders believing I had picked a bug up while travelling. [Face of an angel me …far too sweet and innocent to even consider I had been drinking ] Continue reading

Music was my first love…

Today I thought I’d talk about one of my greatest loves…

No not cake … though that’s right up there


[This was first posted in January last year, I’ve tweaked it slightly and pressed republish. Some posts deserve a second airing.]

To coin a phrase music … was my first love and it will [no doubt] be my last. I don’t care what you say music can evoke special memories, resort you to tears, make you smile or send you into a spontaneous dance.

Hey … some of us even sit and record ourselves singing in the car over on instagram stories!!

Music can make or break a ‘moment’ in a film , or come to think of it real life.

Take for example Psycho and the famous shower scene … it wouldn’t be quite the same with the ‘shoop shoop’ song playing along cheerily in the background now would it?

The Mr and I both share a love of music and we were talking earlier about the songs we would play for a certain situation i.e your happy , or your sad song. I’ve already mentioned  the songs that make up the soundtrack of my life over on Meet Tracey & Liz [go have a read afterwards]

This was just a bit of fun with the Mr firing questions at me and these were the first responses I flung back.

I thought I’d share them with you… [as I’m typing no doubt more songs will keep popping into my head – so many songs, so many memories !] Continue reading

NFD -This so called thing called Life…

My general morning routine consists of the following – coffee, something stodgey (cake preferably) and a spot of TV while I make my face look half decent.

I do try and eat healthy *pats nutribullet on the head and promises to visit soon* but I crave sugar in the morning.. afternoon and evening if I’m honest!

‘Feeding time’ is the ideal time for a spot of browsing. By browsing….I’m talking Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and the Blog to check for messages / stats etc.

I  try not to get annoyed when a photo that I posted on IG, which I considered pretty decent, gets about 10 likes,while over on another account a bashed up banana, gets thousands. Daft eh? That the NFD has had a few hits, but no major viewing figures and as per normal not one single comment! Its dis-heartening.

I really couldn’t care what Auntie Pat over on Facebook was having for her breakfast!  and Twitter… Pfffff …don’t even get me started on that. I’d sure I’d get more response talking to my garden wall. I Feel like screaming is there anybody out there?!!

But this morning over on Twitter I read something that put everything in perspective and made me feel very, very silly for thinking that way. It made me realise that I spend far too much time sweating over the small stuff. I’m 44 years old for heavens sake , not 4. I need to re-address my mind-set.

More so It made me cry. Buckets.

It was a piece taken from the Huffington Post and retweeted by the lovely Katie Portman ( Pouting in heels). It is the final words from Charlotte Kitley a lady who died on Tuesday, 16th September from Stage-4 bowel cancer. It’s her Goodbye.

Each word pulls on your emotions, it’s beautiful in it’s sadness.

It makes you want to seize the day, because my friend we are lucky and we can. It makes you realise that life is precious, that we should grab it by the balls and enjoy the ride. It brought home to me that there are far, far, far more important things than likes … Like Living, loving and laughing. Likes don’t make you a better person ;It’s very easy to get wrapped up in the world of social media but I hope to god I won’t be remembered for how many likes/comments I got on a post but for the impact I had on people, for the good times and the memories. For the things social media doesn’t see falling down when I laugh, my mean dolphin impression ( it’s rubbish but it makes me giggle) , the fact I can drink a pint of Guinness in 12 seconds. The important little things that build the bigger picture. Build me.

With that in mind I’m going to sign off… I’m going to jump on my sleepy boyfriend and tell him how much I love him. I’m going to pop and see my mum, a cancer sufferer herself ; give her a big hug and tell her it’s all going to be ok. To ring my friends, just to say hi and arrange a much-needed night out. And because I’m feeling so elated I might even hug a stranger… or bake a cake, because I don’t bake enough; I enjoy it and it won’t get me arrested!

Please take a moment, get your tissues ready and have a read.

Later l’ll be having my usual Friday night “start of the weekend” drink. Only tonight I’ll be looking up at the stars and toasting a very brave lady who lost the battle.

“We’re all travelling through time together every day of our lives. All we can do is do our best to relish this remarkable ride.” About Time

Until next time, Tracey x