C O F F E E •

While on holiday in a cool , off the beaten track coffee shop. Watching the locals with their animated hand gestures, while feeding the stray cat. The smell of tobacco, sun cream and cheap aftershave filling the balmy air.

Coffee with my mum on our weekly Saturday morning shopping trips; catching up , sharing stories, laughing …always laughing. Not much shopping , lots of coffee and chat.

Crying into my coffee on my first solo trip without her. That one was bittersweet.

Coffee in-between the madness of a ladies weekend away. Recuperating, getting ready for another heavy night ahead. Giggling as we recall the shenanigans from the previous evening

Coffee in the airport – the excitement of visiting and exploring pastures new.

Coffee for a burst of caffeine fueled energy after another sleepless night. I love the menopause !

Coffee on the beach, looking out across the sea. Usually followed by a cheeky Gin on the beach, or when I was much younger – sex!

Coffee to calm the nerves before an interview, a date …

Coffee as a reward after a mammoth dog walk. Usually accompanied by cake ! You CANNOT beat coffee and cake.

Coffee while reading the Sunday newspapers, munching on toast and jam. Alfresco if we are lucky.

Coffee …my safe place, my comfort, my social butterfly, my kick

It’s just coffee right ?


Nothing is ever just anything …

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