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My mum used to call me Mrs Gunna , “gunna do this, gunna do that . . .

She has a point I guess [ aren’t mums always right!] I am full of broken promises. Mainly that I’ll start to do some more exercise , get fit and run that marathon I keep threatening to do . Yes this is something I often spout on about, usually during the weeks following the London Marathon when I’m feeling suitably inspired.

So when Asquith London approached me to road-test some of their clothes I was chuffed [ I always am when I get offered to work with a brand ] I thought ha ha I’ll show them all. If I look the part , maybe just maybe I’ll feel it too and get off my arse and do something.

Makes sense right?

Whenever I get asked to collaborate with a brand I always go and check their website out first to make sure it’s something that I would wear [ IRL so to speak ] and that my readers can identify with . I’ve told you in a previous post how over Christmas I was inundated with requests to work with sheep-skin slipper companies and how I always declined. Why ? … because I don’t wear slippers and accepting would make a farce of everything, especially my integrity. Same applies to clothing.

Asquith specialize in yoga clothing, yoga retreat wear, lounge and leisure wear ; while scrolling through their website I can see it’s a little different from the norm. It’s a little more dressy, the colour palette is very subtle . I’m even envisioning some of the clothes styled to go ‘out out’ in.

I carry on scrolling and find a few more pieces I’d most definitely wear.

So in no particular order here’s what I choose.

Firstly this jumpsuit which I wore to travel to Malaga in a few weeks ago ; yoga travel wear so to speak but without the yoga.

It’s so comfy. The fabric is amazingly soft and it didn’t lose its shape after a 2 hour car journey, 3 hour flight and early bar when we arrived in Spain! The ideal travel outfit … and if you wear it without the straps – no phaff at the toilet ! Brilliant .

Talking about straps – they are removable . I prefer it without the straps on me to be honest but kept them on for the journey just because I didn’t fancy flashing my boobs as I went through security. Believe me if it was going to happen to anyone it would happen to me!

I’m a size 12/14 and plumped for a large. I’m also 5ft 10 and the lengths bob-on.

Pebble Jumpsuit – £79.00

And for another laid back look [ below ] I’ve layered it with my John Wayne ‘ get off your horse and drink some milk’ throw on crochet top . The jumpsuit really is the ideal base item to add layers too.

Long Black Harlem pants – £65.00

Great quality and super soft. They are a relaxed fit trouser that come with a deep waistband that can be folded as necessary to cover any lumps and bumps. The ankles are elasticated so they can be ruched up to a length that suits.

I’ve a feeling these will come in very useful. They’ll be great for exercise, for walking Mollie our dog and even bobbing to work in.

I work for my dad part of the week, so I can wear what I like. Last week I wore them like this.

Surf Blue Batwing Yoga Top – £52.00

It’s a fabulous colour referred to as ‘surf blue’ , again great for layering . It’s very light weight and ever so soft with beautiful detailing.

This will be a very versatile piece in my wardrobe . Styling options are endless, with jeans, denim shorts, with the back leggings [above] for Pilates [ yes I’ve signed up for a class!] , layering up over the jumpsuit …etc etc.

If that’s not impressive enough … here’s some further info about the company I discovered while perusing their website :

Asquith do not use animal products and nothing is ever tested on animals.

They only use the best quality, eco-friendly, organic cotton and bamboo fabrics:

  • BAMBOObamboo grows faster and absorbs more carbon dioxide than hardwood trees. It’s ideal for activewear as it’s naturally anti-bacterial, breathable and wicks away sweat. It moulds to the body, providing excellent stretch capabilities and is particularly good for sensitive skin
  • ORGANIC COTTON A breathable, durable fabric that keeps it shape, doesn’t fade, bobble or stretch and feels amazing on. Their fabrics are all Oeko-Tex certified which means they have a low carbon footprint and biodegradable fibres.

Their products are designed to be durable so they will last much longer than high street versions – better for you , better for the planet. The clothing is slightly more expensive than I would normally pay but the quality speaks for itself and they do say you pay for what you get.

To summarise I’m very happy with my clothes and I love their ethics . Asquith are definitely a brand I’ll be keeping my eye on… as I ‘jog on’ to my first Pilates class in my new bamboo yoga pants next week!

Go me …

You can shop the full range // HERE

Tracey x

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  1. Sue says:

    Loving the jumpsuit, I think I would get a lot of wear out of it and am going to have a look at the website now.

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