Things I should be doing …

There are a hundred and one things I should be doing. I have the time just not the inclination. 

Procrastination appears to be my best friend. That and cake.

It’s Mums funeral on Thursday and I need something to wear? I also need to get my hair cut and coloured and sort my skin out. Everything’s kinda got neglected as mums health deteriorated . I have an inch of grey at my roots , frazzled ends and stressed out spotty skin.

Don’t I just sound delightful.

I ordered a dress from Marks & Spencer’s last week. It’s nothing special. I thought it was black. It’s arrived and it’s actually navy.

We have since discussed and changed the dress code to colourful? [Mum was such a colourful charactor.]

The dress is still sat in the plastic bag waiting for me to try it on. I’m putting that off too. I’m not entirely sure it’s suitable anymore . I’m not sure navy has ever been classed colourful?

I’m dreading the funeral or rather ‘celebration of life‘ ceremony as we’ve renamed it. This is reflected in my total disinterest in sorting myself out. I don’t want to say goodbye as it’s all very final.

I also realise that until I say goodbye it will be hard to move on …

So with that in mind here’s said dress.

It ticks all the right boxes;  not too short, no cleavage on show and it covers my bingo wings!

Marks & Spencer’s Polka Dot Dress – £35.00

I’ll try it on later. Maybe. I suppose I could add colourful accessories?

I just want to do mum proud, not turn up looking like a bag lady which is a look I’ve been channeling quite a lot recently.

And my hair… jeeeez please don’t start me on my bloody hair!

I’m growing it. I’m not entirely sure what in to or why. It was just easy at a time when easy was essential.

Now it’s easy and doing me no favours whatsoever. I’m thinking short bob with full fringe. I’m mindful that I’m also not thinking straight and don’t want to do anything I might regret.

Then again it’s just hair. It’ll grow back.

What do we think? Yay or nay …?

So as my search for suitable dresses for Thursday continues , I keep getting drawn to floral maxi dresses.

I’m sure this would be frowned upon by most people.  If mum was around however I’m sure she would be actively encouraging me to wear one. I can hear her now … “fabulous Tracey, fabulous

Floral I can imagine is seen as far too frivolous, cheerful … on a day when we are supposed to be mourning. A day when the majority of the congregation will turn up in black despite being advised not too!

Old habits die hard I suppose.

Thinking about it they may be onto something. I don’t really want to stand out, I want to blend in. It’s going to be a hard enough day without everybody looking at me … because of what I’m wearing.

My current obsession with floral maxis started when I featured the dress below that I received from Izabel London on here. I bloody love it. I want more of the same and could quite happily swan around wearing this type of dress 24/7.

My grandad did actually think I was pregnant which is the only downside I can see. He’s 95 and partially sighted I’ll let him off !

Below : Dress from Izabel London which has unfortunately sold out.

I have however stumbled upon a few other beauties.

I actually bought this dress [below] about 3 weeks ago for a night out.

It typically turned up a couple of days after my night out had been and gone. It  has been hung up in my wardrobe ever since where it looks beautiful.

I’m not sure it looks so beautiful on me … that I do it justice.

The first time I tried it in we had a full on fight. It’s one of those dresses which ties at the side; you also feed the ties through tiny holes. I was practically rolling around and shouting at it! The holes weren’t big enough, I kept losing the tie…

I did eventually get it on but the moment was lost. I huffed and took it off.

Another I’ll try on again .


Boohoo Floral Wrap Dress – £40.00 [limited stock

I also love this cold shoulder midi dress again from Boohoo,  in fact all the dresses I’ve featured today are from there.

It’s so pretty and feminine , something that couldn’t be remotely any further away from the way I’m currently feeling.

I do like their price range , you can get a decent dress for around the £20/ £30 mark.

Boho Floral cold shoulder dress – £25.00

Boho Tall Lottie Floral Maxi Dress – £18.00

Boohoo Floral tie maxi dress -£22.00  [currently out of stock, emailed to see if getting more stock in]

Boohoo Bardot ruffle Maxi dress – £25.00

The more I look at these floral beauties  [ the more I’m lusting ] but its also dawning on me how totally unsuitable they are for Thursday.

I am however hopefully popping off down to Cornwall for a few days with my 2 favourite Misters [ Bf & Dad] and Mollie dog when things have settled down. Floral dresses are definately more suited for sashaying around beaches.

As you can tell …

… my heads all over .

I think I’ll stick with my initial choice of the M&S navy dress and just add a fancy scarf for Thursday.

I have a room full of scarves… surely one has to be suitable!

I’ve covered all angels then . I’m playing safe so not to offend all the purists [ there’s always one] but I’m also sticking my finger firmly up and waving it around by wearing some colour.

Let’s just hope it fits eh … 

… or we will be in a pickle !

Tracey x

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7 thoughts on “Things I should be doing …

  1. Jennie says:

    So many gorgeous floral maxi dresses, Tracey! And I give a big fat Yea on the hair idea. It suits you wonderfully. I have been growing mine out from a pixie and sometimes wonder why, especially when it gets to a certain length it always starts breaking off.

    I hope your mother’s celebration of life service went well. Again, I am truly sorry for your loss.

    Thanks so much for joining my Fabulous Friday linkup. I hope to see you back!

    A Pocketful of Polka Dots

  2. Tracey Martin says:

    The other commenters are spot on, wear what your mum would love you in (which lets face it is anything). Hope you are getting some comfort from your writing as we’d sure miss you if you stopped. You are doing fab, sending big virtual hugs xxxxx

  3. This, tatt and the other says:

    I think you should go with your heart, wear something your Mom would approve of and wear it for her (and you). Sod what anyone else thinks. This is you honouring your Mom for a final time, and tradition is so dull if it wasn’t her style. No one will judge you badly; they’ll only wish they’d been more themselves too.

    If you don’t want to depart from dark colours then totally jazz it up. I wore pink and grey snakeskin platform ankle strap shoes at my Dad’s funeral. Even his Mom wore black glitter. My Dad loved shoes, so it felt like a final honour.

    Thinking of you. xx

  4. Sharon Sinclair-Williams | Best Before End Date says:

    All gorgeous dresses, Tracey – I’m like you with floral – always have been. I loved that Isabel London dress on you when I saw it on you on Instagram. The navy dress I’m sure would look fab on you. You would make a bin bag look glam — not that the M&S dress is bin bag like — it’s lovely — but you know what I mean.
    Just one thing I’d like to add. Funerals are very final and they are a closure of sorts. Everything up to them is almost trance like when its someone so close to you. Think of your mum’s voice in your head. What would she laugh at and be overjoyed that you wore? it’s between you and your mum this — that’s all lovely lady. Take care xx

    • lizandtracey says:

      Awwww you’ve such a lovely way with words. Thankyou , I’ll have a little word with her tonight. I don’t think it’s hit me just yet… that’s why I’m dreading Thursday because that’s when I think it might do. Thankyou for popping over and commenting xxx

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