Vionic Leopard Feet … getting feet summer ready

It’s that time of year when I reluctantly have to shave my legs. It’s not that I enjoy being compared to a hairy mammoth . I honestly just can’t be arsed.

It’s a faff too far.

Talking of faffing. I will then have to  false tan myself. Some people like to embrace their paleness . Me … well I like to look like a sultana!

False tanning usually results in stripey legs and bright orange palms!

Everywhere else applies like a dream but when it comes to my legs it’s a totally diferent ball-game. If I was a cafe I’d be called ‘Streaky patchy central’

No matter how much I wash my hands my palms always remain a slight tinge of orange.

I need to invest in some tanning gloves and moisturise, moisturise, moisturise!

Something I do enjoy [ good faffing let’s say] is preparing my feet … making them look all pretty for the forth-coming  ‘sandal days’ the anticipation of the beach , of BBQ’ S and fun in the sun.

I love bright toe nails, tanned legs and feet adorned in beautiful sandals.

In an ideal world I’d surround my bath tub with candles and light them to create ambiance. I’d then jump in making sure there were lots and lots of bubbles. 

My favourite bath oil that also handily doubles up as a massage oil is Drift Away by Temple Spa which comes in at £25.00 for 100ml. It smells absolutely gorgeous. Saying that most of their products do. The only negative is no bubbles…

I also love bubble bath from Avon which is fantastic value with 500ml currently on offer at £2.50 [usually £4.00] AND lots of bubbles.

It comes in a range of delicious scents including Sweet Almond, French Lilac and Chocolate and Orange. 

Bowie or Blondie would be playing in the background and I’d sit, soak and sing.

There would also be tulips, because tulips make everything better. Oh and mini eggs because [ do we really need a reason ?] it’s Easter shortly!

I’d proceed to exfoliate myself paying particular attention to my knees, elbows and feet. Scrubbing away the old dead skin.

Afterwards I’d dry off, moisturise all over before climbing into a fluffy over-sized dressing gown.

When it comes to moisturising my feet I favour Champneys Good As New Restoring Foot Butter which I’ve been using for years.

It’s £8.00 for a 125ml tube and I tend to purchase mine from my local Boots store.

It’s a blend of almond, coconut oil and shea butter. It smells minty and tingles when you apply it.


If you have smelly feet the mint will mask  ‘the fust’ and make your feet smell lovely.  I have many faults but luckily smelly feet isn’t one of them! I just love the minty  fresh scent.

I’d leave my foot cream to soak in for a few minutes before painting my nails.

In summer I tend to favour bright pinks, tangy corals and poppy reds. Happy colours.

Shoreditch by Nails Inc [ above ] is a lovely summer colour. I think I recently got this free in a magazine !

Another vibrant pink I wear a lot is by Boutique – Sainsbury’s own brand. It’s called ‘Hit the nail on the head‘ 

I’ve purchased a few polishes by this brand. They are great value at only £4.00 and come in a great range of colours.

I tend to go grocery shopping and manage to pop one of these in my basket!

Ta da … that’s my feet summer ready.

Now for the sandals…

The lovely guys over at Vionic Shoes kindly gifted me these sandals which are not only stylish but also amazingly comfy.

When you’re wearing them you definitely walk with a spring in your step. Can you remember the ‘Mr Softy’ adverts ?? If you can I feel like I’m bouncing around like he did . If you can’t … let’s move on.

This is no doubt attributed to the shoes design.

All Vionic shoes and sandals hug the arches of your feet, giving you all day support. They provide natural alignment and elevated support.

These sandals will be ideal for the summer months when I take Mollie for her daily walks. I have a dodgey right foot [you must be aware of this I mention it enough !] When  comfort is extremely important especially if I’m intending to walk a fair distance.

When I’m after something comfy but that’s also stylish.

What’s more stylish than leopard print! Not much in my books.

They are worn above with mum jeans [ also bought while food shopping at Sainsburys] and a plain white t-shirt. Glasses are essential to stop the squint!

So that’s how I get my feet summer ready. We just need the sunshine to come back out now. Its turned chilly again and I currently have the blinking heating on!

Oh the joys of living in the UK…

Right I’m off to eat my props … those Chocolate Mini Eggs have been sat staring at me for the past few hours now , teasing me … whispering  ‘Eat me, bloody eat me

I can resist most things apart from temptation!

Until next time,

Tracey x

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