This months Favourites … 

I’m not sure if I’m early or I’m late with my favorites.

Probably the later.

Is it March or is it April …who knows?

Hands up I admit I’m more scatty than usual. I swear the older I get the worse I get!

Anybody else with me?

Mum’s still in hospital [ boo ] and I’m spending quite a lot of my time there. 

Hopefully she’ll be out soon and back home with us. It’s a slow process but they seem [ fingers crossed ] to be getting there. Getting there being managing her pain relief.

Yesterday with the weather being glorious, mum even managed to get outside for a little walk with dad. This made her happy. How could it not – 2 of her favourite things … sun and dad.

The power of sunshine its fabulous stuff isn’t it? It makes everybody and everything feel better.

I slathered myself in SPF 50 , stuck my sun hat and sunglasses on before heading out into the garden. It was a day spent reading, snoozing and drinking copious amounts of coffee, while topping up my vitamin D.

I ended up going to see mum at tea-time and within 5 minutes of getting there we were both fast asleep!

It’s tiring stuff this doing nothing malarky.

Wouldn’t it be fabulous if we could be guaranteed a couple of months of beautiful weather every year in the U.K.?

We can dream … the heatings back on today!!

So enough waffling here’s what I’m currently enjoying.

Dam Flask Reservoir

Every Monday & Friday I take Mollie [ our dog ] for a ‘big’ walk around Damflask Reservoir.

This is Mollie

This is her oven glove …

From start to finish it’s just under 4 miles and it takes us just over an hour [stopping frequently to take photos]

It’s my thinking / happy place.

I even picked up my props for today’s photos! [The first time a poo bag has come in handy … for carrying cones!]

If your ever in this neck of the woods you really should really check it out.

True Love Three Tone Gold Russian Style Skinny Charm Bangle – Eternal collection £28.00

Instagram @eternalcollection

The bracelet really is a bit lovely isn’t it . It consists of three skinny bangles in metallic tones of silver, gold and rose gold.

They are ‘ tied together’ by a dainty little padlock which is engraved with a cute heart.

Ideal for layering  it looks great along-side my other bracelets.

I do love a good stack.

Eternal Collection [ another brand I discovered on good old Instagram ] sell a vast range of costume jewellery including clip-on and pierced earrings , bracelets , necklaces and cute brooches. 

Definitely a brand to check out.

Cleanser P by Skintique – £9.99 200ml

I was recently sent this Cleanser to trail. It was the first I heard of this brand and I was excited to try it.

New skin care gets me like that.

I’ve been doing my research too.

Skintifique are a new dermatological laboratory based in Paris, France & Boston, USA . They are working to bring comfort and relief to people with skin that is demanding, sensitive or affected by skin conditions i.e psoriasis or eczema.

Mines demanding all right !

All Products are 100%  pure and non-allergenic.

There are currently 4 products available in the range – Protective  Cream HPS, Moisturising Lotion HP, Hydrating Gel Plus HS and lastly Cleanser P.

Cleanser P is a micellar water which contains only 5 ingredients – Aqua, Polysorbate 20, Poloxamer 184, 1,2- Hexanediol and Chlorphenesin.

That probably sounds like a load of ‘gobbledegook’ … [ it did to me ] basically the formulation contains the fewest possible ingredients to cleanse deep down without irritating the skin.

It’s particularly tough on pollution and traces of metal such as Nickel, Chromium or Cobalt.

I’ve really enjoyed using it and have been cleansing with it both morning and evening for the past 3 weeks.

It removes my makeup with little effort. I don’t wear foundation, just concealer and powder.  I do however wear A LOT of eye makeup.

It usually takes around 4 cotton pads in total to remove my ‘whole face.’

On an evening I follow with a splash of water just because I like the feel of water on my face. I’m a traditional type of gal.

I’ve found it especially great when you crawl in from a night out, or on the evenings when you can’t be arsed with phaffing. When all you want to do is remove your makeup with the least possible fuss… or maybe your incapable of functioning efficiently. #lazygirlmakeupremover

A quick swipe of this and everything’s off leaving your skin feeling extremely clean and not tight in any way . You can even use it from the comfort of your bed!

It has  a faint smell that reminds me of new-born babies. Pure. It’s so good I sometimes sit in the bath and just sniff it.

I would definitely repurchase this.

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Eye Rescue
£40.00 for 15ml

I didn’t get on with the Magic Night Cream. I wanted too and I had high expectations for the £100 pot of cream. [ yes you heard correctly £100.00! ]

Unfortunately it was far too heavy for my [already quite greasy] skin and within a couple of days I had a break-out on my chin with several ‘bumps’ showing signs of erupting at any time on my cheeks.

Proof if any that just because something is expensive it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s any good. Well not on my temperamental skin anyway.

I was therefore somewhat surprised how much I get on with this eye cream.

It’s not as thick and gloppy as the Night Cream and it sinks into my eye area beautifully. There’s no greasiness but no tightness either. It is as an eye cream goes perfect for me.

The only thing that could be potentially off-putting would be the smell. It’s got a fairly strong floral scent which doesn’t bother me but I can imagine it could do others.

Lucy Quartermaine Waterfall Climber Earrings

Instagram @lucyquartermainejewels

Lucy Quartermaine offer a contemporary range of silver jewellery and are another brand that I discovered over on Instagram.

I was gifted these earrings [ I know how lucky am I ] which I have featured on Instagram before.  They really do have the ‘wow’ factor and definitely deserve another mention!

They actually climb up your ear [ hence the name ] and are super pretty and stylish on. A big plus is they don’t hurt your ear and stay firmly in place.

I’d not seen anything like them before.

Whenever I wear them I get complimented. My mums even got her eye on them!

So there you have it, did anything catch your eye / float your boat / tickle your fancy?

I’m currently using some great products that I want to trail for a while longer before I mention them over on here. First signs however are good.

What products are you channelling this month?

Anything I should know about , tell me, tell me… make an old girl happy. 

Until next time, Tracey x

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