LIFE | Cosy Nights in with Home Bargains

As the winter months draw in [ can you believe its November already ] it’s dark by 4pm and it is cold enough to freeze your brass knockers off a cosy night in at home is always a good call preferably in front of a roaring log fire with a Christmas movie playing and your loved ones close by. I love summer but there something warm and comforting about Winter. Its cold outside but baby its warm inside…

Ideally I love nothing better than getting in from work; climbing into a hot, steamy bubble bath, where I let the weight of the world dissolve away as I soak . When suitably relaxed I dry myself off, change into a fluffy pair of pj’s and settle down for a relaxing evening.

Luckily Home Bargains have everything you need to make this a reality – the ingredients for a perfect cosy night in.

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Vionic Leopard Feet … getting feet summer ready

It’s that time of year when I reluctantly have to shave my legs. It’s not that I enjoy being compared to a hairy mammoth . I honestly just can’t be arsed.

It’s a faff too far.

Talking of faffing. I will then have to  false tan myself. Some people like to embrace their paleness . Me … well I like to look like a sultana!

False tanning usually results in stripey legs and bright orange palms!

Everywhere else applies like a dream but when it comes to my legs it’s a totally diferent ball-game. If I was a cafe I’d be called ‘Streaky patchy central’

No matter how much I wash my hands my palms always remain a slight tinge of orange.

I need to invest in some tanning gloves and moisturise, moisturise, moisturise!

Something I do enjoy [ good faffing let’s say] is preparing my feet … making them look all pretty for the forth-coming  ‘sandal days’ the anticipation of the beach , of BBQ’ S and fun in the sun.

I love bright toe nails, tanned legs and feet adorned in beautiful sandals.

In an ideal world I’d surround my bath tub with candles and light them to create ambiance. I’d then jump in making sure there were lots and lots of bubbles.  Continue reading

Massages and relaxation at Moddershall Oak Spa …

I don’t think it could honestly have come at a better time.

Liz’s fibromyalgia had been particularly bad. Although  her symptoms mean that her body hurts constantly apparently it had been a lot worse than usual. Last week was a killer by all accounts.

And me ….

I recon I was only a couple of days off being whisked away to the funny farm… courtesy of the ‘turps’ mishap on my face only last week and the never-ending house sagar, which is a case of 2 steps forward, 3 steps back

The only 2 things that saved my sanity were:

1.) The installation of my new cooker. Its been a while . 8 months if we are counting. Grilled asparagus you were worth waiting for .

2.) A spa day at Moddershall Oaks !

We were invited to spend a day at the spa, which included drinks on arrival, full use of the spa, including a limited edition massage of our choice and a 2-course lunch.

Having visited once before we were both extremely excited about the prospect of spending some time there. It really is beautiful.

We arrived just after 9.00am which had meant a rather early Sunday morning start for us both. It’s approximately a 2 hour drive from Sheffield to Staffordshire. Poor Liz had to drive even further from Wakefield!

It was well worth it.

Dairy Lea dippers and ‘chit chat’ saw us through.


On arrival along with a fresh glass of orange juice we were handed our schedule which detailed massage and lunch times  and a menu so we could pre-order lunch. Continue reading

My first appointment with Derma Roller

I’ve always longed for perfect skin. Super model like; flawless, radiant, spot –free. I honestly can’t remember a time when I didn’t have the odd pimple or two. Unless like myself, you’ve had rubbish skin all your life you’ll probably not understand where I’m coming from.Just how blinking depressing it can be. Over the years it’s slightly improved and I’ve got used to my less than average complexion but I really wish ‘they’ would go away. I wouldn’t miss them, I’d get the bloody flags out. They make me feel self-conscious, ugly, ‘meh’ – I’ve actually even cancelled appointments because of them. Yes really.

Squeezing the buggars leaves scars and discolouration/ pigmentation problems. I was advised this when I was younger. Did I listen? Nope I ignored every-single warning. Squeezing kind of becomes addictive; the quicker you burst them the quicker they go away – or that was my thinking? It actually can do the opposite and prolong the evil creatures. So as well as spots I also have some mild scarring. Gets better doesn’t it! Continue reading

Gimmi Gimmi ……ESPA Restorative Body Oil

I’m in Love … yep again. I’ve been called many things Fickle being one of them! Only this time it’s with a body oil.

I’ve told you before about my obsession with the feel of oil on skin and the beautifully dewy, moisturised skin it leaves you with. When we were younger Karen and I used to drown ourselves in vegetable oil. I was a student …times were hard. Thankfully that has changed!

Well ladies (and gents) ESPA Restorative Body Oil does not disappoint. I was given a 15 ml bottle in a Harvey Nicks Goodie Bag which I decided to take on holiday with me last week.

Apparently it’s nicknamed  ‘hug in a bottle’, and the official line is that it acts to help balance body and mind, calm nerves and give a sense of optimism while it tones the skin.

It contains Sweet orange, rose geranium and lavender to help with anxiety, calm nerves and comfort spirits. Palmarosa which helps tone and firm, and sweet almond oil which deeply nourishes for beautifully smooth, supple skin.

After a lovely hot bath or shower when your skin is still slightly damp grab your Body Oil and slather it all over, excluding your face. A little goes a long way and watch it melt into your skin while inhaling the beautiful aroma. Blissful.Uplifting. An ‘Arrhhh Bisto’ moment as we call it in our house!

They have a selection of body oils to choose from including : Fitness, Soothing and Detoxifying. Hell why not try them all? I intend too despite my purse screaming No!

I could literally sit here all night and gush about this body oil, make you sniff my skin and stroke my arms (just to see how great they feel) but you would soon get bored and probably think I was slightly weird.

I don’t work for ESPA and my dad certainly does not own the company but you do need this in your life!…

*Strokes arm, has a long sniff and generally feels at peace with herself*

Tracey x