It’s all ‘H2 Elemental’ my dear …

Skin care it’s a funny old thing isn’t it? It’s a bit like me . . .at times confusing, can be over complicated or plain simple ! 

Today I’m just hung-over … [ yes this is me who said I’d never drink again … about 20 years ago]

While I’m laid on the settee, coffee in hand feeling sorry for myself, nursing my banging head I thought I would share a recent discovery with you.

I often get asked when reviewing a product what I look for and how I know what’s working and what’s not?

I can understand why people would question me ; I test a lot of skin care and I guess people wonder how the bloody hell I keep track of it all.

As I’ve mentioned in a previous post I keep a skin care diary [ yes I’m that sad] so I know exactly what I’ve been using. If I get a break out or something equally as annoying like my head swells up [ it’s happened ]  I know what’s likely to have caused it.

Skin care is very personal and what suits me might not necessarily suit you.  I personally look for products that don’t over load my skin, causing spots . I want products that leave me with clear refreshed skin. 

However  we probably all have one thing in common, we want products that deliver; products that do what it says on the tin.

For the past 4 weeks I’ve been happily trailing a range of products from the Perricone H2 Elemental Energy range. 

Although I’ve never used anything from this brand before I am familiar with it.  

Dr Perricone is synonymous with high-end , good quality products. I’m led to believe that ‘No Foundation Foundation‘  has some what of a cult following.

I was kindly sent the full range which only recently launched in the U.K.

To say I was giddy was an under-statement.

  • Hydrating Cloud Cream 50ml -£69.00
  • Firming Foam Mask 100ml – £48.00
  • Hydrating Booster Serum 30ml – £80.00
  • De puffing Eye Gel 15ml -£60.00

The official line : [ Perricone MD say]

Damage caused over time can lead to dull, dehydrated, tired-looking skin. Our H2 Elemental Collection™, featuring H2 Elemental Complex™, works to activate and energize surface skin cells by simultaneously transforming cellular energy and delivering a powerful boost of hydration.

The collection, ideal for combination and dehydrated-looking, drier skin types, includes a comprehensive range of products in lightweight, fast-absorbing textures that provide extremely hydrating results.

My verdict :

I have been using these products religiously both morning and evening since I received them, a long side my usual Cleanser. 

There is no Cleanser in this particular range as far as I am aware.

I may have incorporated a couple of other products into my routine [ lip treatments / toner/ SPF ] but on the whole it was just these.

In an attempt to reduce some minor scaring and areas of pigmentation, I am giving the Retinol A Cream [ or contraband as we-fondly  refer to it ] a second chance. 

I am however being extremely careful this time and I am only using it on a Wednesday and Sunday evening. I’ve had a nasty experience with Retinol A in the past where my face quite literally fell off from overzealous use of the product by my good self  … I stupidly presumed it would work quicker that way  !!

No fool like an old fool.

My skin is normally quite oily in areas, chin, forehead and nose especially [ the old t-zone] but due to the above it has become quite dry in certain areas. The skin on my chin, around my jaw line and nose is currently flaking and extremely dry – this set has been a god-send.

I was concerned I might break out. Intensely Hydrating usually comes in the form of a thick , globby cream that sits on my skin, leaving me all shiny.

Not the case with this at all and thankfully no break outs!

Let’s start with the Hydrating Booster Serum and take a moment to appreciate the silver, chic looking packaging.

I sometimes skip serum as it’s a layer too much. This however is so light I look forward to using it.

It’s a clear gel which feels beautiful on application; a little goes along way. 

It’s cooling on contact with the skin and absorbs like a dream . It  is quite literally like you are applying a coat of water… if that was indeed possible!

I then follow with the Hydrating Cloud Cream which Dr Perricone suggests you apply both morning and evening in gentle circular motions, followed by the De-Puffing Eye Gel.

I don’t suffer from puffiness – I’m dark and sunken – so I cannot comment on whether it is affective on this. 

It is however cooling and provides adequate moisturisation. 

My eye area feels comfortable and hydrated. Fine lines appear to plump out.

What I love about all of the products is how extremely light and airy they are. [The Cloud cream looks like it has been whipped] How quickly they are absorbed by the skin.

I hate feeling like I’ve over-loaded my temperamental skin. I like as little product on it as possible.

These products apply with ease. My skin feels cool, plumped and refreshed upon application. There is no dryness and my skin feels instantly hydrated without the shine. Yay to all that.

I can imagine these would feel great on skins that has been exposed to the sun … when it’s feeling patched and hungry [ for moisture]

My favourite product out of the set mainly because I’ve never used anything like it before is the Firming Foam Mask.

They advise that you use it a couple of times a week. You apply the clear gel like substance all over the face [ avoiding the eye area ] and leave it on for 5 -10 minutes.

It gradually transforms into a white foam which if I’m honest I found fairly uncomfortable to use at first.

It itches like chuffing mad … 

Imagine if you will a party of ants raving all over your face! Their little feet irritating your skin’s surface.

I only managed to leave it on a few minutes the first time I applied it as it was driving me bonkers. It was like Chinese torture.

After several uses I am happy to report that  I must have built-up my tolerance and I managed to keep it on for the full 10 minutes.

On removal my skin looks plumped up, it has a healthy pink hue to it and my pores definitely don’t look as big. 

I’m not sure my skin felt any firmer but then these Jowls would take some serious lifting!

As masks go it’s different … but different in a good way.  

Who knew I needed a foaming face mask in my skincare routine !

In summary the only down fall I can see with the range is the cost. It isn’t cheap and it might not fit into every bodies budget.

It is however a joy to use . If you can afford it I would definitely recommend, especially if your skin feels dull and is in need of some serious hydration. 

More information here 

It leaves me with happy skin. 

Happy skin is what we all strive for isn’t it?

I can definitely say that my first delve into the world of Dr Perricone has been a very pleasant one. Not a swelled head in sight!

Have you used Dr Perricone before; if so what are your favourite products? What do I need to try next?

Until next time, Tracey x

* PR samples were kindly gifted to me  by Dr Perricone in exchange for an honest review but as always all opinions are strictly my own *

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