Everybody’s talking about Jamie … including me!

‘Cos the party’s just starting and you don’t want to miss it. The party’s just starting and it’s almost so close you can kiss it.

Don’t wait for tomorrow be happy today and all of those stupid people – who cares what they say’

Sometimes you experience something so bloody fabulous that you just have to share it with the world [ or rather my 3 followers ]

That’s exactly what happened last night when the BF and I made our way into Sheffield to see ‘Everybody’s talking about Jamie’ at The Crucible.

I wasn’t planning to blog about it, hey even us bloggers deserve a night off but I’m sorry I couldn’t  leave and not mention this amazing piece of  theatre.

From the word go and the first song Don’t even know it‘ my foot was tapping and head bobbing along, it’s so bloody catchy. 

*photographs courtesy of the Crucible website*

On numerous occasions I had the urge to get up and dance though I’m not sure the people behind me would have been very happy…

As my friends and family are fully aware , I am a frustrated performer.

The stage has always appealed but chronic shyness , the lack of any real dancing skills and a voice that is only appealing to dogs put pay to that.

The bedroom, happily dad dancing and shrieking along to CDs with a hairbrush where my only calling!

I do however love nothing better than loosing myself in my own head, forgetting about everything and everybody. That’s exactly what I did for a couple of thoroughly enjoyable hours last night.

Pure escapism and I chuffing loved it.

Everybody’s talking about Jamie is based and adapted on the 2011 BBC documentary simply  called Jamie .

It’s the story of 16 year old Sheffield lad Jamie New played by the fabulous John McCrea. He’s about to leave school and longs to be a drag queen, despite his careers advice teacher advising him that a future as a Fork-Lift Truck driver becons.

It’s a beautiful,at times cruel, story about the coming of age.  

Love, hate, rejection, ignorance and acceptance with a big dollop of Sheffield humour [and it’s fair share of swearing which if possible only adds to the charm ]

It’s not the story of a gay lad coming out. He’s openly gay from the word go. It’s about somebody finding their way and themselves despite the obstacles.

It’s positive message is quite clearly. Live and let live . Be YOU!

For me it really had it all. I found myself singing, clapping, crying and even on my feet ‘whoop whooping’ at the end.

I have nothing but praise for the whole show from the staging , to the lighting, to the orchestra,  to the acting . All were spot on.

There are some truly magical moments.

When Jamie’s mum Margaret [ Josie Walker ] looks back to being a 16 year old school-girl herself and sings If I met myself again’ it is a very poignant moment. It had me in tears, as it also did when she sang He’s my boy’ which really pulls on all the emotions.

The scene where Jamie’s best friend  Pritti [ beautifully played by Lucie Shorthouse], sings ‘ It means beautiful‘ is dreamy.

With just herself and Jamie  on stage she sits and sings , switching on a disco ball light at the same time that sends little moon-beams of light dancing all over the theatre.

The characters are all very likeable , apart from Jamies dad who like the pantomime Villan deserved a boo every time he entered the stage.

I grew particularly fond of Hugo [played brilliantly by Charles Day] the retired  drag queen Loco Chanel who now runs a dress shop for men, and who befriends and mentors Jamie.

The music is stunning. Composed by Dan Gillespie Sells [ lead singer of The Feeling] with lyrics by Tom MacRae.

It unsurprising got a standing ovation. I personally wanted to run on stage, group hug the whole cast and then go dancing with them all.

On the way out we bought a CD of the soundtrack which we stuck on in the car on the journey home and which has been on repeat all day today . Its really that bloody good.

Oh to be a fly on the wall eh!

Everybody’s talking about Jamie is on at The Crucible until Saturday 25th February. I cannot urge you enough to go along if you can.

We are talking about going again ourselves, so I might see you there.

Lastly I really hope it gets the break it deserves and ends up touring and / or playing The West End in London. It’s the best thing I’ve seen in a long, long time.I could  even go as far as to say it’s the best thing I’ve ever seen.

Like the boyfriend said as we both happily danced out of the Crucible last night

Tracey … there’s a drag queen in us all’ 

Until next time,  x

* Photos courtesy of The Crucible website*

* Its a running joke … I do have more than 3 followers – I don’t want you feeling sorry for me*

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