Instantly Ageless …

Not many things in life leave me gob-smacked.

Well I tell a lie … 

… there was that time my friend Becky did a triple cart-wheel across a crowded bar flashing her knickers at all un-sundry and almost taking out half the customers … oh and that night we went to see Indian Elvis ( I’ve never laughed so much ) 

They both left me pretty gob smacked for totally different reasons .


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To be or not Bhaji …


Today’s choice of eatery for #ladiesthatlunch was The Bhaji Shop Thali Cafe on Chesterfield Road.

I had never heard of it before but trust Sue’s judgement. It was her first visit too; she was keen to give it a whirl after a couple of her friends had recommended it.

I just love the exterior – unassuming, colourful and a bit shabby looking .

The inside is equally as impressive , turquoise feature wall, funky patterned stools, pretty lighting with the whiff of incense floating in the air. It’s my kind of place. One I happen to have driven past 100’s of times and never noticed! Dah.

We arrived just before noon and got parked bang outside. We had a choice of seats as we were the first there . It quickly filled up. .

We sat at the window table where we were greeted by our lovely and very helpful waitress. (Who had a couple of fabulous tattoos I sat admiring – I’m desperate for another)

She ran through the menu with us , advising us of the specials and how the menu worked.

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Spot light on Mandy’s Heaven…

So what would you consider the absolute best way to start a Monday would be?

Chocolate I hear you cry.

Well yes always… but apart from that.

Ok a lie-in would be rather nice also…

With Bradley Cooper… Now where being just plain silly (and a tad unrealistic) Nope non of the above, I’m talking parcels.

Parcels that have my name on.

Parcels full of goodies.

Goodies  from Mandy’s Heaven that are all for little old me.

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Tarrah 2015…

This is a real quickie!! Mainly because I’m getting ready to go out and as I already have a tiny hang-over from last night. Yep I was a little naughty. Most people save themselves for tonight… not me.

On behalf of Liz and myself I would just like to say a (very big and very loud) Happy New Year to everybody who supports and pays a visit to our little part of the blogasphere!

We really appreciate it and we love receiving your comments. We don’t get many but those we do… well we love reading them.

I really hope you enjoy our ramblings and that in some small way we inspired you,  made you giggle or just plain confused you!  ( that’s called the Tracey effect)

Look out for some little changes in the new year. We have ideas… It could be dangerous,  but we do. Were going to take over the world… Ha ha ha ( I’m reading that over in my head in a baddies voice… Like you do)

On a last note and a quick update.

I don’t have a new outfit for tonight. Dah!

I’ve totally lost my clothing mojo and can’t seem to find anything I particularly like. The green sequin dress will remain just a figment of my imagination.

My pesky cats Lola and Frankie, are still bringing worms into the house ; the bigger and better it would appear. I am having heart failure literally all over.

Only yesterday I picked up what seemingly looked like a brown bobble to tie my hair back!!  You guessed it,  It was a bloody worm.I completely freaked out and threw it across the room.

Along with my foot, I haven’t been able to look at my hand in the same light since…

My boyfriend can’t stop laughing.

I’m sure the cats can’t either!

It was also good to see my mum in such great spirits today after a shitty year. ( regular readers will know about her battle with cancer and subsequent kidney problems)

I called around to see them both earlier. I walked into them singing along to Elvis at full blast. Mum was dancing, I started dancing and dad well he was doing something but I’m not sure what!

We ate cheese ( love the cheese as my hips will justify!)  and Christmas cake with coffee.  Elvis serenading us in the background.

I left them both all smiling and still singing. It was a good way to leave them and a nice image for me to bring in the new year.

Elvis done good.

Happy parents = Happy Tracey

So… I really hope whatever you are upto later  you have a great night. 2016 can you bloody believe it?!

I’ll see you on the other side…



Much Love as always and until next time,

Tracey ( and Liz) xxx

Can I pass something by you… what is beauty to you?

What is beauty to you?

How do you feel about aging?

Are you planning to grow old gracefully or give it a run for its money?


Over the next few weeks I’m going to do a sequence of posts in regards to beauty. We often read about what celebrities use in.their beauty routine and their thoughts on aging . I’m going to talk to ‘real’ people who have a limited budget and get their thoughts on what beauty is to them.

By real I’m talking about the people you meet in everyday life. Your work colleagues, your neighbour, best friend… I’m not saying celebrity’s aren’t real, of course they are. They are also very unattainable; let’s be honest the likes of you and I aren’t very likely to ever meet any. Celebrities look great (mostly) and in my humble opinion so they should. Celebrities, TV personalities, soap stars, however you wish to class them… the people we read about in our magazines. They can most-likely afford to have the best procedures undertaken and buy/use the best products on the market if they wish.

It might not be so easy for the rest of us. I’m currently saving for a blinking moisturiser!

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Cataplexy… All I want is a good nights sleep

Chances are if you are ever lucky ( or some might say unlucky) enough to meet me, at some point I’ll start laughing. You see I laugh a lot. Mainly at myself. When I’m nervous, happy, even sometimes when I’m upset?  You really can’t beat a good old ‘reight from the belly’ laugh.

You will  no doubt notice that when I do laugh, I look slightly odd. That  I hold my body in an awkward way, I’m fighting with my head to keep it upright and that I’ve closed my eyes. You’d probably ask yourself what is she doing?…but be far too polite to ask. You may even presume I’m drunk. This happens a lot more than I’m comfortable with. Only last week my fella informed me that on our first few dates, he presumed I had been drinking and had a little alcohol problem. I was devastated. Hopefully I would remain upright (I’ve only collapsed twice in public, thank god!) if slightly embarrassed as I cling to a wall or the nearest person…. Just relieved not to be in a big heap on the floor.


Welcome to my world. The weird little world of cataplexy – a medical condition in which strong emotion or laughter causes a person to suffer sudden physical collapse though remaining conscious. Cataplexy manifests itself as muscular weakness which may range from a barely perceptible slackening of the facial muscles to complete muscle paralysis with postural collapse. Attacks are brief, most lasting from a few seconds to a couple of minutes, and typically involve dropping of the jaw, neck weakness, and/or buckling of the knees. Even in a full-blown collapse, patients are usually able to avoid injury because they learn to notice the feeling of the cataplectic attack approaching and the fall is usually slow and progressive. The term cataplexy originates from the Greek κατά (kata, meaning “down”), and πλῆξις (plēxis, meaning “stroke”).

I have mentioned my condition before as I’ve been living with it for over 10 years now. However my strange little ailment appears to be getting worse.

My sleep is all over. I cant ‘ get my head down’ when I’m supposed too but come 2.00pm in an afternoon and I would do anything to crawl back into my bed for half an hour. I’ve even been known to start nodding off at my desk. It’s taking its toll. My skin looks shallow, my eyes look dark and I’m more spotty than usual. At times I’m short tempered. I get frustrated, running on 75% is no fun and I simply don’t like it. It was bad enough when I couldn’t tell a joke for fear of falling over, now I look constantly knackered and still can’t tell a joke!!

One of the symptoms of cataplexy is irregular sleep patterns. Hence my ability to fall asleep anywhere at the drop of a hat. Nothing strange about that you might say, we all get tired…It’s my mood when I wake up that I do not like. Its a vicious circle, the more tired I am, the worse my cataplexy appears. I’m often groggy and confused. Sometimes I’ll loose my bearings ( where am I, who are you?) and I usually come out with a lot of gobbledygook. Rach, my beautiful friend with lovely long blonde hair and I still giggle about the time I woke up and told her quite seriously that she would look great with a dark brown afro? Yep odd… I have no idea myself where that one came from. Just this week, post nap, I started talking to the Mr about car-parks. I can be boringly at times… But carparks – it’s just odd.

Following a conversation a couple  of nights ago (about car-parks) I decided enough was enough and it was time to give cataplexy a run for its money. There is no actual cure… well l say that. Anti-depressants are supposed to ‘numb’ symptoms along with any personality you had no doubt. My doctor advised me against taking them and to be honest it was a big no no right from the start on my part. I Iike my ‘wacky’ personality thankyou, I didn’t want a watered down, ‘steady’ version of me. I would just have to shut up, put up and get on with it.

I’ve decided to start by changing my eating and drinking habits; to see if this makes a difference. The first and maybe the most obvious is to give up coffee. This may sound easy, however I think I’m addicted to caffeine. On average I would say I drink 6 to 8 cups of coffee a day. I think it may take some weening off in my case! I intend to substitute the coffee with a combination of plain water, hot water with lemon or pure cherry juice. Research advises me that the later is supposed to aid a good night’s sleep, and is also great for gout if your a sufferer.

I also intend to cut down on my beloved pasta, bread and potatoes, and up the red meat and fish intake. Less carbs, more protein appears to be the way forward.

I intend to document my findings and share them with you all on here. Hopefully somewhere along the line I’ll get a goods nights sleep and share how I achieved it. Now I can’t guarantee I’ll not fall down in the process!

Do you suffer from cataplexy, or a sleeping disorder? Do you have any tips or recommendations. I’d love to hear them.

Right I’m off to enjoy a lovely cup of hot water with a dash of lemon… do I sound convincing ? I’m already craving coffee and we’ve only just started…

Oh oh, wish me luck!

Tracey x