Sunday waffles … 

After a horrendous hangover earlier I’ve finally come around and I’m in a great mood.

It’s only taken me the majority of the day! Just in time for ‘Britains Got Talent’ the live shows. 

I’ve got Justin Timberlakes new tune ‘Can’t stop the feeling‘  on repeat. I challenge you to play this and not feel compelled to dance. I grab a banana and pretend its a microphone but that’s not necessary. It’s just fun.

It’s a bloody corker of a tune!

Last night a few of us went to see Billy Ocean at the O2 in Sheffield. He’s now a silver long-haired fox who from what I could see was looking very smart in a grey suit . I forgot my glasses (again) and he was merely a singing blob !

He sounded as great as ever though.

He sang all his classics – Caribbean Queen, Get out of my dreams, Baby love really hurts and of course Suddenly which I was convinced Lionel Richie sang

Dam the ‘know-it-all’ boyfriend and one lost bet!

Mr Ocean put me in such a happy place. The power of music eh? It can evoke such great memories.

I truly believe that live music is one of the best and most special things in the whole wide world.

It can make you laugh.

It can reduce you to tears

I believe there is a song for every ‘moment’ in your life and certain songs remind you of certain people.

I still can’t get through Bette Midlers ‘Wind beneath with my Wings‘  without resorting to a blubbering mess (wherever I am!)

It’s a sad song anyway but also the song my grandma personally choose to have played at her cremation.

She knew she was dying and planned it down to the last T.

If I was a song it would be Blondies ‘Sunday Girl’.

Soft Cells ‘Tainted Love’ will always be my mum. Roy Orbisons ‘Pretty Woman’ would be my dad and ‘Put your hands on’ by Reef is most definitely my brother.

It’s just how it is…

So tomorrow we are packing up and heading back to the forest to spend a few nights in a log cabin.

Just me, the Mr and Mollie dog.

Oh and a rather lovely hot tub.

The plan is when we return home Friday evening the living room will have been knocked through to the kitchen and the downstairs toilet removed to make space for a little office.

That’s the plan anyway.

Yes regular readers (all 3 of you) we are STILL fannying about with the chuffing house which we started back in November last year!

I have the patience of a saint ( I really don’t) or as my friends joke it’s a step up for Ingrid who lived on the streets and had no shoes.

Incase your wondering I’ve not lost the plot. I was Ingrid in a past life apparently. You can read all about her and my past life regression here.

Like I keep telling my mum (who categorically states everytime I see her that she could never live like this in reference to my current living conditions)

Good things take time! “

So anyway I’m packed (in a fashion) but I really have no idea what to take ! British weather is so temperamental you have to be prepared to cover all angles.

I’ve chucked abit of everything in; wellies, sandals, shorts and coats of varying thickness.

The one thing I made sure I  packed was my swimming costume. I’m planning on sitting in the hot tub a lot and swimming. ( not in the tub obviously , though I could always try )

There’s a spa on the grounds which we have access too. I’ve suddenly got the fitness bug which I attribute to the charity run , how amazing my friend Rach is looking and boot camp which I’ve been attending ( with Rach )

It was my second boot camp yesterday and yep today I can hardly walk.

In a sick way I like this feeling. It means I’ve worked muscles that I’d forgot I had.

Regards the spa I’m hoping the Mr might decide to treat me to a facial. My skins looking a very tired and could do with some love.

Skin .. isn’t it blinking weird?

Last night I went to bed without a blemish in sight. This morning I have a face full.

I’m blogging today courtesy of sudacream. If only you could see me , I have little white blobs all over my cheeks.

The fact that I’m  45 and still getting the little blighters seems so unfair.

I was searching You Tube earlier and stumbled across a video. It made me feel ever so slightly silly and put my tiny spots and mind-set into perspective .

Everyone is beautiful and so they are… If only we all had this ladies spirit.

She is fabulous, as is this lady Candice Payne .

My friend Jo posted this link on her Facebook page earlier this week. Please watch this especially if your feeling a bit down. This will most definitely raise your spirits and you’ll find yourself laughing along with her.

I think I love her.

I definitely  want her as my friend.

I’m not sure if I will have any wifi access next week but I am planning to do a review of our break at some point.

I’m going to be snap chatting our trip hopefully so if you fancy a nosey head over there. I’m traceyhez

Right I’ve got loads to do before the builders decend on us tomorrow. More importantly I also need some food, so I had better sign off .

Until next time, Tracey x

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2 thoughts on “Sunday waffles … 

  1. majeang says:

    You are hilarious! Thanks for making me smile and good luck with the builders. Definitely, definitely have a facial too! You got yourself a follower 😉

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