Let me have my Private Benjamin moment …#ootd

It’s been a long time since I did an outfit post …

However I thought I’d share a recent purchase with you. It’s one I’m rather fond of.

I give you my camouflage ankle grazers from good old Marks and Spencer’s.

I had gone into M&S with every intention of getting a camouflage jacket (and a moussaka)

My BF decided in a recent clear out to throw away the one I had ! I wasn’t happy. I loved that jacket;  it had a big sequined eye on the back. It sounds awful but it wasn’t . It was delicious.  A purchase from La Redoute many, many  moons ago.

So anyway I failed miserably on the jacket (and moussaka) front and came away with just the trousers.

Priced at £35 they were not overly expensive. A thick, not very stretchy cotton. They are great quality.

A tad on the small side I bought my usual size 12 which are very ‘snug’ …hopefully they’ll give slightly.

The size 14 were slightly too big; I had that funny bit of material at the front that made me look like I had a willy. I’m sure you all (hopefully) know what I mean?!

We had been staying at one of the Hideaway Lodges in Sherwood forest for the past few days. (We are back home now.)

It wasn’t the most glamorous of places, but it was peaceful, beautiful and extremely relaxing.

Lots of trees, cow pat and more trees.

We had a hot tub on our private terrace. I  do love a hot tub.

Despite  the bad weather I would jump in for 20 minutes and watch the world drift by… Well by world I’m talking the cows in the field opposite.

Ok I’d be shivering when I got out… But it was worth it, and nothing a hot chocolate or cheeky glass of wine couldn’t sort.

I also forgot to remove the ‘mushroom’ the first time I dived into the hot tub.

I’m not sure what might or could still happen to me but it read in big capitols ‘MUSHROOM MUST BE REMOVED BEFORE USE

My BF always jokes that my eyes are painted on! On this occasion I would have to agree.

Yes I admit I did have a panic attack and for once was quite glad we had no wi-fi . I would have been straight onto Google otherwise were  I would no doubt have read people’s horror stories about turning green, their hair falling out and their hands falling off…!!

Joking apart – It’s been 3 days and nothing has happened as yet. *fingers crossed*

So after wearing my jeans for the first couple of days I decided to go for it and give the camouflage trousers their debut.

I’ve always fancied myself as a bit of a Private Benjamin figure and couldn’t wait to pull them on.

I wasn’t sure what the BF would make of them. They were a hit which surprised me as I thought he’d hate them.

Not that it would have mattered either way. The days of dressing to please everybody else are long gone.

I dress for me.

We were doing a lot of walking with Mollie (the dog) so I wore them with my Adidas Superstars .

So comfy I’m not sure how I lived without them.

I wore a black lace panel t-shirt from H &M in the vain hope that the sun would come out. I would have preferred to wear a cream t-shirt but I forgot to blinking pack it ! With my ancient cord jacket from Warehouse over the top.

Typically the British weather was being very British and it was freezing more often than not.

It felt more like December than May.

We lit the fire a few times!

I ended up buying the pastel pink feather print scarf from a little independent boutique at Thorsbury Hall while we were there.

Who would have thought khaki and pink would look so good together?

As I’ve got older I’ve become ‘braver’ and put together colours I maybe wouldn’t have a few years ago. What’s the worst that could happen?

(You could turn green and your hands could fall off…. no, no that’s just the hot tub)

I picked the white and tan bag up at the same time. It’s by Long & Son , a brand I’d never heard of before. (Style ID 8805 white)

I like its simplicity and it’s a good size.

The plan was to save it for the up and coming weekend to Marbella with the girls. I  thought sod that it’s (ONLY) 4 weeks away …I broke it out virtually straight away! It would have been rude not too.

And you thought you got away without me mentioning Marbella didn’t you !

Nope …

And it’s only going to get worse.

Four weeks and counting …

You have been warned.

Until next time, Tracey x

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2 thoughts on “Let me have my Private Benjamin moment …#ootd

  1. donnalou says:

    Ohhhh love those camo trousers……I would love some is 48 too old , I am thinking??? looks like you had a nice few days, just found your blog and looks fab , looking forward to your posts….Donna x

    • lizandtracey says:

      Hi Donna, Thankyou for following. I’m 45 , so I’m sure you’ll be fine, Infact They’ll look great. Thankyou that’s always great to hear. Have a lovely day xx

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