Walking back to happiness featuring Transitions Optical Style Colours …

Story of my life…

I receive a couple of pairs of glasses to trail featuring the new Transitions Optical lenses from the new Style Colours collection  and the sun decides that in my corner of the world – Sheffield – it’s going to go into hiding… for the foreseeable future!

Speaking of Sheffield it’s made me smile today,  or rather its people have. I can only speak from a Sheffielders point of view because that’s where I am, but ‘by heck’ we are a mighty friendly  [ if slightly odd at times] bunch.

I encounter all sorts of people as I walk around Damflask with our Mollie. Somebody really needs to record a sit-com.

All walks of life, all shapes and all sizes. Today we were greeted by either a big toothy smile , a nod of the head, a cheery ‘Morning‘ or a pat on the back; Mollie’s back … not mine obviously!

I’m not sure if my senses become heightened as I stroll around and take in the beauty that surrounds me, or whether I appreciate life a little more having seen what mums going through? Either way the birds seemingly sing louder up in the trees, I’m entranced by the way the water dances as the light hits it?

A group of old ladies walked past us earlier. They smelt like my late Grandma Betty – ‘Palma violet  mixed with Yardley’ , you know that lovely old lady smell. It smelt comforting, familiar, it took me aback and brought a tear to my eyes.

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Lily and Rose … an introduction

You’ll be happy to know that it’s only 2 weeks until I go on my long weekend to Marbella!

Or ‘bloody Marbella‘ as my mum and everybody who has had to endure me whittling on about it for the past few weeks have now christened it.

We appear to have moved on from the Bloody dog! In reference to Mollie who every visit insists on slathering like she has rabies on mums prize laminate floor !

I promise on my return to shut up about it and move on … I’ll never mention bloody Marbella again. Well not after I’ve posted numerous photos and my memoirs of course.

I’m only going for a long weekend ( but oh what a weekend it will be!) I’ll be back before you know it.

I’m excited to the point of busting .I’m that annoying 45 year old who refuses to grow up.

I had a similar feeling when I received a parcel from Sweden earlier this week.

Although I knew what it contained I couldn’t wait to see the goodies in the flesh.

Inside where 3 items I had personally choosen and that were then gifted to me by lilyandrosebyzetterberg.

I was dead chuffed that they approached me and even more so when I saw the jewellery .

I adore accessorises and tend to pile the bracelets on to create a ‘stack’ more or less everyday. Tanned arms and lots of brackets. Perfect.

I also love earrings.

Big and bold are my preference, though I’ve been known  to go small and delicate on occasion.

I do believe that your accessories can make or break an outfit.

I had my holiday outfits in the back of my mind when selecting my jewellery from the vast selection Lily and Rose have to offer.


Lily and Rose specialise in Vintage inspired crystal jewellery.

With a background in fashion design, Therese Zetterberg created a successful concept with her two complementing brands.

Zetterberg Couture – exclusive couture, ready to wear clothes as well as bridal collections.

Lily and Rose – accompanying brand for standalone or matching jewellery.

The Name Lily and Rose actually comes from the TV series Sex and the City. One of the main characters was the wealthly Charlotte York Goldenblatt, who named her two daughters Lily and Rose.

“Lily and Rose is a tribute to the best TV series ever made”, says Therese. ” I was 16 years old when Sex in the City started and it was my biggest source of inspiration at the time. For three years I was Carrie Bradshaw lookalike every weekend, quite a success in my hometown.”


First up I’d like you to meet the  ‘Amy earrings. A beautiful pair of cocktail earrings that feature multi faceted Swarovski crystals.

They really are something else.

Sturdy ( if an earring can be described as that) and very blingy. They sparkle when the light catches them.

The best bit is that they don’t have backs on them, they just loop through your ear. No missing back problems !

I love.

I’ve bought a new white lace dress from Fashion Union and these will look amazing with it.

They retail at £89.00 which many people ( myself included ) may find a tad  on the expensive side for everyday. Thatsaid they   would be ideal for that special occasion… Wedding, christening , family birthday and /or bloody Marbella 🙂

Leona Vintage Rose bracelet is handcrafted from gold tone brass adorned with Swarovski crystals.

It retails at £59.00 and is just simply gorgeous.

It has a real Vintage feel to it and is quite different to anything I’ve seen before.I couldn’t stop admiring it when I wore it earlier this week. People must have thought I had an affliction with my wrist!

Miss Miranda Vintage Rose bracelet is so delicate and pretty. I’ve been wearing this for the past few days. It’s so wearable.

It’s simple but packs a punch. This particular bracelet retails at just £29.00 which I think is excellent value.

I love rose gold . This bracelet is simple in design yet  stunning on. Only today I got complimented on it while out shopping. 

I’m over the moon with all the items I’ve received and the only question is …

which one to wear today !

I’m off bikini shopping now, so wish me luck. I think one may need it…

Until next time, Tracey x


Lily and Rose Instagram // HERE

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Sunday waffles … 

After a horrendous hangover earlier I’ve finally come around and I’m in a great mood.

It’s only taken me the majority of the day! Just in time for ‘Britains Got Talent’ the live shows. 

I’ve got Justin Timberlakes new tune ‘Can’t stop the feeling‘  on repeat. I challenge you to play this and not feel compelled to dance. I grab a banana and pretend its a microphone but that’s not necessary. It’s just fun.

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A ”Walkies…” a little fashion, lots of flowers and a dog

I have a new friend.

She’s got 4 chunky legs, her fur is chocolate brown [ THE exact colour I want my hair] She’s friendly, with sad eyes. She tends to slather and dribble when she gets excited .

Yes, you’ve guessed it … my new friend is a lovely little Labrador dog called Mollie. We’ve been taking a-lot of walks together. I’m getting heaps of fresh air and my skin is benefiting from big doses of vitamin D. Mollie is getting much needed exercise and letting off steam; she has so much energy! We chat… well I say chat. I talk and she looks at me quizzically, wagging her tail, then runs off to find a stick. We are quite literally bonding over poo bags among the bluebells!



If I’m honest I’m more of a cat lady myself but I’ve taken this little lady to my heart. She’s adorable… even when she’s dribbling.

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