To be or not Bhaji …


Today’s choice of eatery for #ladiesthatlunch was The Bhaji Shop Thali Cafe on Chesterfield Road.

I had never heard of it before but trust Sue’s judgement. It was her first visit too; she was keen to give it a whirl after a couple of her friends had recommended it.

I just love the exterior – unassuming, colourful and a bit shabby looking .

The inside is equally as impressive , turquoise feature wall, funky patterned stools, pretty lighting with the whiff of incense floating in the air. It’s my kind of place. One I happen to have driven past 100’s of times and never noticed! Dah.

We arrived just before noon and got parked bang outside. We had a choice of seats as we were the first there . It quickly filled up. .

We sat at the window table where we were greeted by our lovely and very helpful waitress. (Who had a couple of fabulous tattoos I sat admiring – I’m desperate for another)

She ran through the menu with us , advising us of the specials and how the menu worked.

We ordered coffees and went about deciding what we fancied to eat.

I let Sue chose as I didn’t know what to have ! Miss Indecisive here – the wraps sounded great , as did the super food salads, as did the bhajis!

We had been advised that it was like ordering  tapas and that maybe we should order 3 or 4 ‘dishes’ to share. Which is exactly what we did.

Ta dah…here’s the whole shebang.



Bombay Potato Wedges with Garlic Dip, Chick Pea Curry and Chicken Drumsticks


It really was lovely, tasty and spicy.

My BF insists I say everything is nice, but honestly there was nothing to complain about and if there was I would tell you.

The bhajis were especially good and next time I go ( I shall definitely be going back ) I’ll probably order more of these and less of something else.

I’m no Jamie Oliver and  may not be the worlds greatest cook but I know a good Bhaji when I taste one and by heck these were beauties. Sue even declared that it was THE BEST bhaji she had ever tasted. Praise indeed… she knows her bhajis!

It was also very good value.

Per ‘dish’ it was £4 , or 3 ‘dishes’ for £11.00… Super food salad was £3.00 and the wraps  – choice of tandoori chicken, sticky paneer or onion bhaji with salad and homemade chutney were £6.00

We got so much food ;  sticky chicken drumsticks, Bombay potato wedges with garlic mayo, chick pea curry and rice ( I love chick peas) and a bhaji each with salad and a raita dip.

There were a selection of desserts – pecan pie, zesty lemon meringue, gluten free chocolate cake …  all made by local ladies at £3.00 each.

Our mains had been so filling however that we didn’t bother… But that pecan pie is still playing on my mind .

The whole bill came in at just under £20 including our drinks, which I think for what we had eaten was fabulous value.

If you are on or around Chesterfield Road I would definitely pay a visit.

It’s worth noting that Bhaji Shop are moving from their current location on April 29th to their new premises at Kelham Island.

The new premises are apparently a lot larger than the current building. It will be having  a licensed bar and an alfresco eating area.

I’ll see you there soon !
Until next time Tracey x

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