The choker …

Some trends come and go . Some never really go away they just meander in the background waiting for their day. 

Why hello Ms Choker … It’s nice to see you again!

Chokers… were do you stand?

Love them, hate them … or I’ve never really thought about it as there are far more important things to think about camp?

Ok so I’m a big fan.

During the late 80’s , early 90’s I was often seen around town sporting one of my collection of chokers. Plain black, a little spangle and even a (fake) diamond encrusted one. Yes I had a varied collection.

They made me feel grown up, a little sexy even.

Unfortunately I was neither but hey ….

I’m trying to find photographic evidence as I type and huh huh … I’ve found some.

All my yesterday’s eh?


Above : Wearing lots of bling  on New  Years Eve and below  on a  standard Saturday night out with the girls . I recon this was taken in  or around 1990!! #babyface


Often associated with prostitutes. I’m not one. OBVIOUSLY !  Who used to wear a ribbon around there necks to identify themselves.

Manets famous painting “Olympia” (1863) depicted just this. A prostitute wearing a black ribbon around her neck.


I’ve recently seen them popping up again most recently on the girls of TOWIE. Yes I’m a TOWIE fan ( it’s my guilty pleasure)

Super model  Kendall Jenner is all sorts of gorgeous and is rarely photographed without hers. She wears it well but then again I’m sure she would look good in a bin liner.

I’ve also spotted the likes of Rosie Huntington Whitely and Rhiana wearing them.


And now me! …again for the second time around.

At my age this happens a lot!

I like my chokers simple … ( like my men. Sorry BF I know you read … that one was especially for you) and I’ve recently purchased this plain, black hole choker from Cosmic Chic.

It was a mere £6.00 ( plus postage and packaging) and I love it. Simple but effective. They have a massive range with something for everyone //  HERE

Worn below during the day with my silver cross, lace t-shirt and cargo jacket.

And with a more glam outfit , for the BAFTA Variety Club fundraising dinner .

Along with my new neck-tie from YOSA (below) these are my current favourite accessories to brighten and add a little something to an outfit.


I think that chokers work best with off the shoulder or plain tops.

Here’s some pinterest inspiration to wet your appetite :






You could always make your own . Have your very own ” I made this earlier ” Blue Peter moment.

I love the one directly above.  I’m sure this could be achieved with something as simple as a shoe lace !

Stack them up or wear them solo – how do you wear yours ? Or don’t you … I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Until next time, Tracey x

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