Wagamama’s …a cheeky review

I have a love hate relationship with Wagamama’s…

I hate the seating arrangements.

I love the food.

The Mr introduced me to the  delights of Wagamama’s some time ago and we’ve paid a few visits, over our (coming up to) first year together!.

In Japanese its name means ‘naughty child’ (very appropriate as I’ve been referred to as that a few times) Their Japanese inspired menu has been created to soothe, nourish, sustain and inspire.

It certainly hits the spot…food wise.

Now I’ve only ever visited the Meadowhall (Sheffield) branch , so I’m not saying that all branches are set out the same, but I presume they are of a similar lay-out?

It’s the communal, canteen seating I’m not quite sure about.

On one occasion we were seated on one of the high-seated long tables that seat about 10 people . I had the Mr in-front of me (lovely), a sink to my left  (yes a chuffing sink) and what can only be described as ‘Fog horn bloody Leg Horn’ to my right. I could hardly hear what my Mr was saying. All I could hear was his dulcet tones.

My face said it all and we left…before I throttled him.

On another visit (this time there were 4 of us which made it more bearable) we were seated on one of the lower bench seats. Getting yourself into your ‘place’ was a bloody chore in itself. You had to squeeze yourself in (again amongst strangers), trying desperately hard not to knee them in the back, take them out with your stiletto. (I have long legs, I need a big swing.) or god-forbid flash your knickers at some poor bloke sat opposite .

Call me old-fashioned but I like a nice cosy table for two, a candle and some privacy.

The Mr advises me that the seating arrangements are a ‘thing’ and that the students love it?


That apart the food is seriously delicious and is the main reason why I keep going back.

Have you ever tasted edamame?



No …then you must.

Yes …then how blinking nice is it!

It arrives in all it’s glory. Just a simple bowl of edamane beans, served with salt, or garlic salt depending on your preference.

Seriously tasty and very moreish. I could eat them all day.

(One of our lovely Twitter followers advised that you can buy them  in the frozen section at Tesco. I’m not sure what they taste like but next time I’m in their I’m sure as hell sticking some in my basket. I will report back…)


Chilli Squid – Picture taken from website.

So that’s what we tend to have for starters, along with chilli squidcrispy fried squid dusted with shichimi served with a chilli coriander dipping sauce and pulled pork steamed gyozasteamed pulled pork dumplings , served grilled with a dipping sauce.

Yes we are little pigs.

I should by rights look like a house side.

Some might say I do…

Anyway I’m not overly keen on the later. I’m not a great pork fan  and  the dumplings are always a bit soggy for my liking. Something the Mr has also picked up on. He advises me on good authority (his) that they should be crisper.

Drink wise I tend to have half a lager and one of their Juices, because I like to kid myself I’m healthy…

My favourite is Clean Green Juicekiwi, avocado & apple.



Fresh Juices – Picture taken from the website

On our last trip, just last week, we had a table to ourselves.


It was mid-afternoon and not particularly busy.

We had the starters as detailed above and I choose one of the chefs special curry’s as my main. (Bad blogger alert but I can’t for the life of me remember what it was called despite scouring the menu on-line)

It arrived and had the look of one of my mum’s stew’s …below.


It was spicy (hot) ,tasty and very filling. The beef practically melted in my mouth.

The rice came in a separate bowl, something I particularly like. You can add as you require. I didn’t quite manage to eat it all. (which is a first!) I would however thoroughly recommend it.

It certainly warmed my cockles!

Cost wise it was just under £55.00 for the 2 of us.

That included 3 starters, 2 mains and a couple of drinks each. It sounds a lot but for the amount of food we consumed I think that’s fairly reasonable.

If you are after fresh, healthy and very tasty food cooked in front of your (it’s an open kitchen) then you should make a trip.

Just remember to take your ear-plugs and wear trousers!

Until next time, Tracey x

(apologies about the quality of my photos they were taken on my phone)

3 thoughts on “Wagamama’s …a cheeky review

  1. RetroChicMama says:

    As I was thinking no no no you have to go during the day! I read that you ended up going mid afternoon & enjoyed a much better environment. Yes the Japanese style food is lovely, especially for the price but like you I prefer less of the canteen style in the evening.
    Nom Nom x

  2. Abby@midlifecrisisnut.com says:

    Would you stop guys, you make me hungry with this:) I don’t know what happened but I followed your blog on WordPress to receive notifications of new posts and nada…So, I’m surprised that you have a post sitting there since five days. Anyways, back to the article, I miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiissssssss Wagamama! Their food is absolutely delicious, but yes, the seating arrangements absolutely uncomfortable. I mean I can’t continue looking at your pictures. I need to raid the fridge, NOW! xx Abby

    • lizandtracey says:

      Haha this comment did make me laugh Abby . Edemame beans are so delicious…Infact it all was. I agree delicious food! I.Hope you’ve stopped dribbling now….Tracey xx

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