Everything for a fiver …

I do love a good bargain.

I also love ,love, love new clothes, shoes and accessories.

Since I started working part-time however I don’t have the money to be as frivolous.

Something had to give and I’m not quite ready to give up my love of avocado (I spend a small fortune on them but I’m hooked) and my girlie lunches!

I try to recycle my old clothes on eBay. I figure it’s a good way to buy new gear.

Old for new … Or in some cases old for even older !

I recently discovered French label BA&SH and while I love the whole range of outfits , at an average price of €200 it’s probably somewhere I could never realistically shop on a regular basis.

But I can look and look I do.

Take this top …

It’s perfect.

It comes in Cream and Navy, lace-knit , 3/4 length sleeves and high neck. It’s all there. I’m not so keen on the price tag of €305 . I just couldn’t justify it at the moment.

Maybe for the one off, as a surprise from the BF or maybe to treat myself.

I stumbled across the website Everything 5 Pounds while looking for a leopard print maxi dress (with the face on because I couldn’t afford all the deliciousness on BA&SH)  Continue reading

Spot light on Mandy’s Heaven…

So what would you consider the absolute best way to start a Monday would be?

Chocolate I hear you cry.

Well yes always… but apart from that.

Ok a lie-in would be rather nice also…

With Bradley Cooper… Now where being just plain silly (and a tad unrealistic) Nope non of the above, I’m talking parcels.

Parcels that have my name on.

Parcels full of goodies.

Goodies  from Mandy’s Heaven that are all for little old me.

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Slouch with me …and other things to hide a ‘mince pie’ belly

I’ve walked the dog a couple of times today. NO word of a lie it’s beyond freezing here today. I’m sick of getting muddy, my treasured biker boots are ruined and I can’t get warm.

Come wind, rain or snow our Millie still needs her exercise…

I feel shocking which doesn’t help in the slightest. My throat and ears  hurt. A lot. I’ve got a nose that won’t stop running and when I talk I sound like Phyllis Pearce from Coronation street… remember the old lady with purple hair and the blokes voice. When I laugh I sound like Muttley from Wacky Races.

You get the picture, basically I’m hampered.

phylis  +      mutt  =       OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Poor little old me.

The house is still in disarray, I have no kitchen. Well I do there’s just nothing in it apart from a sink and I have a half completed bathroom…

The cats have moved on from worms and now insist on bringing me birds…be that dead or alive!!


I came home earlier, grabbed myself a coffee and feeling ever so sorry for myself plumped myself down in the living room ( ignoring the massive hole in the wall, the cold draft, my mental pets  and all the crashing and banging) to look for paint and wallpaper inspiration which somehow ended up with me on Pinterest looking at all things oversized, mainly chunky knits?

How does that happen…??

mmmm quite easily with me.


ABOVE  : Oversize jumper / cardigan
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It’s over…but a good time was had by all

Hello everyone.

Firstly, I hope you’ve had a fabulous Christmas. Secondly I hope you got everything you wished for. Be that in the form of a fabulous gift, or just to spend some quality time with your loved ones.

We’ve had a grand few days. I think I’ve come out of it half a stone heavier but very happy.

I must say I was thoroughly spoilt this year.  I’m a little sad it’s all over to be honest ; it goes far, far too quickly!

We had Christmas lunch booked at Marco’s –  Marco Pierre Whites restaurant. Mum has had a shitty year what with her health and one thing and another. We didn’t want her fannying around cooking and getting herself all stressed out. She had also mentioned herself that she didn’t want to cook lunch this year. The general consensus was if I cooked it would be one big disaster. No offence taken on my part… I have (shock horror) in my 45 years on this planet managed to avoid ever cooking Christmas lunch. I’m not sure how, but I have!

Cooking is not my thing, my house is tiny…what can I say I’m not your everyday domestic goddess. I’m far from it! (Hangs head in shame). It was in everybody’s best interest that we went out. They wanted to see Boxing Day didn’t they!?

Marco’s was booked for 2.15pm, which gave us plenty of time to have a few drinks in the local pub before hand. To see who else was also having Christmas drinks, wish them all the best, grab some cheeky kisses. I love that about Christmas…how happy and friendly everybody is.

Grandad has grown a moustache (I like it) and arrived suited and booted looking very smart. As always wearing a shirt and tie.

My brother kept joking about his new ‘porn tash’. Grandad laughed though I’m not really sure he knew what my brother was going on about? Maybe a blessing in disguise really… The image building in my head of my grandad starring in a dirty porn movie was not a pleasant one!

There were just the 6 of us – Mum, Dad, Mark my little brother, Mike my fella and my Grandad.

Grandad Reg is the youngest 93 year old you will ever meet… He’s off to Eastbourne today with a group of other fun-loving OAP’s for a 4-day break.

The meal was delicious.

I had beef. Yep, beef ( smothered in mountains of Horse raddish) There was no washing up. Mum was relaxed and sat smiling a lot. (always great to see)

We pulled crackers and pulled faces at the rubbish jokes! Grandad worked his porn tash and more-importantly he gave Mike the seal of approval. Phew. ( it’s the first time they’ve met) I got merry on Baileys with ice. We laughed a lot. A Perfect Christmas lunch – a really lovely afternoon.



No turkey for me…its beef all the way!


Today’s the first time I’ve had chance to sit down and digest it all. You know get all my pressies out and have a good old inspection and a play . Like I said I’ve been totally spoilt.

Lots of girlie, girlie gifts…


Jane Shilton Bag



Soap and Glory Goodies… anyone would think I smelt with all the pampering products I received! I don’t do I?!






Ted Baker Lip-glosses, Makeup brushes from No. 7 and Real Techniques


Champneys Goodies ….




Black Leather Gloves … always come in handy

Along with my Olympus PEN camera and my Clarisonic Aria (I warned you  I had been spoilt) another of my favourite presents is a book.

‘Love Style Life’ by Garance Dore is a fabulous read.

I can’t put it down!



It’s a book about style… In her own words ” Be warned: it’s going to be clumsy, imperfect, sometimes glamorous and mostly ( I hope!!!) hilarious ride”

I’m loving it. I’m hoping some of her impeccable style and wisdom will rub off on me!

Talking about style/clothing. I’ve got itchy feet to get out and purchase some new clothes. I’ve been a bit rubbish this year and not bought that much in way of new outfits. I HATE SALES I just can’t stand the thought of trying to park your car, battling through the crowds. Nightmare.

I never got the green sequin dress I had my heart set on. I ended up buying a burgundy dress from River Island, via Very. Its very plain and simple, no bling. I wore it on Christmas day…

Here’s a little run-down of my Christmas outfits, starting with:

Christmas Eve Drinks with the Girls:


Victorian Lace Blouse £28.00 from ASOS with my skinny jeans from Tu (Sainsbury’s) leopard skin jacket (my late Grandmas) and statement earrings from Black & Sigi


Lace Insert Victorian Blouse

Christmas Day for Drinks and Lunch with the Family:

I’m trying to grow my fringe out and I cant decide whether to persevere or chop the bloody lot all off.  It looks mostly a ‘buggar’!!


Burgundy Pussy Bow dress by River Island (via Very) wearing my best Stepford Wife face!! (Not sure what’s going on there?)


Boxing Day- Yet more drinks with the Family:


I’m wearing a top from French Connection (OUTLET SHOP) , with my flares from River Island and sparkly shoes from Next. Mums wearing a dress from Wallis. Cheesy Smiles are courtesy of Brandy & Baileys (together) Lethal but oh so moreish.


All my outfits were a bit last minute.

The dress actually arrived Christmas Eve! A  bit too close for comfort for my liking.  Thankfully it fit and I loved it. Phew.

I am now on the look out for the perfect New Years Eve outfit. I have no idea where I am going , or what we are doing (it’s a surprise) which makes it a little tricky . Idea’s anyone?

The quest is on…

But first I can feel a Bailey’s coffee coming on. I’ll need to wean myself of this stuff come January (I swear its coming out of my pores) but until then… Cheers!

Tracey xx

Dear Santa …

I’ve  not compiled a  Christmas List since the early seventies , when I would quite literally sit and flick through Kay’s catalogue…for hours and hours on end. Fighting with my brother over whose turn it was to have a look. I’d scribble down item references, make lists (most wanted, stocking fillers etc.)  and eagerly pass them onto Mum and Dad Santa.

This year I’ve been asked for a list from both my mum and my boyfriend which got my little brain ticking. While I’d honestly be grateful to receive anything… here goes …

Firstly and just because I don’t trust Santa I ordered a couple of the items from my wish-list earlier today.

I’ve been keen to try some of Charlotte Tilbury’s makeup range for ages. It just looks so good and has amazing, amazing reviews.

So I’ve  ordered (it should be here before the end of the week!) and I’m very excited for the arrival of:


Charlotte Tilbury Dolce Vita Lip Kit – £49.00

Could this be the perfect lip colour I’ve been looking for all my life?

I’ll report back but dare I say it … I have high hopes.

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Autumn Walks …

I bloody love Autumn. It’s my favourite season. The colours as the trees and foilage change from green to burnt orange and reds. Crisp sunny mornings.Indian summers. Beautiful.

I embrace Halloween. Despite not having any children I still like to get into the swing of things and for as many years as I can remember I’ve always bought myself a little pumpkin. I spend time carving out a face and proudly sit him on the stone hearth, admiring my handy work. I tend to light him for about 5 minutes each evening before he starts to freak me out. What can I say, I’m easily spooked. I blow him out, and face him away from me. I’ve even been known to hide him away in a cupboard, so he can’t ‘look’ at me. It’s the same routine every year.

The anticipation of Christmas and all the festivities get me as giddy as a 4 year old. Roast chestnuts, mulled wine and as the nights start to draw in, coffee with Baileys in front of a roaring fire.Bliss.

Oh and let’s not forget the clothes! Autumn fashion, like the season, is definately my favourite.

This morning was glorious. I woke up all singing and dancing, full of the joys of spring autumn.

I set off with the best intentions; breakfast in bed. Let’s just say it didn’t go according to plan. Coffee and a Kit-kat later we decided to take Mollie (the Mr’s dog) for a long walk. We are lucky as there are some beautiful little walks a stones throw from our house.

Although I’d love to be-able to buy a whole new wardrobe every season, this is just not possible – finances just won’t stretch. Luckily there are those staple items in your wardrobe that never date and you can bring out year after year.

One of these is the navy roll neck sweater dress I decided to wear today. I bought mine from Next last year.

Next are selling similar again this year. Click HERE // HERE



I decided to wear it with my recent (and much featured on IG) purchase from H&M, The gorgeous faux suede jacket, that’s practically attached to my back and my new Dune knee length boots… that are practically attached to my feet!


For Jacket click HERE

Winter sunshine, albeit lovely, is sometimes not the warmest. I’m alittle, make that very nesh so wrapped up with another ‘fav’ – my navy and burnt orange scarf with tassles from good old Marks and Spencer’s. Again bought last year.



Boots from Dune HERE with 20% off today. Grrrrrrrrrrr I always miss a bargain!


lake lake 2




The walk was lovely and apart from Mollie dragging and pulling me to the ground – I’ve got 2 grazed knees, a cut hand and bruised ego to prove it – everything else went smoothly. I won’t mention the Mr forgetting the poo bags and him having to pick Mollies ‘mess’ up with a crisp packet. Ekkkk.

Mollie did what she loves best. Had a swim. I swear she’s half dog, half otter! Its funny how you can grow attached to a little ball of chocolate fur. I was always a cat lady with no time for dogs. That was until I met Mollie. She is adorable.

The Mr and I both got some much needed fresh air and exercise.

He also got to practise his photography skills taking the pics, of me, for this post. He hates it, I test his patience. I on the other hand felt abit like a prize plonker striking my ‘catalogue poses’ while little old ladies and fellow dog-walkers looked on bemused.

We topped the walk off with rosy cheeks… and a coffee. All in all a rather lovely morning.


Until next time, Tracey x