Head problems… and the search for the perfect green dress

I’m currently sat in a little room in Hallamshire Hospital, Sheffield. For the past 24 hours I’ve have lots of little probes stuck to my head with glue that monitor my brain waves. They’re making my head itch like hell, and upon removal will probably take half my hair and forehead skin with them!  I’m also sporting 2 heart monitors and some more probes on my shins.

Welcome to the wonderful and very clever world of diagnostic telemetry.

Last night I had to video myself sleeping. I’d love to be a fly on the wall when the hospital staff watch the first 5 minutes.

Oh lordy, my boyfriend unaware it was filming kept walking past in just his boxers, doing a weird dance and introducing himself to the camera.

I’ve got the same knickers I had on yesterday because I’m wired up to a portable machine that can’t be removed, so neither can my pants! Yes, it’s Gross… and I had to cut my jumper off before bed . The BF attacked me with a pair of scissors after I’d whinged abit too much about being hot, bothered and itchy!  Same as the knickers it couldn’t be removed! Well it could when it was hacked into pieces.

The jumper was an LKBennett. Sits and weeps. RIP pastel blue much loved woolly (expensive!) friend.

So why you ask?

To cut a long story short, I was diagnosed with cataplexy over ten years ago. (Read my previous posts here.) I enquired about taking some medication ( currently I take nothing) as my sleeping and ‘attacks’ were seemingly getting  worse. I was referred by my doctor to see a neurologist who advised I have further  tests as he felt I may have been misdiagnosed?

Ta Dah … so here I am!

Today consists of 4 or 5 sleep tests. Every 2 hours I get asked to lie down and try to sleep for 20 minutes.

So far we’ve determined that when I’m asked to do something, my body refuses. Usually I’m asleep at the drop of a hat. Not today. No today I’m wide awake and as yet haven’t had a cataplexy attack. Bloody typical, everytime I walk in the doctors I miraculously feel alot better than I did 2 min previously!

I have one more session to go then they can remove the probes and I’m set free! I get my results in 3 weeks. They’ve mentioned a couple of things it might be, and I’ll update you as and when I’m advised. Am I worried?.. well it would be a lie to say no, but I will deal with ‘whatever’ when I find out.

Inbetween tests it is really boring. They just leave you to your own devices for a couple of hours while a video records your every movement. You can’t leave your room, apart from toilet breaks, and you can’t sleep.

It was fun at first – I’ve so far read 3 magazines, various blogs and spent ( in my head only) about 5 grand on clothes.

A guys just been in to fit a paper dispenser to the wall. I’ve never been so glad to see somebody. He probably left wondering why the nutter with the probes on her head never shut-up!

So anyway as I said I’ve been flicking through magazines , instagram and the Web because I’ve decided I want a green sparkly number and this was the perfect opportunity to track one down. Beats staring at a wall.

You know when you get something in your head and it won’t go away…. It’s as though somebody has subliminaly been sending me “buy green dress vibes”…

This dress was available last year on ASOS. Not available anymore 🙁 I ummmed and arrrhhed last year and wish I had bought it then).

Its the look I’m currently after. Ideal length, stylish and ever so slightly sexy. I would if I’m honest prefer it in a slightly darker green…


First up the one that got away from Boho. Secondly it’s not green ( little details) and if your a Size 8 lucky you as it’s the only size left.


I love the detail, I’d like it a little longer maybe but for £40 it’s rather beautiful. It also comes in multi which I don’t think looks as nice. There is stock of that but its low. Get your skates on!

Motel rocks dress ticks all the boxes. Again slightly longer in length would be good, but loving the long sleeves (hides the bingo wings) and open back. Gorgeous!


ASOS dress


Slightly too much flesh on show for my liking… I’d be forever pulling it up (around boobs) and pulling it down (so my bum wasn’t exposed) but I recon on the right person – stunning.

AX Paris dress.


I’ve never had anything from these before but slightly tempted by this beauty. Yay to the length but unfortunately it only comes in black. It is stylish and sparkly, but I have so many black dresses – do I need another? Again reasonably priced at £40.

Although not green (khaki is a shade of green right) Is this embellished number from ASOS

Love the detail but I’m not so sure about the colour?

Going totally off track here but worth a mention as it’s rather pretty is this top from Coast

Not a dress no, and I’m not overly fussed about the floaty sleeves, there neither here nor there BUT exactly the colour I’m after, deep sea green. I’m thinking this would look great with a pair of black trousers , killer heels and a pair of ‘deely bopers’  if its anything to do with my mum!. Bling without the over kill. Perfect for Christmas Day.

So that’s what I’m looking for but for now the quest continues…I’ve not spotted ‘THE ONE’ yet but I’m hopeful.

Thinking out loud… I am very tempted to order the Motel Rocks dress (featured above)

Until next time, my probes and I are going to love and leave you. Hopefully they will be removed shortly, they’re driving me absolutely crazy!

If you do happen to cross paths with anything green and gorgeous please let me know…

Tracey x

6 thoughts on “Head problems… and the search for the perfect green dress

  1. retrochicmama says:

    That’s such a coincidence! Not the probes stuck on the head but the green dress dilemma!
    Lately I’ve been gravitating (read obsessing) towards anything in that gorgeous rich forest green. As your choices go I’m leaning towards the top with trousers combo. Not too keen on khaki near the face as I think it can be a bit draining on white skin, looks amazing on my black girlfriends though.
    Hope you get some answers soon – Not the dress, the probes obvs 😉

    • lizandtracey says:

      Thankyou, I hope so too. I get the results in a few weeks. Regards dress – I love the deep sea green, such a stunning colour. I need to go and try some dresses on as I love the idea but it maybe ‘too much’ and I’ll feel like Shirley Bassey. I’m having a look tomorrow, so fingers crossed. Have a lovely weekend xxx

  2. jayne says:

    Hi Tracey What an ordeal! Hope they get some adequate answers for you at the end of it. Really happy that M & S got stock in again of the Pixi mud cleanser!!! Stocked up now Jayne xxx

    • lizandtracey says:

      Morning Jayne,
      I get mt results in.about 3 weeks, all they’ve told me so far Is that I dream alot and quickly. They’ve mentioned s few things but dont want to tempt fate just yet.
      Ohhhhh glad you got new stock and you could always ask Santa too! Have a lovely day, Tracey xxx

    • lizandtracey says:

      Thankyou Michelle,
      I can’t tell you how happy I was to have then removed. And yes it was painful as she tugged away at glue that was supposed to be dissolving! I have less hair but I’m happier.
      Hopefully it won’t be anything too serious but we’ll wait and see.
      Yes I like to research, still not found the one but I will.!!
      Hope you are well, Tracey xx

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