I’ve lost that blogging feeling …

I’m having a ‘lost my mojo blogging’ moment.

It happens.

Some days I wake up and I know exactly what I’m going to write about. I’m full of inspiration and I want to share it.

Not today.

I’m thinking maybe I’ll write about Lola my beautiful cat I lost over a month ago ( some shithead knocked her over and chucked her in a bush)

Too depressing.

Then I’m thinking shall I wing it and just ramble .

I’m winging it a lot lately. Direction … I need direction.

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Skincare , green stuff and Mulled wine

Good Morning all,

Today’s a skin update post…

Will it be a spot free, bright eyed and bushy tailed  Christmas? Oh I do hope so and I have the products to hopefully ensure I do. If there’s one thing I could wish for at Christmas it would be spot free skin. That would do me just fine.I’ve had my fair share of the blighters…

So while I was very impressed with the Pixi Mud Cleanser, I have been swayed by  another.  PRIORI, a brand I had not heard of before.

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Get Jumping …

Holiday’s are coming, holiday’s are coming…
The Coca Cola lorries on his way….a sure sign it’s almost Christmas, which I for one am very happy about.

It also got me thinking about party outfits. Well to be honest I’ve been thinking about them for a while now….

I’m a big fan of and do love a good jumpsuit. It’s a great alternative to your LBD. If your anything like me with legs all over (think bambi on ice with cataplexy) especially after a drink, then they are ideal. You can jump about, fall over or do a handstand even ( it has been known) while keeping your modesty covered!

I already have a couple of jumpsuits from last year, that will be coming out to play again this year.

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Head problems… and the search for the perfect green dress

I’m currently sat in a little room in Hallamshire Hospital, Sheffield. For the past 24 hours I’ve have lots of little probes stuck to my head with glue that monitor my brain waves. They’re making my head itch like hell, and upon removal will probably take half my hair and forehead skin with them!  I’m also sporting 2 heart monitors and some more probes on my shins.

Welcome to the wonderful and very clever world of diagnostic telemetry.

Last night I had to video myself sleeping. I’d love to be a fly on the wall when the hospital staff watch the first 5 minutes.

Oh lordy, my boyfriend unaware it was filming kept walking past in just his boxers, doing a weird dance and introducing himself to the camera. Continue reading