Charity shops, Topshop Goodies and puking cats …

OK, so I’ve not had the best last few days…

A flooded kitchen,  NO Balmain x H&M ( which according to recent reports could be a blessings in disguise )

Last night I woke up just as Lola (one of my pesky cats) was about to do an exorcist and puke all over my head! (minus the head rotating thing, thankfully) I kid you not. 

I must have sensed her retching above me and quickly grabbed her little body and flung it in a blind panic onto the bedroom (wooden) floor ; it’s easier to wipe up than my forehead.

She survived, the poor little thing. She seems ok today, just abit more needy than usual and perhaps still in shock.

That was at 4.00am.

At 5.30am a car alarm set off bang outside our bedroom window which proceeded to ring out for a further bloody hour. Pillow over my head didn’t work, hence my groggy head this morning as I found it difficult to sleep. I’ve had better nights!

It’s not all been negative however and one good thing has come from the last few days. I’ve found a new shop.

Charity Chicks Boutique is located on Middlewood Road, Hillsborough. It’s bang opposite the ‘Proud Potato’ which is where I spotted it, while ordering my lunch – chilli with cottage cheese in-case you were wondering. Delicious.

Intrigued I wandered across to have a further look. It would have been rude not too.

As I approached I realised It was a charity shop (the name kinda gave it away… Dah) but with a boutique look and feel.

It sells pre-loved (sounds much nicer than second hand) designer and high street woman’s clothes,shoes & accessories.

I realise that buying ‘used’ items is not for everybody… but as long as it’s clean and not falling to bits, then I have no problem with it.

The best bit – all proceeds from the sale of the clothes go directly to South Yorkshire children’s charity SAFE@LAST

The first thing I noticed and what initially attracted me was the ‘attractive’ window display. It looked like an exclusive boutique with an erray of nice dresses, shoes & jewellery on display.

When I entered it didn’t smell fusty and of moth balls. Yay! that was a plus as it’s certainly put me off some charity shops in the past.

There was also some funky music playing which created a nice boutiquey atmosphere.

Photos taken from the website

charity 2


charity 3

The clothes are in immaculate condition; you wouldn’t even know they were second hand, sorry, pre-loved.

I had a quick look. I was in a rush and would have liked to have browsed longer.

I came away with this deep red jacket from Per Una, Marks & Spencer’s.

You can’t have enough jackets and for £6 you really can’t complain !

It’ll be ideal for everyday / work , just slip it on and hey ho your outfits instantly brightened up.

I don’t wear red much, make that ever, but I fancied a change.
imageThey get new stock every Monday which is worth noting, grab the good stuff as it arrives.

Charity Chicks have 2 shops in this area. One on Valley Road, Rotherham and this.

If your ever in the vicinity it is definately worth a look. You never know what you may come away with.

Find them on Facebook // HERE

Above: How I styled the jacket today – with Sainsbury’s Tu mini skirt and Next biker boots.

Moving on….

I’m hankering after something green. That bloody green Balmain x H&M blouse is haunting me. I’ve got my head set on a sexy green number, sequins maybe? I’ve not seen anything…its all in my imagination.

Today has been spent on a girlie shopping trip with my mucker Sue hoping we might stumble upon something.

We called in Topshop.

Surprisingly lots of beautiful green stuff, just not what I was after…

I love, love , love this jacket.

Excitedly I tried it on. It did nothing for me whatsoever! The Sleeves were slightly too short and I resembled a chuffing Christmas tree. Huge disappointment.

On the right person though I recon it would look wicked. Just add a pair of leather trousers, a little cami-top and killer heels. Perfect.

I’m going back for this snake skin bag…

And maybe this one too. I don’t often call in Topshop and I realise why…I want it all!!!


Sue was having too much fun trying EVERYTHING on.

She bought the stole (she read my blog post from yesterday) and is contemplating the hat.

I love this time of year. Meadowhall was looking extremely festive with the christmas lights on.

I had watched the John Lewis #manonthemoon advert earlier in the day and shed a tear. They really know how to pull on your blinking emotions they do !

Talking about Christmas do you realise there’s only 5 more Fridays until the big day!

The realisation sent me into a little panic attack.

I had some cake.

Cake, I find, is the answer to most things.

Tonight I plan to search the Internet for all things green, starting with ASOS who usually come up trumps. Make amends with my cat, and have a glass (or two) of wine while indulging myself in the ‘Bachelor’.

The boyfriends away for a few nights so the remote is mine… all mine!!

Until next time, Tracey x

If you happen to have seen anything green and delicious please let me know. NO PHOTOS OF APPLES – Thankyou 😉


6 thoughts on “Charity shops, Topshop Goodies and puking cats …

  1. jayne says:

    Wow!!! First time I didn’t vanish into a black hole. Yes I am OK after lots of treatment but chuffed to bits I have actually managed to comment! Looking forward to your review of the Priory cleanser but am pretty impressed with the pixi cleansing balm. Mortified that I can’t find new supplies of the pixi mud cleanser though!! xx

  2. jayne says:

    Hi Tracey First comment for me but I so enjoy your writings. Sadly whenever I have plucked up the courage to comment on anyone in the past they have vanished into dust!! Probably an indictment of my technological abilities . Anyway I love your ramblings and share your affinity with cats (gang of 3 here plus one crotechty Jack Russell) and a new addiction to all Pixie glow products.
    They really are working superbly for me with great results and I am a 57 year old breast cancer lady. Keep up your lovely posts. Jayne xx

    • lizandtracey says:

      Thankyou Jayne, that comment has really made my evening…and don’t worry I’m not going anywhere!
      Yes I concur about the Pixi products, love them, though I’ve just started trying a new cleanser by Priory after hearing amazing reports. I’ll probably do a review, but it’s Good so far. I’m very Sorry to hear about your cancer and i really hope you are ok.
      Thankyou again it honestly makes my day receiving comments, Tracey xx

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