Charity begins at home … Would you shop at a Charity Shop?

Losing mum to cancer has had a strange effect on us all. While in the most part it’s been bloody shit it has also brought out a positive, determined side in us. A can we do more?… Can we help? …Can we raise awareness? 

Having experienced first hand the scale of this awful disease, the helplessness that we felt , its compelled us to want to do something worth while; try to give back.

I’m considering taking up running [ yes you heard correctly – sofa monster might move yet!? ] so that I can participate in a sponsored run next year. 

The BF and I are constantly thinking of hair brain schemes to help fund raise.

Wing walking‘ has been mentioned a few times but having Cataplexy I doubt it would even get past Health & Safety! Thanks to my ailment I have terrible balance generally … never mind while walking on a chuffing planes wing!

By a weird twist of fate an opportunity arose for my BF to help out at a local Cancer charity shop for the next couple of week-ends. It won’t bring mum back unfortunately BUT it will help raise money for research and maybe, just maybe it will go towards preventing somebody having to through what we have, as a family,  in the future.

Every little helps …

It was his first day working there today , [no drunken Bank Holiday escapades for us] so I popped into see him earlier. 

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Masquerade Ball …#Sheffield

On Saturday I got to have my hair ‘done’ ,dress up to the nines and party with some of my favourite ladies. (Miss O Malley over in Spain you were missed!)

The occasion a Charity 1950’s Masquerade Ball, raising money for Sheffield’s Children Hospital.

Myself and Sue decided to treat ourselves and had booked  into Purdys Hair salon on Abbeydale Road Saturday morning. As I didn’t have a mask I thought I’d better do something special with my hair. Just who goes to a masquerade ball without a mask??

It’s a fab little salon with a lot of character. I felt like I was sat on the set of Grease! (always longed to be a Pink Lady)

For £25.00 you get a set and up-do.

I took a selection of  images featuring  1950’s beauties hoping that something would be achievable on my scraggy mid-length hair. I half expected to walk out looking like Kevin Keegan, but I needn’t have worried!

Sue opted for victory rolls ; I just told Victoria to go for it, do what ever. Continue reading

Wildlife and Wardrobes …

Hello it’s been a while…

The house is finally coming together. Yay! While this is music to my ears  it’s also meant that it’s been pretty hectic with workmen EVERYWHERE trying to tie up loose ends.

Will these loose ends ever get tied, will they?!

It’s been noisey ( and very sweary  ) to say the least.  I’ve sat down a few times to write a post and given up after 5 minutes !

Hence the reason I’ve been quiet.

Here’s a sneaky peak…but just the one.

tattoo head.jpg

All I could hear was the banging of tools combined with some music courtesy of some non-descript ‘bang bang’ radio station and the c- word.

Lovely lads. Foul mouths.

I’ve not been too well for the past few days either  . Dodgey tummy and a headache that wouldn’t shift . Nice combination…

Woe is me !

Good news – I’m feeling slightly better today. So here I am. I’m all yours for the next hour or so. Continue reading

Have you #herdofsheffield …

Today has been one of those precious mum and daughter’s day out.

I’ve been withering on to anybody and everybody that would listen to me about the painted elephants that are situated all over Sheffield.

I wanted to go and see some of them in the flesh. I’d read about them but that’s not the same is it?

When I initially mentioned it to mum she thought I was talking about blinking real life, living and breathing elephants!

Bless her…. but could you imagine.

Well I’ll tell you something … Mums not as daft as she sounds and told me something I didn’t know today.

We have had elephants roaming the streets of Sheffield before. Continue reading

Tracey at BAFTA 

On Monday evening the Mr and I donned our finest and made our way to BAFTA in the heart of London for a charity ‘do’ to raise funds for The Variety Club.

An evening spent in the company of Sir Roger Moore KBE and Monty Norman who was celebrating his 88th birthday. Monty Norman singer, composer and writer,  who amongst many other things wrote the James Bond theme tune.

Your probably thinking (like me) how the bloody hell did she get an invite! I’d be thinking the same …. Common little strumpet from Sheffield mixing with the higher-archy.

Ha ha I jest , Mikes lovely friends Penny and Alan Invited us . They both do a hell of a lot of work for Variety raising money to buy Sunshine Buses… And Penny thought I’d love to meet a real life James Bond.

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Charity shops, Topshop Goodies and puking cats …

OK, so I’ve not had the best last few days…

A flooded kitchen,  NO Balmain x H&M ( which according to recent reports could be a blessings in disguise )

Last night I woke up just as Lola (one of my pesky cats) was about to do an exorcist and puke all over my head! (minus the head rotating thing, thankfully) I kid you not. 

I must have sensed her retching above me and quickly grabbed her little body and flung it in a blind panic onto the bedroom (wooden) floor ; it’s easier to wipe up than my forehead.

She survived, the poor little thing. She seems ok today, just abit more needy than usual and perhaps still in shock.

That was at 4.00am.

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London Moonwalk 2014

So, last weekend saw me participate in my 5th Moonwalk, four in London and one in Edinburgh. Anyone who has never heard of the Moonwalk (where have you been?), it is an event held by the charity Walk the Walk to raise money for breast cancer. Walkers participating in The London Moonwalk, choose whether to enter the half moon (13 miles) or the full moon (26.2 miles). We entered the latter!!

To say I wasn’t really prepared for this one is a bit of an understatement. I’ve had problems with one of my feet and have been seeing a podiatrist (kind of a foot doctor) for pains in my foot that have hampered (OK…halted) any training I might have done. Michelle has been moving house so that was her excuse and Elizabeth has had a bad back. We weren’t the best trio of candidates

So fully prepared (not), I took the train to London last Saturday along with Michelle and Elizabeth to stupidly take part in an event consisting of powerwalking 26.2 miles on little or no sleep and even less training.

We arrived in our glorious capital to a not so glorious looking sky and ever increasing winds and ever decreasing temperatures…things were not looking good…


After getting fed and watered (including a sneaky bottle of vino…for the road), we spent the early evening excitedly getting our nights ‘attire’ on. This years London Moonwalk theme was ‘Rockabilly’ and we’d spent weeks getting suitable trimmings and decorating our bras.

Clapham Common played host to the infamous ‘pink tent’ that is ‘Moonwalk City’. We arrived to an already packed marquee, where thousands of women (and men) proudly showed off their ‘boogie woogie’ boobies in amazing flowered, feathered and frilled finery.


We had covered up with jackets to protect our assets from the elements…



But then braved the cold…all Rockabilly’d up


With Victory rolled hair and polka dots galore…









After braving the worst weather London could throw at us, 26.2 miles later, we crossed the finishing line with smiles on our faces and not a blister in sight…


The finishers medal


Every ache, moan and curse (there was a few of those this year!) was worth it. Any pain we endured, any gust of wind that threatened to blow us off Chelsea bridge and any downpour of rain that smudged our mascara and dampened our victory rolls as well as our spirits was all worth it and nothing compared to what a cancer sufferer endures every day during their treatment.

Cancer is a killer that affects everyone of us directly or indirectly and I for one am proud to be able to give just a little bit back through amazing charities such as Walk the Walk.

For further information on Walk the Walk, the events or how you can help, please see here.