Autumn Walks …

I bloody love Autumn. It’s my favourite season. The colours as the trees and foilage change from green to burnt orange and reds. Crisp sunny mornings.Indian summers. Beautiful.

I embrace Halloween. Despite not having any children I still like to get into the swing of things and for as many years as I can remember I’ve always bought myself a little pumpkin. I spend time carving out a face and proudly sit him on the stone hearth, admiring my handy work. I tend to light him for about 5 minutes each evening before he starts to freak me out. What can I say, I’m easily spooked. I blow him out, and face him away from me. I’ve even been known to hide him away in a cupboard, so he can’t ‘look’ at me. It’s the same routine every year.

The anticipation of Christmas and all the festivities get me as giddy as a 4 year old. Roast chestnuts, mulled wine and as the nights start to draw in, coffee with Baileys in front of a roaring fire.Bliss.

Oh and let’s not forget the clothes! Autumn fashion, like the season, is definately my favourite.

This morning was glorious. I woke up all singing and dancing, full of the joys of spring autumn.

I set off with the best intentions; breakfast in bed. Let’s just say it didn’t go according to plan. Coffee and a Kit-kat later we decided to take Mollie (the Mr’s dog) for a long walk. We are lucky as there are some beautiful little walks a stones throw from our house.

Although I’d love to be-able to buy a whole new wardrobe every season, this is just not possible – finances just won’t stretch. Luckily there are those staple items in your wardrobe that never date and you can bring out year after year.

One of these is the navy roll neck sweater dress I decided to wear today. I bought mine from Next last year.

Next are selling similar again this year. Click HERE // HERE



I decided to wear it with my recent (and much featured on IG) purchase from H&M, The gorgeous faux suede jacket, that’s practically attached to my back and my new Dune knee length boots… that are practically attached to my feet!


For Jacket click HERE

Winter sunshine, albeit lovely, is sometimes not the warmest. I’m alittle, make that very nesh so wrapped up with another ‘fav’ – my navy and burnt orange scarf with tassles from good old Marks and Spencer’s. Again bought last year.



Boots from Dune HERE with 20% off today. Grrrrrrrrrrr I always miss a bargain!


lake lake 2




The walk was lovely and apart from Mollie dragging and pulling me to the ground – I’ve got 2 grazed knees, a cut hand and bruised ego to prove it – everything else went smoothly. I won’t mention the Mr forgetting the poo bags and him having to pick Mollies ‘mess’ up with a crisp packet. Ekkkk.

Mollie did what she loves best. Had a swim. I swear she’s half dog, half otter! Its funny how you can grow attached to a little ball of chocolate fur. I was always a cat lady with no time for dogs. That was until I met Mollie. She is adorable.

The Mr and I both got some much needed fresh air and exercise.

He also got to practise his photography skills taking the pics, of me, for this post. He hates it, I test his patience. I on the other hand felt abit like a prize plonker striking my ‘catalogue poses’ while little old ladies and fellow dog-walkers looked on bemused.

We topped the walk off with rosy cheeks… and a coffee. All in all a rather lovely morning.


Until next time, Tracey x

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