NFD – That catch up post… hen nights , weddings and Maroon 5

It’s yet another catch up post… I really need to get my act together and blog more often.

It’s been an eventful past few weeks. We celebrated the forthcoming wedding of one of my nearest  & dearest friends in style.  Plasticine willy moulding or aubergine penis carving anyone? I kid you not. The detail on some (of the willies) was outstanding! We then jumped into a limo for a an hour of karaoke and fizz (so much fun – I want to always travel this way) before being dropped off in Sheffield city centre for a lovely meal and cocktails at Anchorage. False moustaches, masks, badges and dares..I’d love to say it was civilised…

Last weekend I was on yet another hen party which meant a wonderful weekend away in Spain. The weather was glorious and we had a good giggle. You really can’t beat girlie weekends away. It’s a hard life but somebody has to do it!

A couple of weeks before any of the above I had been approached by a media company via Twitter to see if I’d participate in an interview regards my cataplexy. Keen to raise awareness, I agreed. I had the ‘read back’ over the phone last week. More on this in a future post.

So Im attending one of the weddings in a few weeks and therefore have been busy shopping. I do love a good wedding…any excuse to get dolled up plus I LOVE shopping!

I’ve got my outfit almost sorted. I purchased, well I say that… the Mr actually treated me to a gorgeous ink lace dress. It’s by Ted Baker and I bought it a few weeks ago in the John Lewis sale. Reduced from £179 to £125. I intend to team it with a pair of Kurt Geiger shoes and snakeskin handbag.

The photo doesn’t do the dress justice as it looks so much better in the flesh.

The dress also comes in ‘shell’ but looks abit to much like something a bride may wear. So despite loving this colour-way I stuck with the ink.

The shoes are also ink. Quite lovely but plain. I’m a sucker for an ankle strap – very flattering. Most importantly they are comfty which is something I look out for as I have a I broken toe / something’s not right. It’s a long story but I really should get it x-rayed before I’m marred for life, or reduced to hobbling around in trainers for the rest of my life. Heaven forbid.


Kandice (above) reduced from £100 to £65


Jewellery wise I’ve opted for a pair of earrings from the ever faithful Next. I also have my eye on a lovely pair from Yosa, but as I am currently running on ‘scatty mode’ I have yet to order them. When I showed the Mr the Next pair he pulled a face and asked whether I had pinched them from my grandma! Cheeky! Now my gran was very glamorous and had impeccable taste but I think he was trying to be funny!

Not put off – I shall be wearing them with pride.

And the Yosa pair I’m contemplating getting… They’re abit special aren’t they?!


There’s a couple of weeks until the actual wedding itself so the whole outfit could and most likely will change!

I will of course post a picture on the day itself, but don’t be surprised if it has totally changed. I am a lady after all and it’s my prerogative.

Oh and while we are talking all things weddings… have any of you seen the new(ish) video to ‘Sugar’ by Maroon 5?

While I was away on said hen weekend I would grab myself a cheeky drink, stick MTV on the TV and let it blast away. I would run the shower, jump in and sing along. They played this tune constantly and when I hear it, it evokes alsorts of emotions. All of them a reminder of fun times and its a great little video.

If Carlsberg did weddings eh!? Maroon 5 would turn up and play at mine. Sod that, if they did weddings I’d be greedy and I’d be bagging myself that wonderful hunk of a lead singer Adam and marrying him myself !

A girls allowed to dream *sighs*

Until the next time which will hopefully be sooner than the last.

Tracey x

One thought on “NFD – That catch up post… hen nights , weddings and Maroon 5

  1. Rachel says:

    oh that dress!! So so perfect for a wedding., and yes. Yes yes yes, those Yosa earrings would be undeniably perfect with it, and not even a hint of grandma 😉 Also Adam Maroon 5.. Swoon lol!!XX

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