Just abit of this and abit of that …

So I got my first interview under the belt and hey it went ok. I say ok , I actually thought ‘lady done really good’ untiI I got back into the car and caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. OMG I was bright red. So much so it looked as though my head was about to explode and even worse it clashed with my pink lipstick. I realised before the interview that I was hot and worked up but I never envisaged that! Tips on how not to go red and blotchy for my next interview would be greatly received…

One of the advantages of  currently being out of work (sounds so much nicer than unemployed) is I get to do and go places I might not normally be-able to due to work commitments. It was little Eddies Easter service yesterday and I got to attend. Yah! Eddie only said one sentence but in his dads eyes that was one brilliant sentence, and in mine too. We also got to sing one of our favourites ‘dance then wherever you may be I am the lord of the dance said he’ At one point Mum got rather carried away and I had to tell her to calm down a little ; she was taking the lime-light of the kids! Did she… did she heck? She just clapped and sang louder. I am so her daughter!

I’ve not got any photos of Eddie as we were not allowed to take any pictures but I have some of the beautiful church.

Let me introduce you to Ecclesfield Church.


On October 2nd 1999 I got married here. It was a beautiful service. In 2009, still friends who just fell out of love, we got divorced.

My brother Mark married the lovely Kelly here in 2011 and numerous friends babies have been christened here. Its a place of many memories…


Beautiful grounds. See them here, see them there, see the daffys everywhere.


Excuse mums pop sock…*giggles* (she’s so going to kill me for pointing that out!)

And here’s what I wore – Keeping it Smart casual.

Zara Jacket (last season) Next jeans, white vest and Primark pumps. To add a splash of colour I attached a bright pink hair slide onto the side of my Primark handbag.


It was a lovely service. Don’t tell anybody but when the children started singing the first hymnn I got all teary. Churches, there’s just something about them …they do it too me every time.

Today Mum and I ventured into town and I had my very first Tamper Coffee.

I hate to feel like I’m missing out on something and I’ve recently heard a lot of talk about this place. I’m happy to report it was as good as I have been told.

First interview AND Tamper Coffee under my belt. Back of the net!

bb c

As you can see the diet hasn’t started just yet!

We usually go to Meadowhall for our Saturday morning shop, coffee and chat. We are such creatures of habit. In my humble opinion Sheffield City Centre has so much more character.

I do love me some street art…

If you see the last pic and don’t start singing  ‘Moves like Jagger’ … well I’ll stand hanging. After spotting this Mum and I walked around town with a swing in our step doing just that!

dd ee

So there you have it, a-bit of everything.

I hope that next week I will have some good news to tell you but I don’t want to tempt fate just yet.

Catch you all soon, Tracey x

Your singing right?



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