Introducing Smartbond at Regis Hairstylist … #frazzledtofabulous

Does anybody else get nervous about going to the hairdressers , especially when it’s a new salon … for the first time?

It might sound extremely silly but I do and it’s down to a combination of things.

A bodged up colour and a terrible cut in the past. Several terrible cuts in fact [mainly involving my pesky carflick … it’s caused some trouble in its day!] and one horrendous colour. Boy that colour was bad! I’d have given Jimmy Cranky a run for his money.

Saying that when I got the opportunity to attend Regis Hairstylists at Meadowhall to trail the new Smartbond treatment earlier this week I didn’t have to think twice.

While I get nervous I also love, love, love a good pamper. Tell me somebody who doesn’t? A trip to the salon is relaxing; a good excuse to do absolutely nothing for an hour or so.

Zonk out – turn your brain off, sit back, drink copious amounts of coffee and read magazines to your hearts content while your stylist works their magic. Continue reading

Rileys & Co…Oh Hello #ladieswholunch

I arrived at Sues earlier today, feeling a little sorry for myself  and out of sorts.

Just one of those day, you know,  we all have them. I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to rip some bodies head off, sit and cry, or do both!

I  plonked myself down on her settee and asked her to take me somewhere nice, feed me and cheer me up. Could I leave it up-to her were we ate as I didn’t have a decision in me. #dramaqueen

And so it was I was introduced to Rileys & Co, Farrar Road, Sheffield. (behind Okeh Café on Abbeydale Road) Continue reading

Have you #herdofsheffield …

Today has been one of those precious mum and daughter’s day out.

I’ve been withering on to anybody and everybody that would listen to me about the painted elephants that are situated all over Sheffield.

I wanted to go and see some of them in the flesh. I’d read about them but that’s not the same is it?

When I initially mentioned it to mum she thought I was talking about blinking real life, living and breathing elephants!

Bless her…. but could you imagine.

Well I’ll tell you something … Mums not as daft as she sounds and told me something I didn’t know today.

We have had elephants roaming the streets of Sheffield before. Continue reading

Homemade by Thelmas #ladiesthatlunch40

It’s been a shitty week and that’s putting it mildly.

We are still mid throws renovating the living-room / kitchen. It doesn’t appear to be progressing very quickly . Slowly but surely … but entering into pulling my hair out territory.

We’ve also acquired some mood lighting in the living room. My current mood is bad after losing the controller . For the past 48 hours its been flashing on and off red / green / blue. Its driving me slowly insane . From the main street we must look like the local ‘knocking Shop’.

We found Lola (one of my beautiful cats) dead at the side of the road on Wednesday. I was beyond devastated and still quite can’t believe she’s gone. She had been knocked over and it was fairly evident that she had died straight away.  The only comfort I take from it all is that she didn’t suffer.

We’ve buried her in the front garden, bought a little memorial stone from our local garden centre and a pretty pink kissing plant to place on the top. I can see ‘her’ from my bedroom window so I get to say good night to her every evening.

Life more or less returned to normal on Friday and despite the snow Sue and I met up for our weekly #ladiesthatlunch met up.

This week Sue suggested we go to Homemade by Thelma at Nether Edge. I had never been, or even heard of it before. Always keen to try new venues, that’s were we headed.

Its located at 4 Nether Edge Road , Sheffield S7 1RU and I’m informed by Sue its run by 2 sisters.

They serve a variety of deli sandwiches, salads and hot and cold daily specials. Gluten free , vegan and vegetarian are all catered for.

There’s also a full range of hot and cold drinks and delicious cakes.


Chicken and smoked cheddar cheese bagel with homemade coleslaw, gherkins and side salad – £5.50

Beverage wise I decided on a Cappuccino – £2.30 and Sue had a Hot Chocolate made with real chocolate drops – £2.40. She said it was overly sweet…that’s the chocolate drops for you! Continue reading

Blood Brothers and pre-theatre ‘tea’ at Crucible Corner….

Sometimes, just sometimes, I realise just how bloody lucky I am. That maybe, just maybe, I’m actually quite good company and people want to spend time with me. My lovely friend Mike asked me to join him for a bite to eat and to attend a show for the second time in as many weeks. I think he appreciates my passion, the way I lose myself for a couple of hours with a supercilious look on my face. He realises that deep down I am a frustrated performer – one who can’t sing or dance, unless it’s like your dad and to attract the attention of stray dogs.I really wish life was one big musical. Can you imagine singing and dancing your way through every day. As mum would say. MARVELLOUS.

Continue reading

Just abit of this and abit of that …

So I got my first interview under the belt and hey it went ok. I say ok , I actually thought ‘lady done really good’ untiI I got back into the car and caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. OMG I was bright red. So much so it looked as though my head was about to explode and even worse it clashed with my pink lipstick. I realised before the interview that I was hot and worked up but I never envisaged that! Tips on how not to go red and blotchy for my next interview would be greatly received… Continue reading