Afternoon Tea and Barges …

Its sun-shining outside, I’ve painted my toes bright pink, I don’t have tights on and there’s a definite swing in my step. I think spring may have sprung. I’m like an excitable little lamb!

I’ve had an excellent weekend which I am going to share with you … yes you.

Before I do,  I have to fore-warn you that Saturday started out as a bit of a nightmare. While ironing my brand new dress I somehow managed to put a hole in it. To make matters worse the taxi was waiting outside and I had no other outfit planned or ready. I had been engrossed in ‘The Fifth Element’ or rather Bruce Willis and had forgotten the time, what can I say! I thought sod it and went out wearing it anyway strategically placing my new handbag were the hole was! I was in such a tizz I forgot to pick up my camera which I had left on the window cill next to the door so I wouldn’t do just that! Darrrrhhh.

Hence all the photos have been taken on my mobile; I’m therefore apologising up-front for lack of pictures and of their quality.

So here goes …

The Outfit:

I purchased this dress several weeks ago and had never worn it; today was to be its debut – ideally without an iron mark! I spotted the bag in Primark,  a steal at £6. The colours matched the outfit perfectly. I tend to wear ankle boots with just everything at the moment and I cant get enough of big women’s watches that look like they could belong to your fella…

Dress – Lavish Alice // Bag – Primark (new stock) // Ankle Boots – Dune (similar) // Watch – TK Max (similar) (similar)


First stop Afternoon Tea with the Ladies at the Hilton Hotel, Sheffield. The Hilton is beautifully positioned looking out over the Sheffield Victoria Quays and the colourful barges

hilton 2

The Quays Restaurant



Ladies that Lunch. Let me introduce you to Sue, Lisa ,Tracey (that’s me silly), Rachel, Jane and Jo. They all hate this photo but its the only one I have of us all.


We started off with a cup of tea or coffee depending on our preference followed by 2 platters crammed with the following :

Selection of finger sandwiches – cucumber, salmon and ham. A variety of cakes – victoria sponge, carrot cake, eclairs and a scone each complete with clotted cream and jam. We also got a rather lovely glass of Champagne.


Sue enjoying hers and below cake …




Followed by a few cocktails – Mr Cosmo, Mrs Daiquiri and Mr Mojito left us in a tizz and wanting more.



Jo had found and purchased the deal through Groupon several weeks ago. It worked out at £8.00 each which I don’t think is bad at all. It’s worth signing up with Groupon as you can get some really great bargains and not just food related – beauty, clothing, absolutely everything really.

Having had a taste of some ‘afternoon delight’ we decided to go out for early bar and yet more cocktails. We hopped into a taxi and made the 5-minute trip up-to Division Street, in the city centre, and all the bars it has to offer. Unfortunately there aren’t really any decent pubs to drink in around the hotel, which is one of the down-falls.

Below my favourite – Porn Star Martini’s



Eventually rolling in at about 1.30am the next morning! Early bar kind of turned into the majority of the night!

Having woken up with a banging head but determined not to waste away a beautifully sunny Sunday laid on the settee succumbing to a hangover, Darren and I decided to head back down to Victoria Quays for a wander.

Sheffield Canal Basin, or Victoria Quays as its more commonly known , is at the head of the Sheffield and Tinsley Canal, close to the City Centre. The basin dates from 1814, when the canal opened to connect with the River Don Navigation. There you go a little history for you.





It is really quite beautiful. There are several units, craft workshops and if you feel that way inclined you can book yourself on a barge trip.

Darren fancies living on a canal barge (heaven forbid) so he was keen to go and have a wander. I think he fancies us as the human equivalent of Rosie and bloody Jim.

If you have the energy and inclination you can actually walk the 2 miles from Victoria Quays to Meadowhall Shopping Centre following the canal path. I have a little tip if you intend to walk any of it. Don’t wear daft heels, I was almost arse over tit in the canal on several occasions. It’s a mixture of cobbles, rough ground, mud, joggers and cyclists!


Having cleared my head we made our way back to Victoria Quays finishing the afternoon off by having a couple of cheeky lagers sat in the sun at the 1819 Café and Bar. My first alfresco beverage of 2014.

Gluten for punishment springs to mind.

I’m blaming Mr Sun he’s so encourageable..

Tracey x

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