Redundancy, Daytime TV and escaping to Garden Centres …

Hey up its me,

A lot has happened since we last spoke and I’m in a very weird place. A good but weird place.

After 13 long years at the same company I have taken voluntary redundancy and I’m now jobless. Ekkkkk. I loved my old job but truth be told I wasn’t going anywhere very quickly with the higher archy bringing in new blood rather than offering promotion internally. Its disheartening but I won’t bore you with the details. Basically I took the money and ran. Well I say that, I actually rang my dad asked for his advice, then took the money and ran. Dad is the only person I will listen too when it comes to business matters. Always has been , always will be.Mum for the fun stuff and dad for the serious.

Soooooo the thought of going for an interview scares the living-be-jesus out of me. Im not very confident when it comes to talking or bigging myself up. I lack confidence and will probably talk myself out of a job. That’s if the potential employers can even understand me. I talk at about 100 miles an hour.They do say a change is as good as a rest so I’m taking it as a positive and practising speaking slowly. Much to the amusement of D.

Right now for the down-side. Firstly I won’t get to see my blogging buddy Liz on a daily basis anymore. I will miss her and a  select few terribly. I made some lovely friends. Secondly bloody day time TV. It’s only the third day and I’m ready to rip the TV out of the wall. Its all about shiny track-suits, knock off Uggs, bad teeth, Joey Essex hair styles and paternity tests. No wonder this country is in the state it is. I nearly spat my coffee out earlier when we sat down for some lunch, switched on the TV and there he was ‘the man that married his horse’ Yep a bloody horse. Only in America!

Before you state the obvious I realise I don’t have to watch these programmes. If I’m honest I am still finding their funny teeth and hair slightly amusing. Give it a few more days and believe me the novelty will have worn off.

In order to regain some normality, to get some fresh air and because I thought it was about time I got dressed, Mum and I decided to go out for coffee and cake. There’s only so much day time TV one can take and ‘horse man’ had sent me over the edge!

There’s a lovely garden centre in Loxley Valley – Rhinegold Garden Centre  with views over the valley and Damflask Resevoir, its beautifully situated

Its only a 5 minute drive from my house, so we headed there.
garden 11


We made our way through the plants, past the gargoyles and budhas

gardener 17

and the beautiful steel structure

gardener 20

gardener 21

gardener 16

gardener 15

Via the Gift and nick-nack Section


stuff 2

gardener 25

In between the wellies, plant food and watering cans you can find yourself a lovely little treat. Homeware including pictures, cushions, clocks and ornaments feature highly. Both mum and I could have spent ages here just having a good rummage.

I want this white dresser for my kitchen. I may be back for it!


Spot the difference. Both cheeky monkey’s!!

gardener 12



gardener 14

You maybe mistaken for thinking I’m sat in the sun chilling somewhere… the sun may have been shining but it was still blinking freezing.


Mum tries some ear muffs on for size…


Before tucking into carrot cake and coffee in the The Old Glasshouse Cafe.

I really need to cut down on the cake or I will look like a house side! I have a Champagne Afternoon Tea with the girls this weekend. I can feel my thighs getting bigger just by the mere mention of it.





Mum fell in love with this little lady (below)

She goes in for the operation to cut away the cancer in a few weeks and she’s a tad apprehensive. As you would expect.

I intend to go back by myself and buy it for her as a surprise. Mums own special Guardian Angel. I recon she will watch over her just fine.

gardener 18

I picked up a little something for 2 of my friends also – Karen and Rach.

They’ve been brilliant over the past few weeks ,firstly with mum and then with my redundancy. Its the least I could do. They’ve both got a Candlelit name for themselves. I got myself one too. My names spelt wrong. Im Tracey with an e, but for 50p (yes just 50p) I can just about cope with it. Cute aren’t they. It’s not about how much something cost but the thought…

gardener 23

Mooching around garden centres and drinking coffee is a great way to while-a-way a few hours and more especially escape day time TV!

Mum and daughter time amongst the wildlife and greenery giggling about a man that married a horse – you really cant beat it.

Tracey x

2 thoughts on “Redundancy, Daytime TV and escaping to Garden Centres …

    • lizandtracey says:

      Thanx Rob. I’m taking a week out before I decide. Busy updating my cv and weighing up where I want to go. Will no doubt end up in an office somewhere . It’s all very weird but I’ll be fine , Tracey xx

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