Christmas Lurgy, Exploding Ovens and Thieving Seagulls

Ok, so I realise I am a little late in writing this post but with all the joys of Christmas and New Year, I really haven’t had chance to get around to it. Well, I say joys but in reality that consisted of snot (and the entire Kleenex factory), uncontrollable coughs, sleep deprivation and just to top it off an oven that blew up ‘mid Christmas dinner!!’

Luckily for us (not the turkey or the cow), the meats were cooked to perfection just as we heard the bang. I was not quite so lucky and although alcohol lubricated some parts and numbed others, it did nothing to cure my overall condition and I suspect may have helped to prolong my symptoms. I did keep trying though.

Having had enough of Christmas and the whole ‘feed a cold, starve a fever’ (I was feeding my cold for England), we decided that a trip to the coast to blow away the cobwebs was needed as was a long stroll to burn off the excesses. I say we decided…I decided!! I’m sure my other half would have preferred to be on the golf course. However with the promise of fish and chips he was converted…no trip to the English seaside is complete without eating fish and chips out of the paper outside in the cold and wind. It’s tradition.

So off we set on our road trip over North Yorkshire’s finest, The Fylingdales. It had snowed a couple of days before and the remnants still lingered over the moors. The scenery was stunning.

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Day trippin…Phi Phi and Monkeys

No trip to Phuket is complete without at least one trip out to one of the islands. Our island of choice was Phi Phi, stopping off at Monkey Island en route.

We were slightly concerned as to which day to book for our little jaunt as we were there in the middle of the rainy season and had been riding our luck for the whole of the first week with no rain in sight. You could bet your bottom dollar that the day we decide to take to the high seas, there’d be a tropical storm.

We awoke to bright blue skies (yippeeee), had an early breakfast and boarded the minibus to the port where we met with our fellow passengers and designated speedboat.

Then the skies changed.

A dark grey followed by an even darker grey (bordering on black) sky descended on us. Followed by rain…warm rain but rain all the same. The winds then decided to join in. Things weren’t looking good, and we’d not even boarded the boat yet. I made a quick dash to the souvenir shop, bought a 50 baht (about a pound) pac-a-mac and popped it on over my bikini and shorts. The fashion police would have had a field day but least I was going to be dry.

We got on board, took our seats and were handed sick bags for our 45 minute journey. Sick bags?!! Oh my Gawwwwd!!

I needn’t have worried too much. Yes the sea was slightly choppy but the nearer we got to our destination, the kinder the weather became. The clouds parted to reveal glimpses of blue and the winds subsided. The sick bag wasn’t required!

IMG_3946 IMG_3948 IMG_3949 IMG_3950 IMG_3951 IMG_3952

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Redundancy, Daytime TV and escaping to Garden Centres …

Hey up its me,

A lot has happened since we last spoke and I’m in a very weird place. A good but weird place.

After 13 long years at the same company I have taken voluntary redundancy and I’m now jobless. Ekkkkk. I loved my old job but truth be told I wasn’t going anywhere very quickly with the higher archy bringing in new blood rather than offering promotion internally. Its disheartening but I won’t bore you with the details. Basically I took the money and ran. Well I say that, I actually rang my dad asked for his advice, then took the money and ran. Dad is the only person I will listen too when it comes to business matters. Always has been , always will be.Mum for the fun stuff and dad for the serious.

Soooooo the thought of going for an interview scares the living-be-jesus out of me. Im not very confident when it comes to talking or bigging myself up. I lack confidence and will probably talk myself out of a job. That’s if the potential employers can even understand me. I talk at about 100 miles an hour.They do say a change is as good as a rest so I’m taking it as a positive and practising speaking slowly. Much to the amusement of D.

Right now for the down-side. Firstly I won’t get to see my blogging buddy Liz on a daily basis anymore. I will miss her and a  select few terribly. I made some lovely friends. Secondly bloody day time TV. It’s only the third day and I’m ready to rip the TV out of the wall. Its all about shiny track-suits, knock off Uggs, bad teeth, Joey Essex hair styles and paternity tests. No wonder this country is in the state it is. I nearly spat my coffee out earlier when we sat down for some lunch, switched on the TV and there he was ‘the man that married his horse’ Yep a bloody horse. Only in America!

Before you state the obvious I realise I don’t have to watch these programmes. If I’m honest I am still finding their funny teeth and hair slightly amusing. Give it a few more days and believe me the novelty will have worn off.

In order to regain some normality, to get some fresh air and because I thought it was about time I got dressed, Mum and I decided to go out for coffee and cake. There’s only so much day time TV one can take and ‘horse man’ had sent me over the edge!

There’s a lovely garden centre in Loxley Valley – Rhinegold Garden Centre  with views over the valley and Damflask Resevoir, its beautifully situated

Its only a 5 minute drive from my house, so we headed there.
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