What Ive learn’t this week – Cancer sucks, My mum rocks, I have look ‘good in lycra’ envy, Sorting my skin out and The Waltons…

What I’ve learnt this week…

That bad things happen to good people. Lady Fare isn’t always that and can be pretty cruel when she sets her mind to it. I’ve also learnt that how you handle yourself says a-lot about you as a person. My mum’s cancer has come back. Well, when I say it’s come back, I don’t think it ever really went away. One bloody stray cell resisted radio-therapy blasting and has been growing over the past year. It’s so tiny the MIR scans didn’t pick it up; but it’s there. I hate that cancer cell with all my being. When mum started bleeding a few weeks ago she knew something was a foot. Luckily it hasn’t spread and in 3 weeks time she has ‘the bastard’ cut out. It will take a horrible 8 hour operation that will leave her with a colostomy bag for the rest of her life.

Most people would sit and grumble, but not my mum. Its life changing, which she is fully aware of, but as she says it’s a small price to pay to be alive. She jokes that while she’s in hospital she will have time to knit pouches to hide the bag in. Pouches that will match her outfits and about how much money she will save on toilet paper! I’ve learnt its o.k to laugh at bad situations because sometimes that’s the only way to deal with and get your head around them. When the chips are down, mum just picks them up and carries on walking with her head held high, smiling. I bloody love and admire her so much.

Its coming to a close but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the Winter Olympics. I’m currently sat watching the 4 man bob-sleigh final. I sit in awe of how good the competitors are at their sport (obviously) but more especially how blinking fit and good they look in lycra. Not a lump, bump, muffin top or bingo wing in sight. I suppose I have ‘look good in lycra envy’ and I’m constantly told to stop gushing at their bodies. Yes I’ve learnt I’m an old lush as I sit with my weights in one hand in a vain attempt to feel better about myself, and a glass of wine in the other. Multi-tasking at its finest.

I whitter on about it enough but I’m finally getting my skin sorted. Last year was the year of the eyebrow…this year it’s skin. After a chat with Kathryn from Collagen shots she recommended that I pay a visit to MedispaS10 , on Fulwood Road,Sheffield. Yesterday I nervously made my way up there for my 2.15pm appointment. I get nervous because I always feel as though I should apologise for my skin?  I take really good care of it but I still get bloody spots, have an uneven skin tone and several scars. Not deep scarring but enough to bother me.  I disguise it well, but it annoys the hell out of me.

After driving past 3 times (its a buggar to park) I arrived. I was greeted by Juliet. A lovely, bubbly lady with amazing ‘shampoo advert worthy’ hair and great skin (obviously). I immediately felt at ease and not at all intimidated. The salon reception area is very chic. Black and white with a pair of amazing white leather chairs and a fabulous light fitting. (Sometimes I am so much like my mother oohhing and arrrhhing over the decor!) I supped on coffee and had my consultation with the nurse. Clear and informative with no hard sell. Unlike Skin it was also free. I am booked in for a micro-dermabrasion session in a couple of weeks. I am also considering a course of 5 derma-roller treatments. Did I really say considering?  Buggar that. When I get the money together I’m defo booking it! Another thing I’ve learnt – If I want it, I will somehow get it.

spa 5

spa 2


Today I’m channelling  the Walton’s. I’d be so at home up there in the blue ridge mountains of Virginia. I’m wearing my usual ripped jeans from H & M, Primark checked shirt with bare feet, no makeup and un-brushed hair. Truth be known I rarely brush my hair. I guess I like the ‘stig of the dump’ look and I like to let my skin breath when I can.

Later on, after copious amounts of coffee, and a huge dose of ‘Blue blood’ ( I have a strange fascination with Tom Selleck ) I intend to have the bath of all baths and pamper myself silly. It has afterall been a long , stressful week.  I figure I deserve it.

spa 3

I’m being a little minx (above) and kidding Lola and Frankie that my Smarties are Kitty treats…I’m evil sometimes. Don’t worry they got lots of cuddles afterwards and lots of treats while I thoroughly enjoyed my Smarties!

‘G’night Jim Bob, g’night  Mary Ellen, g’night naughty forty blog reading friends!’

Catch you all again soon.

Tracey x

4 thoughts on “What Ive learn’t this week – Cancer sucks, My mum rocks, I have look ‘good in lycra’ envy, Sorting my skin out and The Waltons…

  1. Annabella SkinScrubs (@Skinscrubs) says:

    Hold your mum tight and enjoy every minute with her. I just lost my dad to bone cancer a few weeks ago. He had bladder cancer a few years ago, and also had to use a bag. Then in December he was diagnosed with stage 4 bone cancer. I was able to go back to the US and spend 3 weeks with him before he passed.

    Thankfully your mum’s cancer is isolated and they can get rid of it. My dad wasn’t happy about having a bag either but you don’t even notice it once you’ve got clothes on and you can’t smell anything which I know is a concern for people.

    Good luck to your mum – she’ll be in my prayers!

    Annabella xoxo

    • lizandtracey says:

      Thankyou so much Annabella.
      I’m so very, very sorry that you lost your dad, cancer really is cruel. Mum is being positive and hopefully she will come through this ok.
      It’s funny you should say that because that was one of the things that worried mum. If she would smell. I’ve reassured her she won’t and we’ve been looking at underwear and stuff for her . It will take some adjusting but with out help I’m sure she will be ok.
      Thank-you for your message and those prayers will be appreciated.
      Tracey xx

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