L I F E | lockdown PR

Morning Campers how are you all doing today as we enter week 6 of lockdown ?? I think its week 6 anyway – who knows ?

[ I’ve just been advised it’s actually week 7! Bloody hell how time flies when you … don’t do much ! ]

Is anybody else losing track of the days, or is it just me? Days are blending into days and weeks into weeks ; it’s like one big old round of Ground Hog Day!

I have to admit I’ve not struggled too much with the lockdown, in a weird way I’ve actually enjoyed some parts of it. Tik Tok. Reading actual books . Afternoon Gin in the garden followed by decadent baths. Binge watching ‘Gangs of London’ and the beautiful ‘Normal People’. Friday Night Zoom quizzes with my friends. However as the weather has taken a turn for the worse and I’ve found myself confined indoors I have found myself feeling a little like spider man … and crawling walls !

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Shall We Spa . . . Cha Cha Cha 

It’s me again … twice in one week bloody hell wonders will never seize !

Today I’m going to be introducing you to a fabulous , intimate little day spa just outside Penistone. [Hollin Lane, Millhouse Green, Sheffield S36 9NH] It’s only 20 minutes from my house.

Oh oh I have a feeling this could be dangerous.

Smallshaw Cottages & Spa is A- mazing and if you don’t already know about it then you really should.

There are 4 beautiful cottages available to rent, complete with landscaped gardens and tennis courts . Today however I am concentrating and going to take you on a tour of the Spa.

Before I go any further I just need to clarify something with you – I don’t love everything.

You probably think I do and the reason for this would be because I only accept and feature on the blog things / places / experiences that interest me; that I would do or buy myself.

I turn down a lot of opportunities [ mobile phone covers , bingo nights, clothing ] or product reviews because they simply aren’t my bag.

If you make it this far … you are loved. I have enjoyed you.

I certainly enjoyed this.

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Moddershall Oaks Spa & Country Retreat

It appears that as well as take all the cutlery my ex had also taken all the flipping razors. He had left me just the one – Mr blunt and useless! Always on the last lap and looking more woolly mammoth than lady I decided that perhaps I had better shave my legs on Friday evening in preparation for the spa, Saturday.

Let’s just say what started out as a lovely relaxing bath ended up with me frantically running around with a face pack on and towel in mild panic mode ‘up-turning’ the house for a razor. You’ll be pleased to know I found one, it was on its last legs but did the job. I decided against false tanning. The night I was having it was bound to end in a streaky disaster. Pale and interesting it was then!

We had been invited by the lovely people at Moddershall Oaks Spa to come and have an evening of rest and relaxation and to experience the new outdoor Jacuzzi area. We both jumped at the offer. We met at Tankersley Manor on Saturday afternoon and ‘Thelma and Louise’ style set off on our 2 hour road trip to Staffordshire. Liz drove and I ate jelly babies.

Thankfully we had sat-nav and found our destination fairly easily. Moddershall Oaks is situated in beautiful countryside.

We stopped the car at the entrance-way to watch 2 cows having a fight .

Seriously, we were both transfixed for all of 2 minutes before the novelty wore off and we didn’t care who won. Laughing we  made our way to the car-park. We checked in and were taken into the dining area for a glass of champagne. It really was impressive and tastefully decorated. Continue reading

What Ive learn’t this week – Cancer sucks, My mum rocks, I have look ‘good in lycra’ envy, Sorting my skin out and The Waltons…

What I’ve learnt this week…

That bad things happen to good people. Lady Fare isn’t always that and can be pretty cruel when she sets her mind to it. I’ve also learnt that how you handle yourself says a-lot about you as a person. My mum’s cancer has come back. Well, when I say it’s come back, I don’t think it ever really went away. One bloody stray cell resisted radio-therapy blasting and has been growing over the past year. It’s so tiny the MIR scans didn’t pick it up; but it’s there. I hate that cancer cell with all my being. When mum started bleeding a few weeks ago she knew something was a foot. Luckily it hasn’t spread and in 3 weeks time she has ‘the bastard’ cut out. It will take a horrible 8 hour operation that will leave her with a colostomy bag for the rest of her life.

Most people would sit and grumble, but not my mum. Its life changing, which she is fully aware of, but as she says it’s a small price to pay to be alive. She jokes that while she’s in hospital she will have time to knit pouches to hide the bag in. Pouches that will match her outfits and about how much money she will save on toilet paper! I’ve learnt its o.k to laugh at bad situations because sometimes that’s the only way to deal with and get your head around them. When the chips are down, mum just picks them up and carries on walking with her head held high, smiling. I bloody love and admire her so much. Continue reading

Birthday Weekend Fun…

So it was my birthday at the weekend.  I was 43. How the devil did that happen?

I decided I wanted a night away somewhere lovely. Crathorne Hall Hotel , Yarm had caught my eye a few weeks earlier. It’s part of the Hand Picked Hotel Group who describe it as follows:

‘As you meander down the drive, past the meadows and through the oak trees, you will arrive at one of Yorkshires grandest country houses and finest examples of Edwardian Architecture and Design’

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ESPA Love …


I’m in Love … yep again. I’ve been called many things Fickle being one of them! Only this time it’s with a body oil.

I’ve told you before about my obsession with the feel of oil on skin and the beautifully dewy, moisturised skin it leaves you with. When we were younger Karen and I used to drown ourselves in vegetable oil. I was a student …times were hard. Thankfully that has changed!

Well ladies (and gents) ESPA Restorative Body Oil does not disappoint. I was given a 15 ml bottle in a Harvey Nicks Goodie Bag which I decided to take on holiday with me last week.

Apparently it’s nicknamed  ‘hug in a bottle’, and the official line is that it acts to help balance body and mind, calm nerves and give a sense of optimism while it tones the skin.

It contains Sweet orange, rose geranium and lavender to help with anxiety, calm nerves and comfort spirits. Palmarosa which helps tone and firm, and sweet almond oil which deeply nourishes for beautifully smooth, supple skin.

After a lovely hot bath or shower when your skin is still slightly damp grab your Body Oil and slather it all over, excluding your face. A little goes a long way and watch it melt into your skin while inhaling the beautiful aroma. Blissful.Uplifting. An ‘Arrhhh Bisto’ moment as we call it in our house!

They have a selection of body oils to choose from including : Fitness, Soothing and Detoxifying. Hell why not try them all? I intend too despite my purse screaming No!

I could literally sit here all night and gush about this body oil, make you sniff my skin and stroke my arms (just to see how great they feel) but you would soon get bored and probably think I was slightly weird.

I don’t work for ESPA and my dad certainly does not own the company but you do need this in your life!…

*Strokes arm, has a long sniff and generally feels at peace with herself*

Until Next time, Tracey x