L I F E | happy birthday mum

Hey Up Mum …

How is life up there on your cloud?

Can you remember Monkey Magic [ how could you forget it was Mark & I favourite programme! ] Well that’s how I like to envisage  you … zapping around on your super-powered – all singing -all dancing cloud

It’s been a funny old year. My 50th and your 75th year – the BIG one’s that we had discussed and made plans for on numerous occasions has turned into a bit of a ‘shit show’ Continue reading

What Ive learn’t this week – Cancer sucks, My mum rocks, I have look ‘good in lycra’ envy, Sorting my skin out and The Waltons…

What I’ve learnt this week…

That bad things happen to good people. Lady Fare isn’t always that and can be pretty cruel when she sets her mind to it. I’ve also learnt that how you handle yourself says a-lot about you as a person. My mum’s cancer has come back. Well, when I say it’s come back, I don’t think it ever really went away. One bloody stray cell resisted radio-therapy blasting and has been growing over the past year. It’s so tiny the MIR scans didn’t pick it up; but it’s there. I hate that cancer cell with all my being. When mum started bleeding a few weeks ago she knew something was a foot. Luckily it hasn’t spread and in 3 weeks time she has ‘the bastard’ cut out. It will take a horrible 8 hour operation that will leave her with a colostomy bag for the rest of her life.

Most people would sit and grumble, but not my mum. Its life changing, which she is fully aware of, but as she says it’s a small price to pay to be alive. She jokes that while she’s in hospital she will have time to knit pouches to hide the bag in. Pouches that will match her outfits and about how much money she will save on toilet paper! I’ve learnt its o.k to laugh at bad situations because sometimes that’s the only way to deal with and get your head around them. When the chips are down, mum just picks them up and carries on walking with her head held high, smiling. I bloody love and admire her so much. Continue reading