Will You Not Be My Valentine…

I’m Tracey and I am a hopeless romantic…

As a youngster [ and then as not such a youngster] I loved a good romantic film – Dirty Dancing, Brief Encounter, The Way We Were … to name a few. I was also addicted to Dawsons Creek, the TV series not the wine!

I was a Joey and Pacey fan. I always found Dawson,as blokes go,a bit wet.


It portrayed young love so whimsically  yet as I learnt  it wasn’t remotely like that in reality ?! Not mine anyway.

Nobody ever crawled through my window late at night … you know just to lie next to me and talk because they couldn’t wait until the next day at school.

My dad would have strung them up for one…

Saying that…  I actually did have  somebody crawl through my window late at night once but only because I’d come home pissed,fell asleep and locked my brother out of the house. His small and flexible friend [ I think his nick-name was quite appropriately Monkey man] had to shimmy the wall and seeing my bedroom window was slightly a jar crawled through. Giving me a major heart attack in the process.

Nobody ever said anything remotely like this to me…

“Shes so beautiful that when you look at her your knees tremble, your heart melts and you know, without reservation, that there is order and meaning to the universe”

PACEY WITTER, “Cinderella Story” (2000)

Mine was more along these lines …

“You’re alreight you are, shall we grab some chips and cheese and maybe a cheeky snog?”

RANDOM BLOKE , Isabellas Night Club (2000) Continue reading

Date Night Feast Box #justusbox

I really didn’t know what to expect when I was asked if I’d like to review  a Date Night box but it sounded interesting so I said I’d, or rather we would love too.

We received the ‘Feast’ Date Night Box which was described as follows …

This month we’re going to tantalise your tastebuds and take you on a voyage of gourmet discovery . The question is do you have a taste for each other too?!

Oh er …

I had images of the boyfriend  laid horizontal, smothered in food which I ate off him and vice versa! I chuckled/shuddered/felt a little bit sick remembering a disastrous date I once had which involved some chocolate spread.

Our box arrived a week or so later in all its glory; a large sturdy cardboard box. Inside was an instruction booklet and several smaller boxes each labelled up- starter, main course, dessert and bedtime treat.

Quite cleverly they look like little ‘take-away’ boxes. Continue reading

Moddershall Oaks Spa & Country Retreat

It appears that as well as take all the cutlery my ex had also taken all the flipping razors. He had left me just the one – Mr blunt and useless! Always on the last lap and looking more woolly mammoth than lady I decided that perhaps I had better shave my legs on Friday evening in preparation for the spa, Saturday.

Let’s just say what started out as a lovely relaxing bath ended up with me frantically running around with a face pack on and towel in mild panic mode ‘up-turning’ the house for a razor. You’ll be pleased to know I found one, it was on its last legs but did the job. I decided against false tanning. The night I was having it was bound to end in a streaky disaster. Pale and interesting it was then!

We had been invited by the lovely people at Moddershall Oaks Spa to come and have an evening of rest and relaxation and to experience the new outdoor Jacuzzi area. We both jumped at the offer. We met at Tankersley Manor on Saturday afternoon and ‘Thelma and Louise’ style set off on our 2 hour road trip to Staffordshire. Liz drove and I ate jelly babies.

Thankfully we had sat-nav and found our destination fairly easily. Moddershall Oaks is situated in beautiful countryside.

We stopped the car at the entrance-way to watch 2 cows having a fight .

Seriously, we were both transfixed for all of 2 minutes before the novelty wore off and we didn’t care who won. Laughing we  made our way to the car-park. We checked in and were taken into the dining area for a glass of champagne. It really was impressive and tastefully decorated. Continue reading