B E A U T Y | masking

Good afternoon, how are we all today?

I’m sat here patiently waiting for Boris to advise whether Sheffield is one of the cities about to go into further lockdown . I’ve so far sat through a press conference where some medical guys who blew my mind with science. I found myself drifting … mid 6th graph I started to ponder just how many masks I’d be able to do if we are! It’s not much … but it’s a little positive and I guess we have to take them when and where we can.

I do LOVE a pamper in the form of a long bubble bath and a good face mask, especially as the nights turn colder and we are under darkness at 4pm. Masking by a candle lit bath – bliss. Baby it might be cold outside but I’m just dandy thankyou

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M U S I N G S | 5 favourites

First off hello and how the bloody hell are you? It’s been a while since I posted on here. Too long in fact . Lockdown weirdness/ limbo/ losing my job due to Covid / life in general has left me feeling like I have lots to say … and nothing to say.

So I really hope you are all good . Today I thought I’d continue with a series I started a few months ago but never kept up with . I know I’m so rubbish !!

My 5 favourites – this could be anything that I’ve bought, been gifted, seen or done this month. This could be in way of skincare, a piece of clothing, music, exhibition or TV programme. Anything goes basically…

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Retinol Resurfacing Treatment by Merumaya …

Whenever I start a beauty blog I always think back to something my mum once said and it makes me chuckle… “we aren’t all bloggers, we don’t have time to phaff or spend ages reading up on stuff we just want to know if it works!”

If this was the case then this post would go along something along these lines.

Merumaya Retinol Resurfacing Treatment – 30ml 

It works.

It’s flipping fabulous.

Until next time Tracey x

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