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First off hello and how the bloody hell are you? It’s been a while since I posted on here. Too long in fact . Lockdown weirdness/ limbo/ losing my job due to Covid / life in general has left me feeling like I have lots to say … and nothing to say.

So I really hope you are all good . Today I thought I’d continue with a series I started a few months ago but never kept up with . I know I’m so rubbish !!

My 5 favourites – this could be anything that I’ve bought, been gifted, seen or done this month. This could be in way of skincare, a piece of clothing, music, exhibition or TV programme. Anything goes basically…


I thought I’d start with the series ‘ Ratched’ . I watched this in just 2 days over on Netflix. It is produced by the same directors of American Horror which I thought was fairly obvious as they both have a similar feel to them. It’s dark and we all know I like all things on dark side

It is visually stunning, and the costumes are to die for. The cast is impressive and Sharon Stone shines; I want her hair, whole wardrobe and cute monkey. Though after watching a documentary a few years ago about a pet monkey that ripped a ladies face off I’ve always been abit dubious about the later

It is based on the story of Nurse Ratched from the film ‘One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest’ and although some of the plot lines are a little over the top it’s still worth a watch. I thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to the next series.


I’m slightly obsessed with dark green nails . I have spotted a few stylish ladies on Instagram wearing their talons this fabulous shade AND I want in.

I tried and failed to find anything in my local Sainsbury’s BUT after a quick skirt around in my top drawers I actually found something along the lines I was looking for! Who knew I was stylish and didn’t even realise ! Unfortunately the name & brand has rubbed off the bottle so we can gather it’s rather old!

So to wet your juices here are a few green polishes that match my criteria; ones that I have been lusting over on line …

Dark Green by SUQQU *
Barry M ‘Evergreen’ *
H&M ‘Green’ *
Christian Dior Rouge Vernis *


I absolutely love this dress. I have to admit I was slightly dubious about what the quality of the dress would be like when I placed the order but I was pleasantly surprised.

It’s pink, flirty and gives me all the 60’s vibes. What’s not to love? It’s also a steal at £21.00 and I will get lots of wear out of it.

Pink Dress – Boo Hoo

I was initially concerned it might be too short … but I think with these knee-high boots and maybe some nude fishnet tights as it turns colder [ cause I’m mesh ] I’ll getaway with it.

Beautiful Sleeve Detail
Stunning Accessories

The detail on the sleeves , the high neck and the bold print make my heart sing.

The earrings are by Alice_jewellery over on Instagram and are a fabulous finishing touch to the outfit . How beautiful are they – it’s all in the little details.

I can’t wait to go dancing wearing her when we are finally permitted! Boris if you are reading [ he’s an odd man … he might readnothing surprises me anymore ?? ] Can you please lift the restrictions around 15th December… I’m 50 and I’d like to stay out after 10pm and have a spontaneous, wild night out !

I’ve also been hankering after this similar style beauty … which is slightly more expensive at £76.00 and currently only available in large.

Dream Sister Jane from ASOS *

And this one which again is from Boo Hoo. I’m drawn to the tie neck , print and fabulous sleeves.

There’s definitely a theme forming here!

Floral Smock Dress – Boo Hoo *


I discovered this brand via a post on Instagram by beauty guru Nadine Baggot and got excited by the reviews after popping onto Google for a quick ganzy

It is a monthly prescription skincare based on your concerns. Mine being continued breakouts which at my age I’m fed up of.

My personal prescription from Dermatica

It is a very simple process, you go onto their website and fill in a fairly detailed questionnaire about your skin and the areas that are concerning you. It’s not just for people like me suffering from spots and breakouts. It deals with all skin concerns from hyper-pigmentation to wrinkles and roseca.

You are asked to also include 3 photographs. Front on, left and right side view. You submit all this and they come back to you with your prescription. It costs £19.95 per month plus postage.

I have been using my prescription for 2 months now and can honestly say my skin has not looked or felt so good in a long time. I’m still getting the occasional spot but the difference is noticeable and it’s still early days. I mean when your Boyfriend tells you you are looking radiant something’s working !

For the first month I applied every other evening after cleansing as instructed. At the start of my second month I progressed to using every night but found my skin to be very dry … however I feel that may be an error on my part as I may have been over zealous with application. I have taken it back down to once every other night until I feel more comfortable. You can follow with your usual moisturiser if you wish and during the day you are free to use your preferred skincare.

I can highly recommend. Pop across to Dermatica on Instagram to find out more …

C O D E 8 M A K E U P

Selection of Code 8 Makeup I was kindly gifted
Wearing a Full Face Of Code 8 Makeup

I was gifted these beautiful products a few months ago and can’t rave about them enough.

Radiate BB Cream

Perfecting Concealer

Blush ‘ Rose’ 

Iconoclast Eye Shadow Palette ‘ Lustrous Corduroy’ 

• Lash Sophisticate Mascara ‘ Classic Black’

• Glaze Lip Pen ‘ Minimalist’

Cream Sculpting Lipstick ‘Wanderlust’

• Jumbo Balms am/pm ‘At The Barre

The packaging is sleek and minimal which I love.

The eyeshadow palette `Lustrous Corduroy’ is a selection of 6 neutrals / browns. You can easily create a fairly basic neutral eye or full on smoky. The colours have good pigment and blend beautifully.

The formulations of the lip products are stunning. ‘Wanderlust‘ lipstick and lip-glaze in ‘Minamilist‘ have become my everyday staples. I adore them. It’s the perfect peachy-pink-nude I’ve been looking for all my life.

You can find Code 8 Beauty on Instagram HERE. The fabulous Alexa Chung is brand Ambassador

My favourite lip duo

So that’s it for today, I hope you found something of interest , and please do share with me something you have enjoyed this month . It might inspire me …

I’m going to finish with a little extra because I’m nice like that AND because I’m a scenery bore ; it looked so delicious, crisp and Autumnal – it deserves to be shared. I took these photos at Damflask Reservoir earlier this week. It really is a beautiful spot just minutes from my house .

It’s the place I head to walk and think. Mum and I spent a lot of time there putting the world’s to right … I guess I feel close to her and it’s one of the reasons it feels so special. These days it’s usually just Mollie Dog and I.

Damflask Reservoir

Until next time,

Tracey x

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