L I F E – does everything have to be shiny and new to be relevant?

I think its terribly important that we don’t make it so that everything feels like it has to be shiny & new on instagram for it to be relevant. In my humble opinion there’s far too much emphasis on what you/we have materially & not enough of the feel good, spiritual stuff.

If you notice I don’t actually post much fashion at the moment. I am not buying much. Moreover I’m not exactly doing much to warrant it ? I have 3 virgin party dresses sat in my wardrobe waiting to go party. I feel like I’m boring you all to death with my repeat outfits … so I bore you with my #grwm instead [ I’ll say it before anyone else]

Yesterday however I found myself thinking; I had a word with myself . My conclusion – the reality is that the majority of us are not gifted outfits to enable us to wear new clothes everyday.

This isn’t a dig at anybody who does ; Its just I personally can’t stand greed & wastefulness. I see alot of ‘one hit wonder gifted’ outfits’ . Outfits that are seemingly posted because it’s something new to post, yet we never see them again? If you don’t like said item enough to wear it more than once for a square , don’t accept it in the first place!

As you can see many outfits on repeat

If 2020 achieves anything I hope it’s to reiterate that stuff is just that – it’s making moments & memories that matter. I do appreciate stuff can make you feel elated… my Grans vintage leopard print coat , my mum’s wedding ring … but again it’s the memories they evoke.

People keep asking me what I want for my 50th. My answer is always the same. It is as simple as for lockdown to be over. To be able to dance with my friends in a proper venue with people I don’t know [ the novelty] to air guitar, drink until I fall over & eat cake. To visit Lisbon next year because our plans got cancelled earlier this year.

When I’m 85 ,sat in my care-home reminiscing it’s not what outfit I wore or the designer handbag I unboxed that I’ll be yacking about.

I’ll be reliving my crazy antics; the time I skinny dipped in the hotel pool after closing time with my friend; her blonde hair turned green due to the chemicals. The funniest weekend in Blackpool with my Mum & her friends – and I thought we could party ! The first time Mollie dog swam in the sea. Waking up early to catch the most beautiful sun-rises in Lanzarote. Getting stuck in Spanish lifts with your besties, discussing whose handbag you would use to wee in should it get to that point ! Oasis live at Knebworth – I was there . The time I interviewed celebrity chef Marco Pierre White. When the fabulous Mathew Kelly told me I “looked fucking good for my age

When it comes down to it those are the things that make me, the things I’ll be dining out on. The important stuff .

That & the way you made people feel.

Until next time, Tracey x

* Seriously … if you have to label me as an ‘influencer’ I’m influencing you to go out and enjoy yourself ! Go make lots of memories.

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