July Favourites…

I thought I’d jump on the band-waggon (in the nicest possible way) and do a run down of my July favourites. It’s a feature I head for regularly on some of my favourite blogs and something I enjoy reading.


Coffee, candles, flowers and Magazines always feature highly no matter what the month.

I tend to buy U.S Editions of my favourite magazines where possible as I find them better reading. They cost a little more but I think they are worth it.

I’m currently engrossed in Instyle and girl crushing on French beauty Nora Arnezeder. I cut my fringe this weekend to channel her hair … to be honest I look more like Stig of the dump.

cand 9.jpg

I’m currently obsessed with a nail polish that I got free with Marie Claire. It’s called Fashion by Nails Inc. It’s a beautiful pale lilac which looks great especially with tanned holiday hands.

It’s a little different to the shades I would normally wear (deep burgundy / black ) but I’m liking.

It’s light and airy – very ‘summer’


cand 2.jpg

Make-up wise I’ve recently re-discovered my Charlotte Tilbury The Dolce Vita eyeshadow palette.

I love playing up the eye. It’s my favourite feature and the one I tend to notice when I first meet somebody. The windows of the soul and all that …

As you can see my favourite shades are Prime (cream) and Pop (brown with gold sparkly flecks). They are highly pigmented, blend easily and together they create the most beautiful smoky eye using rich brown shades.



A recent discovery while mooching around Super Drug and one that was cheap as chips is Bronzed Pefection Sunset Tan matte bronzer by MUA

It’s the one item my make-up bag was lacking but the one item that I really needed.

Being a devote SPF 50 on the face kinda girl my face rarely tans.  I’m positively ghost like. While over in Marbella I took to using my room-mate Rach’s bronzer ( a gorgeous Bobbi Brown one) promising myself that when I got home I would buy my own.

In the past I’ve been put off by bronzers with lots of sparkle, ones that sit in my wrinkles and highlight my acne scars. I love this as its not sparkly in the least. This is beautifully matte and gives a lovely colour (not orangey) which you can gradually build up.

You can also use it on your body.

It cost all of £4.00! Marvellous.

cand 16.jpg

This lip-gloss formed part of a gift set I received for my birthday way back in December.

Following a recent ‘tidy and chuck out session’ like the eye-shadow set it was re-discovered.

cand 17.jpg

It’s by Ted Baker, it’s gloriously glossy and the most beautiful light pinky-beige colour.

Unfortunately I have no idea what the shade is but its been gracing my lips morning, noon and night for the past week?

I’ve had a quick look on-line .I can’t find anything similar however ebay have a few lip-glosses by Ted Baker which I would recommend because of the texture and because they are long-lasting.


Lastly I’ve included a couple of purchases I’ve made for my nearly completed Living room / kitchen. Its been a long time coming but we are getting there.


I love these quirky coasters which we bought in the Yorkshire Wildlife Park last week. They are by a company called East of India

By the looks of it they are currently on sale.

cand 18.jpg

I fell in love with Mr Tattoo head while looking for mugs in Within Reason on Division Street, Sheffield .

I had to have him, he fits in perfectly with my new scheme.

I don’t think I’ve ever loved an ornament as much ,especially as it freaks the BF out.

I like to tuck him behind closed curtains so that when BF opens them it makes him jump, or he creates weird head shadow shapes that looks like somebodies hiding there.

Cruel but funny.


I’m also keen to perfect my photography and create beautiful images.

I’ve been obsessed with photography for as long as I can remember and have numerous cameras – bog standard, bridge and second -hand DSLR’S.

My most recent purchase was an Olympus Pen E-PL7 at the end of last year.

Just recently I’ve become increasingly keen to try my hand at Street photography. My friend Chris recently held a workshop which unfortunately I couldn’t attend but I’m keen to make the next.

Here’s one of my first attempts. I’ve named it ‘Three men and a little lady’ what do you think?

mikes bd 15.jpg

In other news I’ve had a cheeky delivery today from The Treat Kitchen who are a gourmet confectionery who are set to open a new store in Sheffield.

I’ve received a box full of goodies including pear drops and coconut mushrooms which I’ve been asked to review. #luckyoldme

I have a sneaky suspicion that these may feature in my August favourites!

What were you channelling in July.. tell me, tell me!


Until next time, Tracey x

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7 thoughts on “July Favourites…

  1. ourrachblogs says:

    Love all of this Tracey! That nail polish is just gorge!!! In July I was mainly channelling LIDL clothes and I make no apology for this – I purchased a fab Shirt dress for less than a fiver and I’m obsessed with it! #brillblogposts

    • lizandtracey says:

      Oh I’ve seen them advertised . I love a good bargain . Check out the website everything for £5 it’s great. I’m always on there. Thanks for your comments ( I love getting comments) x

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