3 Yorkshire Puddings & 2 Newcastle Brown Ales • day tripping to York

Today went a bit like this.

I arrived at the train station 45 minutes early. My anxiety around travel is real again . Dam you lockdown you’ve set me back ! My reasoning for setting off early –

What if there was a big car crash,

or a bomb,

or the car conked out again.

Seriously, that’s how my head works. I really wish it didn’t … but it does.

I met Tracey on platform 2 and we boarded the 10.21 train to York. We had reserved our seats but 2 elderly ladies were sat in them. We didn’t have the heart to move them on and as there were available seats we just sat in them. Never been ones to create a fuss

We arrived in York. Tracey & I proceeded to get lost trying to find the Ivy. We saw lots of York in the process which is always a treat. I took loads of pictures of doors and beams … because I’m THAT girl. No outfit post but I can show you a lovely door !

York wasn’t overly busy but it was buzzing. The street cafes were full of people enjoying the sunshine. It was lovely to see people out and about enjoying themselves… Sheffield is practically dead in comparison

Eventually found the Ivy.


We exposed our foreheads and got in. [Wangle dangle machine for taking your temperature] Met Joanna and Claire who were tucking into toast and on their second Aperol . Ordered myself a cold beer and had big hugs. It’s only been 2 bloody years since we all met up. Far too long !

I can highly recommend The Ivy. The staff are great, the interiors are delicious and the drinks have always been spot on. I’ve not actually eaten there so I can’t comment on the food.

On the way to the restaurant I got accosted by a Gypsy who told me I didn’t look my age, BUT she didn’t know how old I was so that  confused me slightly. She then proceeded to try and sell me a charm [ by charming me it seems ] .  A Gypsy once cursed me and my friend Janine on the upstairs of the No. 42 bus … she chased us up with bunches of heather that we kept saying we didn’t want !! Always make time for the Gypsies.

We got lost again trying to find The Principal Hotel, which is situated bang next door to the train station. We were 20 minutes late meeting Melissa. Made our apologies! We really shouldn’t be allowed out alone OR we need to hire a tour guide !

More hugs.

Left to right • Claire, Tracey, Melissa, Joanna and me

We ordered cocktails, food and put the world to rights . As my old boss used to say – we could have talked the hind legs off a few donkeys – before we knew it the afternoon had flown by and it was time to go home !

Boo ….

A really fabulous day.

York never fails to delight me and The Principal Hotel is a delight to look at. The Espresso Martini looked good but was abit disappointing [ very watery ] as was the food [ very bland ] but everything else, especially the company was grand . It made me realise just how much I miss the social aspects of my life that lockdown took away. This butterfly wants to spread her wings.

Let’s do it again soon xx

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