L I F E • Happiness …what makes you happy ?

I was pondering this question earlier . I’d had a crap nights sleep [ welcome to the menopause ] and my head was all over the place. I made myself  an extra large coffee which I took outside to drink , closely followed by my shadow – Mollie dog .It was only about 7.30am but it was an already glorious day.

I had another coffee [ I drink far too much of the stuff ] then I got ready and Mollie and I went for our daily morning walk. There’s something especially delicious about the UK on a sunny day. It feels alien to us; not wearing a jacket, but feeling warm. Everything looks so lush and green … it fills me with happiness.

We ate lunch alfresco ….and also our tea. Mid afternoon I received some news that made me do a happy dance and I poured myself a celebratory Gin. Believe me I don’t need any excuses to get out the Gin.

I’m actually still sat outside now listening to ‘life’ . The laughter from the kids 2 doors down from us playing in their paddling pool, the birds singing and the old guys leaving the pub across the road …talking a little too loudly after a few too many sherbets in the sunshine I suspect . Somebodies mowing their lawn.

People are having BBQs; the smell of smoke, burgers and music mingles in the nights air . The sky is the colour of my dad’s eyes , which makes me think about my Mum and some of the brilliant times we had on days just like today .The ones where we usually ended up in a beer garden…somewhere, anywhere …slightly squiffy. Spontaneous ; the best times.

That’s what makes me happy, the free, simple stuff that we sometimes take for granted. They do say the best things in life are free. I totally agree.

Have a lovely evening guys … I feel a group hug coming on [ I really should lay off  the Gin]

Tracey x

2 thoughts on “L I F E • Happiness …what makes you happy ?

    • lizandtracey says:

      Totally. I’ve always been very much it’s the little things that matter person but during lockdown even more so. Thankyou for piping across and taking the time to leave a comment , Tracey x

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