M U S I N G S | talking point Tuesday – Instagram

I look at my squares over on Instagram , and I look , scroll and admire alot of other peoples. Its hard to not compare & to think everybody else’s lives look way more exciting than mine .

Still after all these years [ 7 if you are asking ] I’ve not yet hit the 15k mark. Over 3,000 random squares with no specific theme. I like to think I’m relatable, though I’m not so sure how many 48 [ almost 49 ] year old women prance around their gardens and stand posing like a plonker against a white wall. I share my arty product shots that I arrange on my coffee table in front of the TV because I like to think I work for a magazine. I sing in my car on stories, because I sing constantly in my car in ‘real’ life.

It’s very samey, very normal everyday life with a little bit of magic [London fashion week, M.A.C launch parties, and meeting celebrity chefs.] thrown in every now and again.

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It’s a funny old game … Instagram

If Instagram and all it’s silly ‘why’s and where for’s‘ aren’t your bag then neither is this post … if I were you I would go and do something more worth your while . Bake a cake maybe.

However if it is … please read on, the cake can wait!

Sometimes I stumble upon and read something … and although I’m sure the person in question didn’t mean to intentionally wind anybody up.

They did.

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It’s ok to not be ok … be a hexagon ! 

I wrote and published a post on Instagram a couple of days ago which I ‘ummmed and arrhhhed’ about.

I resisted the urge to delete.

I then pondered whether to write this blog for fear of being misunderstood. Sometimes I get things in my head but they don’t come out the way I intend.

Firstly I love Instagram. I love the interaction; like -minded people bonding over pictures of our tea and what we’ve been wearing.

I don’t know about you but I find it hard to relate to some of the tiny squares of ‘perfection’ some accounts portray. They look like they are living the dream. Perfectly coiffured at all times, immaculate, contoured and sporting all the latest trends.

I’m perfectly imperfect and I’m certainly not living the dream. I’m Currently sat in mis-matched pjs with unbrushed hair. I’ve been like that most of the day. I’m a little messy around the edges if the truth be known.

Maybe I’m over-thinking things but some days it’s not enough to post an #ootd or some beauty bits. I feel like I’m cheating you.

Some days I just want to tell you how it really is. What’s really happening behind my squares.

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Today I feel like Dale on Supermarket sweep.

Yes I’ve false tanned myself and I’m currently a lovely shade of citrus fruits (will I ever learn?) but that apart I’m doing a give-a-way!! Which thinking about it has absolutely no relevance to Supermarket sweep …but hey.

It’s just my little way of saying thank you. A BIG THANK-YOU to everybody who reads my ramblings and comments be that on the post itself, twitter, facebook or Instagram.

I  blinking hit just over 4k followers on Instagram earlier this week which is unbelievable!

It’s small fry in the world of IG but I’m honestly dead chuffed. In the big scheme of things yes it is only Instagram but I’m putting myself out there ; I do think about what content to post and I try to create interesting posts.

The blog readership is steadily growing. ( I now have 4 followers!) #joking

It’s all gravy as we say around these parts.

Anyway I’m not going to gush anymore … let’s get to the good bit.

(drum roll)

Here’s what we are giving away.

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Tracey’s catch up post – dishy doctors , dating agency’s and treats !

Hello it’s been a while since we had a chat… so what’s new?

The spa day at Moddershall Oaks last Saturday was fabulous ( see previous post) however since then I’ve been struck down by a strange illness which has resulted in me being off work sick for the majority of the week. To cut a long story short I ended up at the Northern General Hospital at 4.00am Wednesday morning with suspected appendix problems. A wee sample later, lots of questions and prodding ruled this out. To be honest I’m not sure anybody really knows what’s up with me but I’m being treated for a severe kidney infection. It’s blinking painful I can tell you. There is always a silver lining; despite rocking up to surgery like death warmed up with ridiculous hair ( I’ve looked better) … My doctor was deliciously handsome and yes I admit that even doubled up in pain and in the sake of vanity I did slip some lip gloss on when he disappeared out of the room for 2 minutes. Not that he would have noticed … He probably couldn’t see past my hair. Stuck up like a bloody toilet brush it was!

I was so happy to see my friend Rachel yesterday afternoon. She called into see me with supplies of Minstrels , a big hug and proper conversation. A proper person! As always we got around to talking about men. I’m 43 and still don’t understand the male species. Do any of us? We got to thinking that in the new year when my head was more together joining a dating agency might be an idea / fun? Mmmm juries out on that one … I’m not so sure but I’ll consider it. It’s not that I’m desperate I just miss male company. My cats are fabulous but the conversation is very one way! Rach suggested I write down what I wanted In a man and to not settle for second best. Ha ha this should be fun …

Tall. I’m 5ft 10 so it’s important . I once dated a small guy , he was lovely but the constant stooping gave me a bad back and I missed my heels! Dark haired and handsome . Im so predictable. A mixture of Bradley Cooper and Kit Atherington ( Jon Snow- Game of Thrones) with Harry Style esq. hair and Ed Sherans singing voice. Good sense of humour with the ability to laugh at themselves. Exquisite manners. I’m very old fashioned and do like a door opening for me ! Saying that I don’t think anybody has ever opened a door for me in my life but the thought of it is rather nice. Rocks a suit like Tom Ford but looks equally as good in jeans … Wants to romance me and doesn’t expect sex on the first date!

Yep … I’m going to be single forever! Perhaps it would be easier to get another cat …

I got another lovely surprise yesterday. I’ve recently started following an artist on IG – @pomo_fi .We got chatting and he asked if he could edit one of my pics. I said yes of course not expecting to hear anything . He gifted it to me yesterday.

What do you think? It’s amazing isn’t it. If your on IG you really should check out the rest of his gallery . It has also solved one of my Christmas pressie dilemmas. I showed mum yesterday. She loved it. I’m going to get it printed and framed for her. Voila !! She’s been hassling me for a photo for the wall for ages, so hopefully this will go down a treat.

Lastly and mainly because I’ve been feeling sorry for myself I made a few purchases from my sick-bed this week. Being Poorly is lethal on your purse!

I love this dress from Little Mistress. Its the colour that first attracted me. I also love the back detail. Having short hair it’s something I look for – a nice rear view.
I’ve only recently discovered this site but it’s well worth a look. I could have spent a fortune.

I’ve also treated myself to a little bling from YOSA, another fab site which is well worth a visit .This necklace is called Heritage. I saw , I fell in love , I ordered. Lovely isn’t she and a steal at £16. I can’t wait to get my hands on her.

So there you go, that just about sums up my week. Dishy doctors, dating websites, sickness and new purchases.

What have you all been up to ? I’d love to hear…

Tracey x

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