L I F E • Euros 96

I am really enjoying the Euros. Gone are the days of stereotypes so I hope this news doesn’t surprise you.

Let’s forget the dismal England v Scotland match; it was hyped to the hilt but was dull as ditch water and very uninspiring. Germany v Portugal on the other hand has to be my favourite match to date with lots of goal action. 

Back in 1996 Hillsborough – where my beloved Sheffield Wednesday reside – hosted 3 of the Euro 96 football matches. There was a definite buzz around the city and of course I’ve got a story to tell you!

Denmark played a couple of matches at Hillsborough so the city at certain times was awash with Danes. To be honest and not to start stereotyping people myself – they were usually dressed as Vikings, extremely friendly and very pissed ! 

We were [ the ladies ] on a night out on one of the match nights. After the match had finished  the supporters usually descended into the city centre.

We were in Sheffield [ Berlin’s if I remember rightly ] where we got talking to a large group of Danish men who you’ve guessed were dressed as Vikings and extremely pissed . I absolutely LOVE meeting people from different countries. It was like being on holiday but in my backyard.

We had a good giggle , ended up wearing most of their fancy dress outfits ourselves and very drunk . They even taught us their football song and accompanying dance which I can just about remember [ it was afterall 25 years ago! ] It involved lots of arm action and whhooaaa’s

I can remember staggering in at daft o clock – like I mentioned previously – very drunk. Mum and Dad must have been away for the evening as I remember walking into the living room to find my younger brother getting ‘very fresh’ with a girl on the floor. They were both in a state of undress.

Rather than make my apologies and run off to my bed embarrased. I decided it would be a good idea to perform my new song and football dance for them ! I mean why not ?I point blank refused to leave until my brother Mark had watched me and joined in.

Under bated breath and while begrudgingly putting his shirt on he told me he would [once the girl had left] kill me 🤣

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