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Did you know that 80% of extrinsic skin ageing is caused by daily sun exposure?

I’m sure I’ve mentioned on loads of occasions that while I love the beautiful weather I do not like burning & I rarely put my face in sun. Even when I do it’s always factor garage doored up [ atleast SPF 50] & I’m usually wearing massive glasses & a hat.

Somebody once asked my BF on holiday if I was recovering from a face lift & was that the reason why I hid my face away! The blooming cheek 🙂

I was delighted when I received these PR products to try last week from Alpha H Skincare

I’m always on the hunt for great sun protection. Having used a couple of Alpha H products in the past & with them being an Australian brand where they have stricter sunscreen standards – I had high hopes.

They have created two award winning moisturisers for daily use which contain broad spectrum sunscreens to help keep the skin protected against skin damage, pigmentation, reduced skin elasticity and degradation of the texture of the skin

I’ve received the –

• Super lightweight 3-in-1 moisturiser
• UVA/UVB Sun Protector & Mattifying
• Non -Whitening
• Non-greasy
• Non- comedogenic
• Low irritant and water resistant

PROTECTION PLUS DAILY SPF 50+ – £36.95 for 50ml
• Tinted
• Broad Spectrum Cream
• Very High Protection
• Dual Function Sunscreen formulated to shield against harmful UVA / UVB rays
• Non greasy
• Mattifying and won’t flashback on photos.
• Water Resistant

I’ve enjoyed using both and I will continue to use both as my first choice face protection. I wear sunscreen everyday come rain, wind or shine.

I have found myself reaching for the tinted version when I’ve felt I needed a little colour and perking up – perimenopause is giving me sleepless nights !!

Both do an excellent job. They sink in beautifully and leave a great finish. Most importantly I have not burnt in the slightest and I’ve not broken out .


Products are available from Cult Beauty , Selfridge’s and ASOS

Tracey x

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