L I F E – does everything have to be shiny and new to be relevant?

I think its terribly important that we don’t make it so that everything feels like it has to be shiny & new on instagram for it to be relevant. In my humble opinion there’s far too much emphasis on what you/we have materially & not enough of the feel good, spiritual stuff.

If you notice I don’t actually post much fashion at the moment. I am not buying much. Moreover I’m not exactly doing much to warrant it ? I have 3 virgin party dresses sat in my wardrobe waiting to go party. I feel like I’m boring you all to death with my repeat outfits … so I bore you with my #grwm instead [ I’ll say it before anyone else]

Yesterday however I found myself thinking; I had a word with myself . My conclusion – the reality is that the majority of us are not gifted outfits to enable us to wear new clothes everyday.

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TRAVEL | making plans…

I’d like to make it clear that it’s not until the very, very end of next year, almost 2 years away … but as my nearest and dearest [ or as Ive started referring to them ‘the chuffs] keep reminding me I am the big 5-0 next year.

Of course I intend to celebrate in style and after a chat with my friend Sue over the weekend it got me thinking of where I’d like to hold my celebrations . I envisage lots of partying with different groups of people but a weekend away with the girls is most definitely on the cards.

Just where to go …

and when …

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