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I’ve got a question for you…

Do you ever wonder what people smell like ? I’m talking about the people you’ll probably never bump into to sniff and find out. The likes of Bradley Cooper , Debbie Harry , Harry Styles & my new favourite ‘ Boxer’ [Spanish actor Nuno Lopes] from the Netflix TV series ‘White Lines’

Have you ever wondered , or am I just strange? Surely I’m not the only one?

Speaking of which did I ever tell you I once met the celebrity chef Marco Pierre White … scruffy but kinda sexy at the same time in a mad professor kind of way. It’s definitely the hair.

I asked him that exact question – what aftershave / fragrance he wore? He loved my question [ phew] Apparently he gets fed up of being asked and telling people how to cook the perfect bacon / a beef joint / eggs .

I bet it must get quite tedious.

His answer was non. Apparently it messes with his senses and he likes to be able to smell the food he is preparing. Makes total sense I guess. Push come to shove and on very special occasions he said he favoured Portofino by Tom Ford.

What can I say – I’m a fountain of useless information.

Talking of smells.

A few weeks ago I was sent the Collection 1 Discovery Set by Potion Paris . This is a new brand to me and I was intrigued to discover more . I’m also a sucker for anything smelly and have to say I got a little excited.

After some reading I can tell you that Potion Paris scents are sourced and composed using rare, precious , ethically sourced and sustainable ingredients for around the world . This eco-luxurious perfume is created from a new world of fragrance by using clean, conscious ingredients to craft beautiful and innovative scents .

Collection No.1

Potion Paris perfumes are also cruelty free which is a massive  plus! I do think in this day and age every brand should be, but sadly thats not the case.

So back to the Sample Collection this is the perfect way to try the entire Collection No.1. Discover your signature scent, or layer multiple scents to match your mood.

In the collection you will find 7 x 2ml samples to try that consist of –

Peony & nutmeg – ADDICTION

Vanilla & Musk – CREATION

Jasmine & Patchouli – DECEPTION

White Flower & Patchouli – DEVOTION

Amber, Praline & Wood – SEDUCTION

Precious Oud & Oriental – SENSATION

Rose, Peony & Wood – TEMPTATION

7 new perfumes to try

I usually favour [ funds allowing] Black Orchid by Tom Ford which I ran out of a few weeks ago. So these were sent and received in perfect time.

I was initially drawn to and all over ‘Seduction&Addiction’ which both smell absolutely delicious.

I’ve also found myself leaning towards Sensation [a luxurious blend of amber and patchouli built around the complexity and deepness of oud wood ] which has a slightly masculine take to it and is definitely growing on me.


I really wish you could smell me !

One day I suspect we’ll be able to rub our screen and smell stuff but alas we can’t so until that day you’ll just have to take my word for it.

Or you could try them for yourself .

You can currently try this Discovery Set for £19.99 & receive a £20 voucher to redeem against a 40 or 70 ml perfume of your choice / HERE

In the meantime if you’ve seen ‘White Lines’ … what do you recon Boxer smells of ? Come on humour an old girl …

Tracey x

PR with no obligation to post. I just enjoyed trying them so much & the scents themselves that I wanted to share.

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